3rd Sign Brewery

(Not In Production)
Client Brewer
1131 Uniek Drive, Waunakee, Wisconsin, USA 53597
Tue-Fri: 4 to 10 pm
Sat: 2 to 10 pm
Sun: 12 to 7 pm

3rd Sign brands discontinued on 9 May 2017
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3rd Sign Cream Soda Madagascar -7/26/2016Rate 2.851
3rd Sign Kolombian Kolsch 4.511/28/2017Rate 3.041
3rd Sign Abandon All Hope Coconut Spiced Porter 7.03/10/2016Rate 3.297
3rd Sign Barrel Aged Program #1: White Dwarf -10/25/2016Rate 0
3rd Sign Barrel Aged Program #2: Dark Star -10/25/2016Rate 0
3rd Sign Beatrice Chocolate Cherry Porter 7.03/22/2016Rate 3.274
3rd Sign Castor - Pineapple 4.512/23/2016Rate 0
3rd Sign Castor Dry Hopped Wheat Ale 4.53/22/2016Rate 3.349110
3rd Sign Forest IPA 6.510/21/2015Rate 2.93713
3rd Sign Guava Pollux -8/27/2016Rate 2.851
3rd Sign Hausgeist White IPA 5.58/12/2016Rate 3.091
3rd Sign Hello Sweetie Mild 4.512/23/2016Rate 0
3rd Sign Jungle Grapefruit IPA 6.07/15/2016Rate 3.243
3rd Sign Jungle IPA 6.010/21/2015Rate 2.91611
3rd Sign Madagascar Vanilla Mild Ale 4.510/21/2015Rate 3.439715
3rd Sign Osiris Afterlife Imperial Stout 1110/26/2016Rate 3.183
3rd Sign Osiris Oak Imperial Stout 9.010/26/2016Rate 3.232
3rd Sign Pollux Soursop Witbier 4.57/7/2016Rate 3.27
3rd Sign Sauer Kirsche 4.58/12/2016Rate 2.93
3rd Sign Sumatra Mild Ale 4.510/21/2015Rate 3.38914
3rd Sign Uniek Pils 5.18/4/2017Rate 3.022

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