51st Ward Cool Running 3.83/29/2016Rate 0
51st Ward Jason Is A Dick 5.83/29/2016Rate 0
51st Ward Koko Krispy 12.21/16/2017Rate 3.131
51st Ward Krispy Karl almond joy 1212/17/2016Rate 3.061
51st Ward Krispy Kascadian 6.63/4/2015Rate 3.394
51st Ward Me So Mosaic 5.92/29/2016Rate 3.14
51st Ward Poll Tax 7.12/13/2015Rate 2.891
51st Ward Scottish Export-Style Ale 7.76/3/2015Rate 3.145
51st Ward The Bitterman 7.43/29/2016Rate 0
51st Ward The Intermediate Clerk Typist IPA 7.73/14/2015Rate 3.386
51st Ward The Krispier Karl 12.21/10/2015Rate 3.317
51st Ward The Krispy Karl (Four Roses) 12.99/19/2015Rate 3.485
51st Ward Timely Parting 6.37/28/2015Rate 3.232
51st Ward Dr. Dankenstein's Whatever Double IPA 8.58/30/2015Rate 3.528
51st Ward Venganza! De la Azucar de Palma 12.58/28/2015Rate 3.313
51st Ward / ZümBier The Mayor 5.28/24/2014Rate 3.176
51st Ward Conscious Sedation 8.05/27/2015Rate 3.298
51st Ward Control Freak Imperial IPA 11.211/6/2014Rate 3.524911
51st Ward Down Over 5.258/24/2014Rate 2.925
51st Ward East Clintwood 6.711/6/2014Rate 2.944
51st Ward Farmhouse Ale -5/15/2016Rate 2.961
51st Ward God Country Kolsch 5.55/24/2015Rate 3.093
51st Ward Krispy Kaream 7.88/7/2015Rate 3.252
51st Ward Pill Hill Vanilla Rye Porter 6.411/21/2014Rate 3.388
51st Ward The Krispy Karl Imperial Stout 9.258/24/2014Rate 3.16411
51st Ward Turkey Hunter 5.12/12/2015Rate 2.964
51st Ward Venganza de la Panela ("Revenge of the Brown Sugar") 1111/23/2014Rate 3.614615
51st Ward Whiskey Hill 6.82/6/2016Rate 2.932

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