A. Le Coq (Olvi)

Commercial Brewery
Laulupeo pst 15, Tartu, Estonia 50050
Associated place: A. Le Coq (Olvi)
ex- Tartu Õlletehas
Note: Some or all cider-like products from this producer has been determined to not fullfill the criteria to be listed as a cider on this site. If adding a new cider, please verify that it fulfill the criteria. Also be cautioned that it may be unlisted without notice.

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A. Le Coq 1807 5.03/26/2017Rate 2.241016
A. Le Coq ACA American Cream Ale 5.51/23/2018Rate 2.711926
A. Le Coq Alexander 5.211/4/2002Rate 2.1247141
A. Le Coq Baltic Porter 6.09/24/2019Rate 0
A. Le Coq Beershake Cola (alias) 2.91/14/2010
A. Le Coq Beershake Grapefruit 2.95/16/2012Rate 1.965
A. Le Coq Beershake Red Berry 2.95/13/2009Rate 1.598
A. Le Coq Beershake Tequila & Citrus Taste 2.97/28/2009Rate 1.698
A. Le Coq Black Beer 5.49/21/2002Rate 2.615
A. Le Coq Black Beer (Light) 5.45/12/2003Rate 2.418610
A. Le Coq Blond 5.02/11/2016Rate 2.853066
A. Le Coq BRA British Red Ale 5.02/8/2017Rate 2.37230
A. Le Coq Chocolate Porter 7.511/11/2005Rate 2.92533
A. Le Coq Chocolate Porter (2011) 6.911/4/2011Rate 3.223216
A. Le Coq Cuba 4.010/2/2006Rate 1.88389
A. Le Coq Disel 5.24/30/2004Rate 1.92028
A. Le Coq Double Bock (6%) 6.012/18/2017Rate 1.975
A. Le Coq Double Bock (7%) 7.05/30/2001Rate 2.0550131
A. Le Coq Dry Ice 4.65/3/2008Rate 1.762125
A. Le Coq English Ale 5.63/30/2006Rate 2.631630
A. Le Coq Extra Cherry 4.54/28/2013Rate 2.146113
A. Le Coq Extra Ginger 4.53/28/2014Rate 1.91237
A. Le Coq Extra Lager 4.54/7/2014Rate 2.064251
A. Le Coq Extra Lime 4.54/21/2015Rate 2.05415
A. Le Coq Fassbrause -4/10/2018 U  0
A. Le Coq Football Beer 5.410/21/2002Rate 2.235
A. Le Coq Gladiaator 7.09/26/2014Rate 2.237
A. Le Coq Hansa 5.24/30/2010Rate 2.423
A. Le Coq Hard Lager 5.33/8/2014Rate 2.558922
A. Le Coq I 2.93/17/2011Rate 2.144925
A. Le Coq Imperial Ale 5.03/27/2013Rate 2.54150
A. Le Coq Imperial Extra Double Stout 7.010/4/2017Rate 2.68031
A. Le Coq Imperial Gold 4.83/28/2013Rate 2.4885121
A. Le Coq Imperial Kvass 0.56/28/2014Rate 2.998830
A. Le Coq Imperial Märzen 5.01/31/2014Rate 2.37278
A. Le Coq Imperial Porter Kriek 6.010/29/2016Rate 2.5119
A. Le Coq IPA 5.02/11/2016Rate 2.63282
A. Le Coq Jõuluporter 6.511/29/2002Rate 3.1112100
A. Le Coq Kange Cuba 7.011/1/2006Rate 2.582
A. Le Coq Kihnu Jõnn 5.69/7/2016Rate 2.67330
A. Le Coq Kohviporter 6.09/18/2015Rate 2.58233
A. Le Coq Kriek 4.52/11/2016Rate 2.582270
A. Le Coq Kuursaali Blond 5.28/1/2004Rate 2.463
A. Le Coq Linda Pihl 4.59/25/2016Rate 2.913
A. Le Coq Linda Ubin 4.59/10/2015Rate 2.747
A. Le Coq Linnase-Kali -9/10/2006Rate 2.434
A. Le Coq Maiz 4.64/30/2010Rate 1.913443
A. Le Coq Odravein 102/18/2007Rate 2.652
A. Le Coq Õllesummer Eripruul 5.47/6/2018Rate 2.771
A. Le Coq Organic 4.52/14/2012Rate 2.311627
A. Le Coq Pilsner 4.212/20/2000Rate 1.93263
A. Le Coq Pilsner Eripruul 4.26/16/2004Rate 1.917
A. Le Coq Põhiseaduse Pilsner 4.28/30/2007Rate 2.295
A. Le Coq Pootsman 8.511/29/2008Rate 2.19829
A. Le Coq Pootsman Pilsner 4.27/27/2009Rate 1.99412
A. Le Coq Porter 6.51/18/2002Rate 2.956231
A. Le Coq Premium 4.71/18/2002Rate 2.1713210
A. Le Coq Premium Alkoholivaba 0.0% -4/8/2016Rate 2.034519
A. Le Coq Premium Alkoholivaba Isotooniline Nisuõlu -4/20/2019Rate 2.565
A. Le Coq Premium Double Hops 3.52/22/2018Rate 2.35019
A. Le Coq Premium Export 5.210/28/2002Rate 2.151182
A. Le Coq Premium Extra (alias) 4.59/11/2010
A. Le Coq Premium Extra Lemon 4.55/14/2012Rate 2.021912
A. Le Coq Premium Nippel 5.23/15/2016Rate 2.362628
A. Le Coq Premium Ruby Red 4.53/8/2019Rate 2.318
A. Le Coq Premium Vehnäolut 0,3% (alias) 0.39/24/2019
A. Le Coq Radler Lemon 2.94/21/2014Rate 2.177012
A. Le Coq Radler Strawberry 2.56/3/2015Rate 1.852014
A. Le Coq Red Imperial 4.53/23/2005Rate 2.12812
A. Le Coq Rosé 4.06/2/2008Rate 1.688
A. Le Coq Santaños Tequila & Lime 4.54/21/2019Rate 2.196
A. Le Coq Sherwood Apple Cider 4.56/15/2017 U  2.554
A. Le Coq Special 1807 5.27/23/2007Rate 2.2665101
A. Le Coq Special Red 5.23/10/2009Rate 2.483119
A. Le Coq Special Stout 6.012/3/2006Rate 2.911030
A. Le Coq Strong Lager 6.58/18/2012Rate 2.172410
A. Le Coq Tõmmu Hiid 4.711/23/2004Rate 2.5732103
A. Le Coq Vergi 5.27/27/2011Rate 1.973722
A. Le Coq Vürtsporter 6.011/18/2009Rate 2.88715
Albert Le Coq 4.98/4/2003Rate 2.14627
Euroshopper Kange Hele (alias) 8.08/17/2006
Euroshopper Premium Lager 4.57/18/2010Rate 1.862461
Fizz Cider 4.76/11/2010 U  2.24713
Fizz Cider - Blueberry taste 4.79/19/2013 U  0
Fizz Cider - Cherry Taste 4.710/28/2013 U  2.871
Fizz Dry Apple (alias) 4.72/25/2011
Fizz Natural Apple 4.72/24/2011 U  2.731
Fizz Pear 4.72/25/2011 U  2.451412
Fizz Pear Light 4.73/26/2011 U  2.154
Fizz Pear Non-Alcoholic 1.210/15/2011 U  2.324
Fizz Special Edition Premium Nordic Apple Cider 4.510/9/2013 U  2.313
Fizz Strawberry 4.02/4/2012 U  0
Fizz Sweet Perry 4.73/27/2008 U  2.031325
Fizz Winter Apple 4.511/13/2013 U  2.266
Fizz Yellow Plum taste 4.74/8/2013 U  0
Hoggy´s Apple Paradise 4.54/5/2018 U  2.433
Hoggy´s Dry Apple 4.510/10/2018 U  2.672
Hoggy´s Pear Heaven 4.54/5/2018 U  2.224
Hoggy’s Rhubarb Bliss 4.54/24/2019 U  2.751
Komandor Brew 5.210/11/2014Rate 1.852323
Le Coq Abbey 6.02/28/2018Rate 2.48214
Le Coq Blanche 5.82/28/2018Rate 2.58616
Le Coq Chocolate Porter (2019- ) 6.510/7/2019Rate 2.831
Le Coq Raspberry Ale 5.09/24/2019Rate 2.333
Saaremaa Tume 6.56/10/2005Rate 2.761584
Saaremaa Tuulik 4.78/20/2000Rate 2.134879
Saaremaa Tuulik (Maitselt kadakane) 5.27/30/2006Rate 2.546
Saaremaa X 101/18/2002Rate 2.051264
Saaremaa X (7.0%) 7.04/9/2010Rate 2.266
Santaños 4.53/13/2018Rate 2.134819
Santaños con Jalapeño 4.53/13/2018Rate 1.99317
Seto Kuningriigi 7.57/23/2010Rate 2.871
Tartu Alexander (alias) 5.27/28/2007
Tartu Kange Hele Double Bock (alias) 8.05/30/2001
Tartu Walter (alias) 4.22/18/2007
Tartu Walter 8.0 % (alias) 8.06/21/2007
Viru Premium Estonian Beer (alias) 5.012/6/2012
A. Le Coq Pils 4.82/23/2011Rate 2.591978
A. Le Coq Premium Gluteeniton olut
Brewed at Olvi
4.79/22/2017Rate 2.43829
A. Le Coq Alexander Dunkel 4.212/22/2016Rate 2.48629
A. Le Coq Alexander Weizen (alias) 5.02/6/2015
A. Le Coq Kali 0.53/13/2009Rate 2.21969
A. Le Coq Kali Vaarikaga -6/8/2019Rate 2.675
A. Le Coq Kirsikali -6/15/2017Rate 2.478310
A. Le Coq Kvassi (alias) 0.53/28/2010
A. Le Coq Tume Kali 0.53/3/2011Rate 2.665716
A. Le Coq White IPA 5.23/2/2019Rate 2.67115
Cēsu Craft Blond (alias) 5.03/1/2016
Cēsu Craft IPA (alias) 5.03/1/2016
Cēsu Craft Kriek (alias) 4.53/1/2016
Cēsu Beershake Beer + Cola 2.91/30/2009Rate 2.135
Cēsu Light Lime 4.28/31/2016Rate 2.342
Cēsu Premium Ice 4.66/2/2008Rate 2.152
Grāfs fon Zīverss Ale (alias) 5.05/5/2013
Grāfs fon Zīverss Irish Stout 5.511/8/2013Rate 2.675
Grāfs fon Zīverss Lager (alias) 4.85/5/2013
Brewed by/for Flagship Brands
5.010/15/2002Rate 2.1348435
Jager Brewery Sprintase (alias)
Brewed by/for Flagship Brands
Karksi Blond Munk
Brewed by/for Karme AS (A. Le Coq)
6.010/18/2014Rate 2.554043
Karksi Hele Eripruul
Brewed by/for Karme AS (A. Le Coq)
5.06/15/2012Rate 2.378125
Karksi Kali
Brewed by/for Karme AS (A. Le Coq)
0.57/18/2010Rate 2.628
Karksi Must Nunn
Brewed by/for Karme AS (A. Le Coq)
6.09/7/2014Rate 2.833348
Karksi Pilzen
Brewed by/for Karme AS (A. Le Coq)
4.55/26/2019Rate 2.643
Karksi Porter Eripruul
Brewed by/for Karme AS (A. Le Coq)
6.010/15/2012Rate 2.48138
Karksi Punane Papp
Brewed by/for Karme AS (A. Le Coq)
5.05/4/2017Rate 2.671021
Karksi Tume Eripruul
Brewed by/for Karme AS (A. Le Coq)
4.06/15/2012Rate 2.44430
Koch Gold
Brewed by/for Koch Pruulikoda
4.71/16/2018Rate 2.225910
Lidskoe Premium Nippel
Brewed by/for Lidskoe Pivo (Olvi)
5.012/16/2016Rate 2.412611
Olvi Sandels 250 Vuotta JuhlaOlut (alias)
Brewed by/for Lidskoe Pivo (Olvi)
Olvi Sandels Special Edition
Brewed by/for Olvi
4.74/4/2012Rate 2.154953
Olvi Sandels Special Edition (5,3%)
Brewed by/for Olvi
5.37/17/2015Rate 2.692
Olvi Sherwood Dry Apple
Brewed by/for Olvi
4.710/27/2012 U  2.29613
Walter Special
Brewed by/for Rimi Baltic
6.02/22/2018Rate 1.987
Ragutis 1410 5.37/18/2010Rate 2.084631
Võru Õlletehas Tedderson Special
Brewed by/for Võru Õlletehas
5.26/30/2018Rate 2.186

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