Adventure Brewing Company

Brewer rating: 86/100 56 ratings
33 Perchwood Drive, Stafford, Virginia, USA 22405
Thursday/Friday 6pm to 10 pm. Saturday 12pm to 10pm. Sunday 12pm to 6pm.

Places associated: Adventure Brewing North, Adventure Brewing South

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Adventure / Crooked Run Flower Outage 4.57/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure / Crooked Run Kissed By a Gose 4.07/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure / Maltese Cranberry Saison 6.57/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure / Maltese Pumpkin Sour 4.57/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure 2nd Anniversary Rye Barleywine 118/12/2016Rate 0
Adventure 3rd Anniversary Triple IPA 117/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure America 5.68/12/2016Rate 2.851
Adventure America (Red Wine Barrel) 5.67/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure American Wheat 5.27/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Backpack Wheat 5.65/5/2014Rate 2.786
Adventure Backpack Wheat (Blueberry) 5.67/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Backpack Wheat (Dark) 5.67/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Backpack Wheat (Grapefruit) 6.27/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Backpack Wheat (Red Wine Barrel) (alias) 6.07/20/2017
Adventure Backpack Wheat (Sour) 6.27/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Backpack Wheat (Watermelon) 6.28/18/2017Rate 0
Adventure Bacon Bock -5/5/2014Rate 0
Adventure Belgian Dubbel (alias) 9.28/9/2015
Adventure Belgian Pale Ale 6.06/22/2017Rate 0
Adventure Belgian Tripel 8.08/12/2016Rate 0
Adventure Black Sail Scotch Ale 8.55/23/2016Rate 2.952
Adventure Blonde Ale 5.07/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Bobsled Winter Ale 5.37/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Bookworm Brown 4.95/5/2014Rate 0
Adventure Borman's Belgian Ale 9.07/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Brett IPA 6.57/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Broken Compass 8.07/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Burley Viking 8.07/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Carmel Cream Stout 5.07/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Chai Tea Ale 5.77/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Chocolate Orange Wheat 6.27/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Chocolate Raspberry Stout 5.56/22/2017Rate 0
Adventure Christmas Beer 5.77/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Classic Lager 4.88/12/2016Rate 3.063
Adventure Cookie Dough Brown Ale 5.07/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Cool Love Cocoa Mint Stout 6.07/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Cream Ale 4.27/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Devil Goat Ale 6.07/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Did We Just Become Best Friends IPA 7.87/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Expedition IPA 5.95/3/2014Rate 3.298
Adventure Experiment #4 IPA 6.59/6/2015Rate 3.021
Adventure Experiment #7 IPA 6.57/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Explosion Pale Ale 3.987/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Falmouth APA 6.08/12/2016Rate 3.041
Adventure Fifty Shades of Chocolate 6.57/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Final Frontier Amber 5.57/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Foggy Caveran 10.27/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Fred Red 6.48/12/2016Rate 32
Adventure George Washington's Cherry Wheat 5.67/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Go East, Young Man 5.61/28/2015Rate 0
Adventure Go Sour Young Man 5.67/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Golem Czech Lager 4.57/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Grapefruit Wheat 5.65/5/2014Rate 2.684
Adventure Hefe IPA 5.97/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Hop Hash IPA 6.57/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure India Pale Lager 4.87/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Invasion ESB 5.07/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Irish Extra Stout 6.57/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Lemon + Lemon Grass Belgian Wit 5.07/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Lemon Drop IPA 6.57/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Lemon/Lime Wheat 6.57/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Luscious Lockwood 5.07/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Mary Washington's Gingerbread 5.57/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Minor Dementia Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout 137/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure My Sweet Love Chocolate Cherry Stout 6.07/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Night Hike Black IPA 6.57/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Oatmeal Stout 4.37/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Odds & Ends Triple IPA 118/12/2016Rate 0
Adventure Oktoberfest 4.37/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Pathfinder IPA 6.08/12/2016Rate 0
Adventure Piper Belgian Dubbel 9.26/22/2017Rate 2
Adventure Pumpkin Patch Adams 7.69/6/2015Rate 31
Adventure Quad (Bourbon Barrel) 127/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Red IPA 6.67/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Red is the New Wheat 6.07/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Red Sail Sour Scotch Ale 9.27/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Red Wine Barrel Aged Farmhouse Saison 7.06/22/2017Rate 0
Adventure Rising Sun Imperial Red 9.57/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Rosemary Saison 5.28/12/2016Rate 0
Adventure Saison 5.07/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Schwarzbier 4.57/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Scotch Ale 8.59/6/2015Rate 3.041
Adventure Search Party Pale Ale 6.59/6/2015Rate 2.981
Adventure Second Ascent Double IPA 9.210/18/2014Rate 3.054
Adventure Session IPA 4.77/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Sidekick SMASH Session Pale Ale 3.510/18/2014Rate 2.944
Adventure Smoked Belgian Ale 8.07/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure South Pole Bitter 5.07/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Stiletto Stout 7.05/5/2014Rate 2.794
Adventure Stiletto Stout (Coffee Bean Bourbon Barrel) 7.07/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Stonewall Stout 5.58/12/2016Rate 0
Adventure Stonewall Stout (Bourbon Barrel) 5.56/22/2017Rate 3.041
Adventure Summer Porter 5.07/20/2017Rate 3.061
Adventure Super Power Pale Ale 6.35/5/2014Rate 2.83
Adventure Sweet Innocence Stiletto Stout 7.010/18/2014Rate 2.543
Adventure Temporary Insanity 136/22/2017Rate 0
Adventure The Pumkining 7.97/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Tiramisu Ale 5.77/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Two Century Ale 5.06/22/2017Rate 0
Adventure Viking Ale 4.57/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Virginia Hefeweisen 5.66/22/2017Rate 0
Adventure Virginia Smoked Lager -8/18/2017Rate 0
Adventure Wee Light 2.58/12/2016Rate 0
Adventure White Chocolate Stout 5.07/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure White IPA 6.07/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Wicked Nymph 10.27/5/2014Rate 3.062
Adventure Wicked Nymph (Bourbon Barrel) 10.47/20/2017Rate 0
Adventure Wicked Nymph (Coffee) 10.27/20/2017Rate 0

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