AF Brew

St. Petersburg, Russia
Places associated: Redrum Bar, AF Brew Taproom
AF Brew was a travelling brewery with no address. Our beers are craft beers, and we’re always trying to be one step ahead of the local trends. We are beer-geeks ourselves, and we love good beers. We want all of you to become a part of this story. In November 2016 AF Brew finally built own brewery.
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AF Brew / AleBrowar So Glitchy Lychee! 7.08/11/2018Rate 3.524615
AF Brew / Bierfabrik Berlin Sudden Breakthru At Check Point Charlie 8.612/11/2015Rate 3.171
AF Brew / De Molen Kupola & Pastila 108/5/2018Rate 3.634726
AF Brew / Garage Beer Co. So Bloody Pink! 7.06/1/2018Rate 3.285
AF Brew / Hophead Craft Double IPA 8.511/26/2014Rate 3.053
AF Brew / Kees Quad Hopper 107/3/2018Rate 3.565637
AF Brew / Lovecraft Sweat, Tears And Swamp Dew 7.011/10/2017Rate 3.488130
AF Brew / Pi Khari Baoli 9.03/23/2016Rate 3.186612
AF Brew / Pi Meadification TCBW Mojito Edition 123/23/2016Rate 3.154511
AF Brew / Põhjala Baltic Sea Buckthorn Tripel 8.610/7/2015Rate 3.123215
AF Brew / Pühaste Bomb Release Unit 8.05/7/2018Rate 3.38
AF Brew / Pühaste Elementary Operations 8.08/31/2018Rate 3.376
AF Brew / Pühaste Neodekadents 11.58/14/2017Rate 3.543615
AF Brew / Pühaste Neodekadents BA 11.55/8/2018Rate 3.354
AF Brew / Sori Brewing Slavic Squat 5.54/21/2017Rate 3.245
AF Brew / Stamm Beer Star 14 8.02/18/2017Rate 3.423618
AF Brew / Wild Lab Ol' Filthy Popcorn Pimp 105/5/2019Rate 3.723916
AF Brew / Wild Lab Popcorn Pimp 1011/3/2018Rate 3.446
AF Brew / XP Brew Million Minutes of Nothing 4.56/19/2019Rate 0
AF Brew / XP Brew Million Minutes On Cloudberry 4.56/5/2019Rate 3.091
AF Brew / XP Brew Million Minutes on Raspberry 4.55/5/2019Rate 3.174
AF Brew / Zagovor Jump the Line 106/4/2017Rate 3.555510
AF Brew ABV not IBU: Amarillo 8.712/6/2014Rate 3.627129
AF Brew ABV not IBU: Azacca 8.74/17/2015Rate 3.214
AF Brew ABV not IBU: Belma 8.712/29/2014Rate 3.073
AF Brew ABV not IBU: Kazbek 8.72/9/2015Rate 2.892
AF Brew ABV not IBU: Mandarina Bavaria 8.74/3/2015Rate 3.131
AF Brew ABV not IBU: Motueka 8.712/16/2016Rate 3.25148
AF Brew ABV not IBU: Polaris 8.011/21/2014Rate 3.468
AF Brew ABV not IBU: Waimea 8.71/16/2015Rate 3.0869
AF Brew Animal Farm 5.07/10/2014Rate 33
AF Brew Bayerische Ninja 9.13/19/2016Rate 3.254613
AF Brew Big Black Maple Mash 109/21/2018Rate 3.818216
AF Brew Big Black Mash 104/29/2018Rate 3.828455
AF Brew Black Equinox 7.87/3/2015Rate 3.2409
AF Brew Black Kiwi 7.012/20/2014Rate 3.214
AF Brew Black Magic Porter 5.81/21/2014Rate 3.498747
AF Brew Black Mass Is My Cassis 5.39/8/2017Rate 3.245
AF Brew Blown Agent Orange 7.04/26/2019Rate 3.273
AF Brew Blown Agent Purple 7.03/29/2019Rate 3.343
AF Brew Bounty Killer 7.97/7/2016Rate 3.334328
AF Brew Breaking Bad Director's Cut 8.09/3/2014Rate 2.931
AF Brew Breeder Reactor 6.72/4/2018Rate 3.548613
AF Brew Burton Ale Citra 5.07/5/2014Rate 2.951
AF Brew Burton Ale Warrior 5.06/28/2014Rate 2.951
AF Brew Burton Ale Willamette 5.06/28/2014Rate 2.931
AF Brew Bus 22 4.55/9/2018Rate 3.319410
AF Brew Candyman! 1012/15/2018Rate 3.381710
AF Brew Carousel Pie 5.26/24/2018Rate 3.111
AF Brew China Equinox 7.812/10/2016Rate 3.18369
AF Brew Crossover Milk 5.512/9/2017Rate 3.336415
AF Brew Deep Soul Milk 5.52/3/2017Rate 3.247
AF Brew Do You Know the Blueberry Man? 105/5/2019Rate 3.658
AF Brew Do You Know The Muffin Man? 101/27/2019Rate 3.49309
AF Brew Eat No Dust! DDH Nelson Sauvin 8.011/1/2017Rate 3.111
AF Brew Eat The Dust! DDH Amarillo 8.010/21/2018Rate 3.522410
AF Brew Eat The Dust! DDH Centennial 8.01/7/2019Rate 3.224
AF Brew Eat The Dust! DDH Citra 8.09/29/2017Rate 3.634228
AF Brew Eat The Dust! DDH Ekuanot 8.03/8/2018Rate 3.343
AF Brew Eat The Dust! DDH Mosaic 8.05/5/2017Rate 3.593661
AF Brew Eat The Dust! DDH Simcoe 8.08/31/2018Rate 3.451313
AF Brew Equinox 7.84/3/2015Rate 3.315210
AF Brew Espressourrealism 5.83/24/2017Rate 3.13
AF Brew Euphoria 6.54/27/2015Rate 3.415910
AF Brew F*ck the Dust! DDH Citra 105/31/2019Rate 3.335
AF Brew F*ck the Dust! DDH Mosaic 107/6/2019Rate 3.32
AF Brew Fat Nelson 1012/1/2018Rate 3.196
AF Brew Generation Snowflake 4.81/17/2018Rate 3.252
AF Brew Golden Balls 7.04/7/2019Rate 3.555014
AF Brew Goseline Pump: Apricot 4.87/2/2018Rate 3.396311
AF Brew Goseline Pump: Blackberry 6.07/20/2016Rate 3.041
AF Brew Goseline Pump: Blueberry 6.07/20/2016Rate 3.434618
AF Brew Goseline Pump: Gooseberry 4.88/11/2017Rate 3.424
AF Brew Goseline Pump: Raspberry 4.82/5/2017Rate 3.447410
AF Brew Goseline Pump: Rhubarb 6.011/13/2016Rate 3.041
AF Brew Goseline Pump: Sea Buckthorn 6.07/20/2016Rate 3.323220
AF Brew Goseline Pump: Watermelon 4.88/25/2018Rate 3.285
AF Brew Grape Peel Session 4.512/5/2015Rate 3.274
AF Brew Grape Peel Session: Sour Side 4.510/1/2016Rate 3.093
AF Brew Hentai IPA 5.57/16/2014Rate 3.416225
AF Brew Highs And Lows 6.71/26/2019Rate 3.345
AF Brew Hip Hop Milk 5.58/30/2016Rate 3.275917
AF Brew Hoek Van Nieuw Holland 4.89/8/2017Rate 3.377
AF Brew Hoppy Surf 5.011/15/2014Rate 3.47724
AF Brew Hoppy Surf - New Zealand Slash 5.01/23/2015Rate 2.977
AF Brew Ingria Pale Ale 5.810/2/2013Rate 3.416139
AF Brew Ingria V 5.89/4/2017Rate 3.424
AF Brew It's Over 9000! Passion Fruit-Peach-Lime 7.04/17/2019Rate 3.496019
AF Brew It's Over 9000! Raspberry-Cherry-Lime 7.03/23/2019Rate 3.373912
AF Brew It's Over 9000! Blackberry-Strawberry-Lime 7.07/9/2019Rate 3.111
AF Brew It's Over 9000! Mango-Pineapple-Lime 7.07/9/2019Rate 3.131
AF Brew Kiss the Dust! DDH Citra+Simcoe 8.07/8/2019Rate 3.111
AF Brew Kiss the Dust! DDH Citra+Mosaic 8.04/12/2019Rate 3.471610
AF Brew Kiss the Dust! DDH Simcoe+Amarillo 8.07/6/2019Rate 3.393
AF Brew Kochere Espresso 7.512/11/2015Rate 3.344
AF Brew Lemon Haze 5.57/9/2017Rate 3.394
AF Brew Lemon Pills 5.59/7/2017Rate 3.264
AF Brew Lobotomiya 139/22/2014Rate 3.344
AF Brew Lobotomiya - Bourbon BA 134/20/2017Rate 3.543711
AF Brew Lobotomiya - Brandy de Jerez BA 134/20/2017Rate 3.257
AF Brew Lobotomiya 777 12.79/13/2015Rate 3.76021
AF Brew Lobotomiya Dextral Brandy BA 12.86/4/2017Rate 3.726510
AF Brew Lobotomiya Frontal Triple-Bourbon BA 12.84/26/2018Rate 3.939447
AF Brew Lobotomiya Sinistral Bourbon BA 12.86/4/2017Rate 3.767314
AF Brew Lobotomiya White Trash Edition 152/10/2015Rate 3.483219
AF Brew Love and Squalor 14.34/24/2018Rate 3.637839
AF Brew Má Là Equinox 7.03/7/2017Rate 3.358
AF Brew Mango Unchained 5.58/16/2015Rate 3.276
AF Brew Melankholiya 10.34/7/2015Rate 3.394312
AF Brew Mosaic (6.7%) 6.73/9/2018Rate 3.477513
AF Brew Mosaic IPA 5.69/29/2013Rate 3.69246
AF Brew Multimicrodots 3.07/6/2019Rate 3.192
AF Brew My Wheatberry Nights 5.06/7/2015Rate 3.319010
AF Brew Nero di Seppia 7.010/11/2016Rate 3.175
AF Brew Old Sparky 1012/24/2015Rate 3.524820
AF Brew Old Sparky BA on Death Row 109/24/2017Rate 3.171
AF Brew Oodles Of Labradoodles 6.711/14/2017Rate 3.342024
AF Brew Overnight Oatmeal 7.01/27/2019Rate 3.33
AF Brew Passion Is My Confession 5.310/15/2016Rate 3.519053
AF Brew Passion RAF 6.17/22/2017Rate 3.123
AF Brew Peach Is My Preach 5.33/8/2018Rate 3.182
AF Brew Raspberry Is My Sanctuary 5.34/20/2017Rate 3.54754
AF Brew Redneck Ale 6.410/2/2013Rate 3.328516
AF Brew Redneck Ale Vintage 8.010/2/2013Rate 3.231
AF Brew Redrum IPA 5.810/2/2013Rate 3.456
AF Brew Redrum IPA 2nd Edition 6.43/23/2014Rate 3.186
AF Brew Redrum IPA Special Edition 8.812/24/2014Rate 3.596650
AF Brew Serotonin Syndrome 104/20/2017Rate 3.665030
AF Brew Serotonin Syndrome Convulsive Attack 1012/31/2017Rate 3.428
AF Brew Shokoladnaya Antifabrika 8.011/15/2014Rate 3.214
AF Brew Sour Realism - Sorachi + Mosaic 5.03/3/2016Rate 3.294
AF Brew Sour Realism - Citra + Equinox 5.012/2/2015Rate 3.342814
AF Brew Sour Realism - Galaxy + Vic Secret 5.03/23/2016Rate 3.43616
AF Brew Spanglish Breakfast 105/12/2019Rate 3.213
AF Brew Spoonful of Summer 5.08/9/2018Rate 3.365
AF Brew Stereo Vario: Calamansi And Mint 5.38/7/2018Rate 3.0789
AF Brew Stereo Vario: Raspberry And Coffee 5.37/26/2018Rate 3.192
AF Brew Supercandyman! 106/29/2019Rate 3.191
AF Brew Sweat, Tears And Strawberry Fields 7.03/17/2018Rate 3.313
AF Brew This Is England, Honey! 4.27/11/2014Rate 2.962
AF Brew Tour De Hobo 4.010/4/2017Rate 3.34
AF Brew Triennial Ingria Pale Ale 5.810/7/2015Rate 33
AF Brew Vanilnaja Ikra (Vanilla Caviar) 5.81/20/2017Rate 3.142
AF Brew White Kiwi 7.011/21/2014Rate 3.072
AF Brew Zimnaya Melankholiya (Winter Melancholy) 10.31/7/2016Rate 3.819550
AF Brew Zimnaya Melankholiya (Winter Melancholy) - Chivas Regal BA 10.33/27/2017Rate 3.32
Bottle Share / AF Brew Mageek Sour Mush Room
Brewed by/for Bottle Share
6.08/10/2016Rate 3.22358

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