Aksarben Antler Ale 5.32/15/2006Rate 2.122
Aksarben Apricot Wheat -11/26/2006Rate 2.422
Aksarben Aussie Lager 5.22/15/2006Rate 2.642
Aksarben Bavarian Bock 7.03/5/2006Rate 2.524
Aksarben Bourbon Barrel Stout -3/20/2007Rate 3.261
Aksarben British Ale 5.32/26/2006Rate 2.782
Aksarben Brown Cream Ale 5.03/3/2006Rate 2.452
Aksarben Buds Best -4/18/2006Rate 2.452
Aksarben Burtons Best 4.02/15/2006Rate 2.091
Aksarben Canadian Ale -5/19/2006Rate 2.342
Aksarben Cleveland Steamer -4/18/2006Rate 2.52
Aksarben Cream Ale 4.03/5/2006Rate 2.532
Aksarben Czech Pilsner 5.08/12/2006Rate 2.881
Aksarben Dark Porter -4/30/2006Rate 2.83
Aksarben Donningtons Lager 5.42/15/2006Rate 2.282
Aksarben Draft Ale -5/24/2006Rate 31
Aksarben Dunkelweizen 5.82/15/2006Rate 2.661
Aksarben Dunlop Light -4/16/2006Rate 2.22
Aksarben Dutch Pilsener 4.22/15/2006Rate 2.262
Aksarben European Lager 5.02/15/2006Rate 2.942
Aksarben European Pilsener 4.22/15/2006Rate 2.841
Aksarben Fujis Peak -4/18/2006Rate 2.22
Aksarben Golden Lager -2/27/2006Rate 2.52
Aksarben Harvest Brown Ale 4.53/3/2006Rate 2.483
Aksarben Hefeweizen -8/12/2006Rate 3.242
Aksarben Imperial Stout -4/18/2006Rate 32
Aksarben IPA -3/5/2006Rate 3.222
Aksarben Irish Lager 4.02/15/2006Rate 2.581
Aksarben Irish Stout 4.52/15/2006Rate 33
Aksarben Kilkenny Ale -5/21/2006Rate 2.863
Aksarben Light Lager 3.52/15/2006Rate 2.471
Aksarben Lindas Eastern Lager 3.82/15/2006Rate 2.312
Aksarben Maibock -3/20/2007Rate 2.581
Aksarben Märzen 5.12/15/2006Rate 2.613
Aksarben McGinns Stout 5.04/12/2007Rate 2.811
Aksarben Munich Lager 5.22/15/2006Rate 2.771
Aksarben Oktoberfest -2/15/2006Rate 2.452
Aksarben Pale Ale -5/19/2006Rate 2.282
Aksarben R Amber 5.04/12/2007Rate 2.961
Aksarben Raspberry Wheat 4.98/12/2006Rate 2.811
Aksarben Rein-bold Extra Dry 4.52/15/2006Rate 2.152
Aksarben Speckled Hen -4/18/2006Rate 2.661
Aksarben Speckled Rooster -2/15/2006Rate 2.593
Aksarben The Heater 6.52/15/2006Rate 2.613
Aksarben Triple Belgian Ale -4/18/2006Rate 2.961
Aksarben Weizen -3/3/2006Rate 2.072
Aksarben Wheres The Hops IPA -11/26/2006Rate 3.071

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