Alcatraz Brewing Company

(Not In Production)
Brew Pub
49 W. Maryland St. Ste 104 Circle Centre Mall, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA 46204
Mon-Th 11am-11pm
Fr-Sa 11am-1am
Sun 12pm - 8pm

Operated 1995 to 2011
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Alcatraz Alt -8/31/2007Rate 2.862
Alcatraz American Stout 5.02/21/2009Rate 3.117
Alcatraz Belgian Dubbel 8.52/21/2009Rate 2.923
Alcatraz Belgium Trappist 6.72/4/2006Rate 2.953
Alcatraz Big House Red 6.09/22/2000Rate 3.067432
Alcatraz Birdman Brown -5/13/2002Rate 2.932714
Alcatraz Black Lager 6.08/31/2007Rate 3.063
Alcatraz Boogieman Belgian Brown Ale 6.57/1/2008Rate 3.213
Alcatraz Breakout Stout -5/27/2000Rate 3.185
Alcatraz Brewberry Ale -5/27/2000Rate 2.653
Alcatraz Brickyard Bock 7.58/9/2004Rate 2.523
Alcatraz Cable Car Stout (alias) -1/15/2004
Alcatraz Chibuku Cider 4.52/11/2007Rate 2.862
Alcatraz Devil’s Ale 6.08/14/2010Rate 2.922
Alcatraz Eaglecreek Rouge 6.06/26/2008Rate 2.893
Alcatraz ESB -1/15/2004Rate 3.263
Alcatraz Frostbite Ale -1/15/2004Rate 2.961
Alcatraz Ginseng Pale Ale -1/15/2004Rate 3.111
Alcatraz Have A Ball Stout 6.02/11/2007Rate 2.942
Alcatraz Honey Conditioned Pale Ale 5.32/4/2006Rate 3.111
Alcatraz Honey Oatmeal Stout -6/25/2008Rate 2.883
Alcatraz Imperial Saison 7.02/11/2007Rate 3.031
Alcatraz Indian Brown Lager 6.03/19/2010Rate 2.822
Alcatraz IPA -11/25/2004Rate 3.063
Alcatraz Irish American Red -3/4/2011Rate 2.791
Alcatraz Java Stout -3/4/2011Rate 2.871
Alcatraz Light House Lager 4.23/7/2004Rate 2.391
Alcatraz Light Red Lager 4.512/29/2007Rate 2.752
Alcatraz Maibock -8/19/2002Rate 3.173
Alcatraz No Parole Dunkel 5.610/7/2010Rate 2.831
Alcatraz October Bock 6.312/29/2007Rate 2.562
Alcatraz Octoberfest -11/3/2002Rate 2.982
Alcatraz Old Glory Stout 6.011/12/2003Rate 3.37
Alcatraz Pelican Pale Ale 5.09/22/2000Rate 3.084337
Alcatraz Penitentiary Porter -1/6/2003Rate 3.443
Alcatraz Rogue Ale -5/7/2008Rate 2.691
Alcatraz Saison 6.52/11/2007Rate 2.864
Alcatraz Searchlight Golden Ale 4.59/22/2000Rate 2.36831
Alcatraz Sinister Double 7.05/7/2008Rate 31
Alcatraz Sledgehammer Ale 6.811/12/2003Rate 2.916
Alcatraz Strong Ale 7.52/11/2007Rate 3.031
Alcatraz The Rock Bock 6.52/21/2009Rate 38
Alcatraz Wee Creature 7.75/2/2004Rate 3.13
Alcatraz Weiss Guy Wheat Beer 4.89/22/2000Rate 2.713632
Alcatraz Wheat -5/16/2007Rate 2.661

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