Alcazar (Shipstone's)

(Not In Production)
Brew Pub/Brewery
11-13 Church Street, Old Basford, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England NG6 0GA
Tours by arrangement. Pub 1030-11 Mon-Thu
1030-12 Fri & Sat
12-11 Sun. Also retail shop on site.

Founded in 1999. Fully owned by Shipstone's Brewrt, Alcazar is now a brand name.
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Alcazar Alacazam Brew XXXIII 3.83/21/2006Rate 2.553
Alcazar Ale 4.04/29/2004Rate 3.037016
Alcazar Basin City Helter Skelter Highway 12 5.25/29/2016Rate 2.771
Alcazar Black Fox 3.97/2/2004Rate 2.928
Alcazar Bombay Castle IPA 6.510/29/2004Rate 3.177731
Alcazar Bowmans Bitter 3.82/4/2007Rate 2.674
Alcazar Bowmans Bounty 7.05/18/2003Rate 3.054234
Alcazar Brush Bitter (alias) 4.97/2/2004
Alcazar Desert Fox 4.37/2/2004Rate 2.998711
Alcazar Devout Stout 8.04/6/2004Rate 3.574746
Alcazar Double Chocolate Porter 4.57/29/2005Rate 2.581
Alcazar Dr Wus Malt Elixir 4.77/31/2006Rate 2.841
Alcazar Duke of Basford 5.27/8/2006Rate 2.912
Alcazar Extra Time Out 5.82/19/2005Rate 2.51
Alcazar Forest Amber 5.05/7/2007Rate 2.832
Alcazar Fox Tale Ale 4.96/7/2004Rate 3.034611
Alcazar Gaolers Ale 7.57/2/2004Rate 3.274858
Alcazar Ghostbuster 5.010/30/2006Rate 31
Alcazar Gunpowder Plot 4.77/31/2006Rate 3.071
Alcazar Jack O Lantern 3 4.810/19/2007Rate 2.811
Alcazar Kings Shilling 6.511/1/2005Rate 3.316
Alcazar Little Johns Myth 6.03/1/2005Rate 3.448735
Alcazar Maidens Magic 5.03/23/2005Rate 3.024324
Alcazar Maple Magic 5.51/20/2006Rate 3.122410
Alcazar Mmmmmmmmmm 4.212/8/2007Rate 2.93
Alcazar Mocha Stout 5.01/30/2006Rate 3.296236
Alcazar Navy Grog 7.510/31/2005Rate 2.993517
Alcazar New Dawn 4.57/2/2004Rate 2.884210
Alcazar Notting Ham 5.02/22/2014Rate 0
Alcazar Nottingham Nog 4.24/6/2004Rate 2.964912
Alcazar Por La Noche 6.15/3/2005Rate 3.174
Alcazar Por La Tarde 5.68/11/2005Rate 31
Alcazar Scarlet Fervour 5.51/19/2005Rate 3.115712
Alcazar Sheriffs Gold 3.65/7/2007Rate 2.557
Alcazar Tabearts Tipple 4.64/30/2006Rate 3.015
Alcazar Time Out 4.75/9/2005Rate 3.052
Alcazar To Win Is All 4.47/7/2006Rate 2.752
Alcazar Trafalgar Black 4.810/24/2005Rate 3.082
Alcazar Vixen's Vice 5.26/13/2004Rate 2.963511
Alcazar Windjammer IPA 6.06/18/2004Rate 3.318014

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