Alexander Brewery

Brewer rating: 93/100 484 ratings
19 Tzvi Hanahal Street, Emek Hefer Industrial Park, Israel

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Alexander / Mikkeller The Beer Of Milk & Honey 8.49/10/2016Rate 3.5647132
Alexander / Schäffler Friendship Brew 5.17/23/2017Rate 2.952
Alexander Ambrée 5.711/11/2010Rate 2.993625
Alexander Black 7.02/12/2011Rate 3.4171107
Alexander Blazer 8.01/3/2014Rate 2.93818
Alexander Blonde 5.312/4/2010Rate 2.752124
Alexander Fest Beer 6.01/9/2013Rate 2.894
Alexander Green 6.09/27/2011Rate 3.284079
Alexander H2 5.02/1/2015Rate 2.842
Alexander Hita Yisra’elit 4.94/1/2017Rate 3.095
Alexander Imperial Stout 10.412/15/2016Rate 3.462723
Alexander M 5.28/12/2015Rate 3.091420
Alexander Made In Humongous 7.51/18/2014Rate 2.754
Alexander Max Brau Light Pilsner 5.28/18/2015Rate 3.066
Alexander Mexicali 5.28/18/2015Rate 3.023
Alexander Organic Blonde 5.36/19/2014Rate 2.887
Alexander Taizu 5.05/24/2013Rate 2.825
Bira Boris 5.57/30/2015Rate 2.564
Temple Bar Beer 5.03/19/2015Rate 2.587
Buster’s Oak Aged Stout 5.82/15/2017Rate 3.34558
Buster’s Pils 4.82/15/2017Rate 2.915
Negev Amber Ale
Brewed by/for Negev Beer
4.92/20/2010Rate 2.974241
Negev Beresheet (Beers 2016 Special Edition)
Brewed by/for Negev Beer
4.79/20/2016Rate 3.074
Negev Beresheet Desert Beer
Brewed by/for Negev Beer
4.72/6/2014Rate 2.883511
Negev Oak Porter (alias)
Brewed by/for Negev Beer
Negev Oasis
Brewed by/for Negev Beer
4.78/9/2013Rate 2.893718
Negev Porter Alon
Brewed by/for Negev Beer
5.02/19/2010Rate 3.396691

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