Alley Kat / 8 Wired Collabrewation Porter 5.67/11/2013Rate 3.294824
Alley Kat 15th Anniversary Apple Wit 5.410/8/2010Rate 3.066117
Alley Kat 15th Anniversary Belgian Style Tripel 8.25/14/2010Rate 3.35420
Alley Kat 15th Anniversary Cascadian Dark Ale 7.611/22/2010Rate 3.364326
Alley Kat 15th Anniversary Ginger Beer 5.08/2/2010Rate 3.135818
Alley Kat 15th Anniversary Smoked Porter 5.13/29/2010Rate 3.153823
Alley Kat Aaiieeeeeeeeee Caramba! 5.010/16/2008Rate 2.45139
Alley Kat Abbey Kat Belgian Style Quad 9.41/15/2012Rate 3.312840
Alley Kat Alligator Blackened Lager 5.06/19/2004Rate 2.874012
Alley Kat Amber Ale With Coffee 5.05/10/2016Rate 3.112
Alley Kat Amber Brown Ale 5.07/31/2000Rate 3.033857
Alley Kat Apple Cinnamon Mead 6.711/11/2007Rate 2.75912
Alley Kat Aprikat 5.07/31/2000Rate 2.834147
Alley Kat Athabaska Dick 5.08/20/2011Rate 2.632
Alley Kat Back Alley Brews Bat Out Of Helles 5.07/25/2017Rate 3.022
Alley Kat Back Alley Brews Black Star Stout 6.611/7/2016Rate 3.246
Alley Kat Back Alley Brews High Level IPA 6.29/24/2016Rate 3.092
Alley Kat Back Alley Brews Shank'd It! Berliner Weisse 3.55/15/2017Rate 31
Alley Kat Bad Hare Day 7.83/24/2008Rate 3.414021
Alley Kat Big Als Red Kiss 5.12/22/2008Rate 2.857
Alley Kat Big Brown Kat Single Hopped Brown Ale 5.811/26/2015Rate 3.318010
Alley Kat Brewberry Blueberry Ale 5.04/15/2010Rate 3.027614
Alley Kat Buffalo Beer 5.02/25/2002Rate 2.576
Alley Kat Captain Tractors Yellowhead Wheat Ale 5.08/6/2005Rate 2.811
Alley Kat Charlie Flints Original Lager 5.01/14/2001Rate 2.37625
Alley Kat Charlie Flints's Organic Lager -3/22/2011Rate 2.989914
Alley Kat Chat-O Oatmeal Stout 5.56/26/2004Rate 2.84109
Alley Kat Chili Lager -12/21/2013Rate 2.83
Alley Kat Chocolate Orange Porter 6.51/10/2011Rate 3.042116
Alley Kat Coffee Porter 5.29/24/2007Rate 3.224033
Alley Kat Cold River Ale (alias) 5.02/15/2013
Alley Kat Cringer (alias) 4.810/28/2011
Alley Kat Darn Tartan Scotch Ale 8.011/15/2012Rate 3.416815
Alley Kat Dragon Series Alabaster Dragon Double IPA 7.58/15/2017Rate 3.041
Alley Kat Dragon Series Alberta Dragon Double IPA 7.510/5/2015Rate 3.413814
Alley Kat Dragon Series Amarillo Dragon DIPA 7.510/20/2016Rate 3.35
Alley Kat Dragon Series Amethyst Dragon Double IPA 7.56/2/2017Rate 3.054
Alley Kat Dragon Series Argyll Dragon Double IPA 7.54/17/2015Rate 3.494720
Alley Kat Dragon Series Bearded Dragon Imperial Red IPA 8.04/4/2014Rate 3.444712
Alley Kat Dragon Series Black Dragon Double IPA 7.53/30/2012Rate 3.11621
Alley Kat Dragon Series Blue Dragon Double IPA 7.511/10/2011Rate 3.474531
Alley Kat Dragon Series Cerulean Dragon Double IPA 7.58/26/2016Rate 3.183
Alley Kat Dragon Series Copper Dragon 7.53/28/2017Rate 3.13
Alley Kat Dragon Series Emerald Dragon Double IPA 7.52/16/2017Rate 2.895
Alley Kat Dragon Series Gold Dragon Double IPA 7.57/9/2013Rate 3.181313
Alley Kat Dragon Series Green Dragon Double IPA 7.52/1/2012Rate 3.151014
Alley Kat Dragon Series Indigo Dragon Double IPA 7.58/3/2012Rate 3.13921
Alley Kat Dragon Series Jade Dragon Double IPA 7.55/10/2013Rate 3.343418
Alley Kat Dragon Series Magenta Dragon Double IPA 7.512/13/2016Rate 3.294
Alley Kat Dragon Series Maroon Dragon Double IPA 7.510/8/2013Rate 3.424417
Alley Kat Dragon Series Murasaki Dragon Double IPA 7.52/9/2014Rate 3.252114
Alley Kat Dragon Series Orange Dragon Double IPA 7.510/5/2012Rate 3.383920
Alley Kat Dragon Series Pink Dragon Double IPA 7.510/1/2014Rate 3.1279
Alley Kat Dragon Series Plaid Dragon Double IPA 7.51/18/2013Rate 3.191515
Alley Kat Dragon Series Rainbow Dragon Double IPA 7.56/7/2014Rate 3.464620
Alley Kat Dragon Series Red Dragon Double IPA 7.59/3/2011Rate 3.383530
Alley Kat Dragon Series White Dragon Double IPA 7.511/13/2014Rate 3.21711
Alley Kat Dragon Series Yellow Dragon Double IPA 7.56/14/2012Rate 2.87119
Alley Kat Ein Prosit! 6.011/22/2000Rate 3.269430
Alley Kat Fireside Mild 3.512/26/2008Rate 3.177413
Alley Kat Fresh Hop Full Moon Pale ale (alias) 5.010/10/2011
Alley Kat Full Moon Belgian Pale Ale 5.04/7/2013Rate 3.244811
Alley Kat Full Moon IPA 5.51/19/2015Rate 3.152412
Alley Kat Full Moon IPA w/ Lavender, Oolong 6.29/19/2016Rate 3.021
Alley Kat Full Moon IPA w/ Spruce Tips -8/16/2016Rate 3.061
Alley Kat Full Moon Pale Ale 5.07/31/2000Rate 3.4182100
Alley Kat Full Moon Pale Ale w/ Lavender Tips 5.08/5/2017Rate 31
Alley Kat Full Squeeze 5.05/26/2016Rate 2.972
Alley Kat Happy Holidays 5.011/5/2011Rate 34715
Alley Kat Happy Holidays 2015 4.812/25/2015Rate 3.112
Alley Kat Happy Holidays 2016 4.212/22/2016Rate 3.041
Alley Kat HeatSeeker Coconut Curry Porter 6.111/1/2008Rate 3.062415
Alley Kat Herbstweizen Krystal Weizen 5.15/27/2007Rate 2.794715
Alley Kat Kiltlifter Scotch Ale 7.52/13/2006Rate 3.092229
Alley Kat Lemon Hefeweizen 4.94/17/2015Rate 3.117714
Alley Kat Loaded Goat Maibock 7.35/3/2011Rate 3.198719
Alley Kat Long Johns Salted Caramel Ale 4.310/28/2017Rate 2.921
Alley Kat Long Valley Scotch Ale 8.08/12/2013Rate 3.427128
Alley Kat MaiBock 6.84/9/2008Rate 3.33978
Alley Kat Main Squeeze 5.05/10/2013Rate 2.814035
Alley Kat McDougall Scottish Export Ale 5.51/18/2013Rate 3.238417
Alley Kat New Moon Cascadian Dark Ale (alias) 7.81/12/2014
Alley Kat Novelty Beer 5.08/20/2011Rate 2.641
Alley Kat Old Jake's Farmhouse Ale 6.07/3/2014Rate 3.46019
Alley Kat Olde Deuteronomy Barley Wine 10.37/31/2000Rate 3.6684175
Alley Kat Pour Boy Chili Beer 5.09/29/2016Rate 2.762
Alley Kat Pumpkin Pie Spiced Ale 5.410/5/2007Rate 3.318464
Alley Kat Radiator 6.510/12/2006Rate 3.388211
Alley Kat Raspberry Mead 6.76/1/2007Rate 2.37222
Alley Kat Razzykat 5.07/31/2000Rate 2.937412
Alley Kat Redneck Beer -7/31/2000Rate 2.892
Alley Kat Rocky Mountain Red Ale (The Cheesecake Cafe) -11/14/2004Rate 3.033
Alley Kat Rye Dawn Oak Aged Beer 9.88/5/2008Rate 2.524
Alley Kat Rye Dawn Oak Aged Beer (Batch 1A) 7.32/2/2009Rate 2.675
Alley Kat Saison d'Être Farmhouse Ale 5.25/8/2012Rate 3.213214
Alley Kat Sarajevo Red 8.16/15/2014Rate 2.067
Alley Kat Scona Gold 5.07/31/2000Rate 3.084
Alley Kat Scona Gold Kölsch 5.012/1/2014Rate 2.853622
Alley Kat Sherbrooke Accent Double Edged IPA 8.05/9/2011Rate 3.097
Alley Kat Sherbrooke Big Kahuna 1K 5.07/13/2012Rate 2.18012
Alley Kat Sherbrooke Chinese New Beer 5.01/29/2011Rate 3.218
Alley Kat Sherbrooke Chocolate Cherry Ostiarius 6.511/26/2007Rate 3.224612
Alley Kat Sherbrooke Glenda Sherbrooke 18.55/22/2011Rate 3.434920
Alley Kat Sherbrooke Glenn Sherbrooke A New Breed 12.210/1/2010Rate 2.9421
Alley Kat Sherbrooke KGB Russian Imperial Stout 1012/4/2009Rate 3.281331
Alley Kat Sherbrooke Mojo A'Peel 6.52/24/2011Rate 3.116811
Alley Kat Sherbrooke Neapolean Stout 6.77/31/2010Rate 3.528422
Alley Kat Sherbrooke Ochsner's 1905 Alberta Porter 5.611/8/2010Rate 3.418213
Alley Kat Sherbrooke Shamrock 7.13/10/2007Rate 2.283015
Alley Kat Sherbrooke Single Star Jack Daniel's Barrel Aged Stout 6.84/24/2011Rate 3.113311
Alley Kat Sherbrooke Udderly Vanilla 6.04/24/2013Rate 3.235
Alley Kat Six and a Half Bears Oatmeal Stout 6.53/2/2014Rate 3.478913
Alley Kat Smoked Porter 5.07/31/2000Rate 3.13125
Alley Kat Sorrentino's Garlic Lager (alias) 5.05/1/2009
Alley Kat Species At Risk Amber Ale (alias) 5.02/17/2013
Alley Kat Spruce Almighty 5.27/5/2016Rate 3.335
Alley Kat St Portersburg Baltic Porter 8.32/3/2013Rate 3.456029
Alley Kat St. Paddys Red Ale 5.27/31/2000Rate 2.763
Alley Kat Strathcona Legion 5.08/20/2011Rate 2.732
Alley Kat Summer Ale 5.05/30/2006Rate 2.96726
Alley Kat Sunburst Session Ale 4.75/2/2017Rate 3.234
Alley Kat Tartan Party Scottish Export Ale 4.811/10/2016Rate 3.328
Alley Kat Taste 25 5.01/1/2010Rate 3.238
Alley Kat The Avenue Whyte IPA 5.66/17/2013Rate 3.288
Alley Kat The Bitter Truth ESB 4.93/8/2012Rate 3.238512
Alley Kat The Grand Subduction 6.03/14/2017Rate 3.46509
Alley Kat Three Bears Oatmeal Stout 5.02/20/2011Rate 3.316626
Alley Kat Unity Brew 5.010/18/2010Rate 3.349220
Alley Kat Unity Brew Extra Special Bitter - 2015 5.41/2/2016Rate 3.28013
Alley Kat Weihnachtskatze 6.57/31/2000Rate 3.136612
Alley Kat White Tail Hefeweizen 5.07/6/2011Rate 3.249211
Alley Kat Work of Tart Raspberry Ale 4.17/19/2012Rate 2.733715
The Lingnan Pi Jiu 5.07/7/2008Rate 2.79669
Van Helsing's All Natural Mouthwash 5.05/1/2009Rate 2.451412
Amber's Honey Brown 5.08/8/2006Rate 2.51459
Craft Beer Market Rice Howard Ale (alias) 5.010/5/2015

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