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Brewer rating: 81/100 503 ratings
All Gates, Old Brewery, Brewery Yard, Wigan, Lancashire, England WN1 1JU
Tours by arrangement at 7pm Monday to Saturday.

Associated place: Anvil (Allgates)
Commenced brewing in August 2006. As well as the brewery, AllGates operates eight pubs. Late in 2015 there was a rebrand of many of its brands. The Brewing operation went into liquidation and subsequently closed in 2016. The pubs are to be sold off.
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AllGates / Five Towns Station to Station 5.69/15/2014Rate 2.712
AllGates Admiral 4.33/28/2015Rate 2.841
AllGates Ahtanum 4.310/30/2013Rate 2.92
AllGates All Black 3.66/3/2010Rate 3.288826
AllGates All Day Coffee IPA 5.11/20/2016Rate 33
AllGates Back O' Bourke 4.26/21/2015Rate 2.981
AllGates Barbeerella 4.18/16/2009Rate 2.841
AllGates Barley Brook 4.46/19/2014Rate 2.831
AllGates Beauty And The Yeast 4.24/13/2008Rate 2.853
AllGates Beer Hunter 3.99/21/2007Rate 2.742
AllGates Beltane (5.7%) 5.75/21/2010Rate 2.973
AllGates Beverly Hills Hop 4.312/20/2008Rate 2.773
AllGates Bitter Ye Not 3.96/10/2009Rate 2.91
AllGates Blackstar 4.810/27/2016Rate 2.981
AllGates Blue Sky Tea Pale Ale 4.210/15/2014Rate 2.843
AllGates Bottoms Up 4.24/6/2009Rate 2.791
AllGates Brigantia 4.04/15/2010Rate 3.096919
AllGates Bright Blade 4.010/1/2006Rate 2.834019
AllGates Bull Ship 4.21/31/2007Rate 3.151
AllGates Calico Deep Engine 3.57/27/2013Rate 2.761
AllGates California 3.86/22/2009Rate 3.259230
AllGates Carry On Drinking 4.47/29/2009Rate 2.811
AllGates Caskablanca 4.13/19/2010Rate 2.955411
AllGates Catalonia 4.012/19/2016Rate 2.941
AllGates Celtic Pale Ale (alias) 4.04/15/2011
AllGates Challenger 1 4.05/7/2014Rate 0
AllGates Citra 4.21/17/2013Rate 3.028
AllGates Cripplegate Sloe Stout 7.21/15/2016Rate 2.941
AllGates Crombouke Day Eye (TNT) 3.93/25/2014Rate 2.841
AllGates Dairy Pit Milk Stout 4.54/9/2015Rate 2.861
AllGates Darkness 4.53/5/2008Rate 2.772
AllGates Deux Citra 4.21/27/2011Rate 3.245
AllGates Double Chocolate Stout 4.51/31/2011Rate 3.195
AllGates Double Espresso 4.41/16/2013Rate 2.874
AllGates Dry Bones (alias) 4.48/7/2009
AllGates Edith & Mabel 4.29/8/2014Rate 3.247
AllGates Emmanuale 3.98/14/2008Rate 2.823
AllGates Equinox 4.25/4/2015Rate 3.092
AllGates EXP 5-256 4.13/1/2014Rate 3.063
AllGates First Gold 4.38/3/2009Rate 2.92
AllGates Florida 3.68/2/2015Rate 2.9213
AllGates George Lyon 3.911/20/2009Rate 2.822
AllGates Gin Pit 4.38/5/2013Rate 2.767
AllGates Glacier 3.87/29/2012Rate 2.733
AllGates Golden Aeld 4.27/14/2012Rate 2.842
AllGates Great Boys 4.37/31/2014Rate 2.871
AllGates Groundhop Day (alias) 3.86/22/2009
AllGates Hasty Knoll 4.210/30/2006Rate 2.843410
AllGates Holly Goodhead 4.09/30/2008Rate 2.841
AllGates Hop Devil 5.53/12/2010Rate 2.861
AllGates Hop Hop Hop No3 4.07/19/2015Rate 31
AllGates Hopgate 4.98/13/2012Rate 2.984
AllGates Hung, Drawn & Portered 5.21/25/2010Rate 2.842
AllGates Indecent Proposal 4.17/29/2007Rate 2.921
Allgates Jabba The Hop 4.39/1/2015Rate 0
AllGates Jack of Hearts 4.19/5/2016Rate 31
AllGates Kupfer Weizen 3.98/27/2011Rate 2.761
AllGates Lancashire Pale Ale 4.54/18/2008Rate 2.832
AllGates Mad Monk 7.12/1/2010Rate 3.442626
AllGates Maori Dark Mild (alias) 3.66/3/2010
AllGates Marynka 4.16/13/2011Rate 2.831
AllGates Metrohopolis 3.91/4/2009Rate 2.881
AllGates Mild At Heart 3.87/29/2007Rate 34516
AllGates Motueka Gold 4.010/10/2010Rate 2.911
AllGates Napoleon's Retreat 3.93/17/2007Rate 2.731621
AllGates Nellie Melba 4.310/27/2015Rate 0
AllGates New Year's Ale 4.03/23/2009Rate 2.812
AllGates Nightmare On Ale Street 5.36/28/2008Rate 2.933
AllGates NZ Cascade 4.312/26/2011Rate 2.964
AllGates Old Boston Plum Porter 4.410/28/2014Rate 3.227
AllGates Ostara (alias) 3.68/26/2012
AllGates Pacific Gem 4.35/9/2011Rate 2.871
AllGates Pacific Jade 4.07/29/2012Rate 2.831
AllGates Palo Santo Porter 5.212/26/2011Rate 0
AllGates Patchcroft Mosaic 4.211/8/2015Rate 2.961
AllGates Pepper Lane 4.111/19/2015Rate 31
AllGates Pony Dick 4.212/19/2016Rate 2.921
AllGates Poppy 4.51/2/2013Rate 2.861
AllGates Porteresque 4.42/8/2009Rate 3.23733
AllGates Pretoria 3.97/19/2009Rate 3.158114
AllGates Pump Fiction 4.34/26/2008Rate 2.811
AllGates Quaker House Stout 4.97/15/2013Rate 2.931
AllGates Randy Rudolph 5.212/11/2007Rate 2.913
AllGates Reverend Ray 4.61/31/2007Rate 2.647
AllGates Rule Of 72 4.512/20/2015Rate 3.111
AllGates Santa's Coming 4.412/22/2008Rate 2.532
AllGates Saving A Pint For Ryan (alias) 3.94/29/2009
AllGates Seven Feet 4.33/28/2015Rate 2.972
AllGates Shining Light 4.18/20/2008Rate 2.888
AllGates Ships Festival Special 3.81/31/2007Rate 31
AllGates Simcoe 4.47/14/2011Rate 3.096
AllGates Sloe Stout 7.212/26/2011Rate 3.034
AllGates Smoking and They Banned It 4.07/20/2007Rate 2.794
AllGates Some Like It Hopped 4.511/29/2008Rate 2.872
AllGates Son Of Porter 4.87/28/2007Rate 2.921
AllGates Sovereign 4.38/5/2013Rate 2.811
AllGates Summit 4.54/10/2014Rate 2.872
AllGates Super Alpha 4.23/28/2011Rate 3.023
AllGates Sybilla 4.18/8/2011Rate 2.994
AllGates Tag All Black (alias) 3.611/11/2015
AllGates The 3.9 Steps 3.97/22/2009Rate 2.945210
AllGates True Blonde 4.65/19/2010Rate 2.761
AllGates Tutti I Cancelli Tipo 5.19/4/2013Rate 2.81
AllGates Twist n Stout 4.57/31/2007Rate 3.071
AllGates Twitter & Busted 4.011/1/2009Rate 3.09869
AllGates Unhinged 7.51/26/2010Rate 2.857
AllGates Unkulunkulu 4.17/15/2010Rate 2.791
AllGates Urchinsnapes 4.05/3/2015Rate 3.25
AllGates Victoria 4.05/7/2014Rate 2.811
AllGates Vlad The Impaler 4.62/2/2009Rate 2.881
AllGates Wai-iti 4.23/12/2012Rate 2.741
AllGates Waimea 4.26/30/2013Rate 2.91
AllGates Wigan Junction (alias) 3.911/12/2015
AllGates Winter Meltdown 4.812/25/2009Rate 3.04769
AllGates Winter Spice 4.01/1/2013Rate 2.791
AllGates Winter Tipple 4.82/23/2007Rate 3.082
AllGates Winter Warmer 4.412/14/2008Rate 2.934
AllGates Winter Wild 4.011/23/2009Rate 2.811
AllGates Winter Zing 4.511/19/2013Rate 2.861
AllGates WMD (alias) 5.75/21/2010
AllGates Yankee Pale Ale 5.010/1/2009Rate 3.267612
AllGates Yellow Jersey 4.58/11/2014Rate 2.771
AllGates Young Pretender 3.810/1/2006Rate 2.96629
Northern Monk / Allgates Northern Gates 8.210/14/2013Rate 2.958

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