Alltech Lexington Brewing And Distilling

401 Cross Street, Lexington, Kentucky, USA 40508
M-Sa: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Associated place: Lexington Brewing Co. (Alltech)

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Alltech Break in the Law 142/25/2018Rate 3.182
Alltech Session IPA 4.12/4/2018Rate 3.021
College Heights Ale 5.37/28/2016Rate 2.931612
College Heights IPA 6.53/21/2017Rate 3.093
Drake's Ale (alias) 4.32/18/2014
Kentucky Ale 6.07/21/2001Rate 2.7920301
Kentucky Appalachian Ale 7.08/30/2011Rate 2.881
Kentucky Black Mountain IPA 7.512/2/2013Rate 3.388
Kentucky Blue Ale 5.35/18/2015Rate 3.133
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel 3-Year Stout 107/24/2016Rate 2.581
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale 8.29/3/2004Rate 3.1816923
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Barleywine 103/19/2014Rate 3.04685
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Blackberry Porter 8.31/27/2017Rate 3.314944
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Coffee Stout 8.03/3/2018Rate 3.569110
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel English Pale Ale (alias) -1/24/2016
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout 8.011/23/2012Rate 3.3353390
Kentucky Coal Porter 8.59/18/2010Rate 2.741
Kentucky Coffee Stout 6.04/11/2012Rate 3.136
Kentucky Cream Ale 5.09/27/2009Rate 3.042
Kentucky Honey Barrel Brown Ale 1011/18/2014Rate 3.181659
Kentucky Hopfield & McCoy IPA 8.210/4/2012Rate 3.373711
Kentucky IPA 6.55/9/2013Rate 3.0715171
Kentucky Kölsch 4.344/10/2004Rate 2.331147
Kentucky Light (alias) 4.344/13/2004
Kentucky Mole Stout 102/24/2018Rate 3.192
Kentucky Old Fashioned Barrel Ale 105/9/2015Rate 3.212166
Kentucky Peach Barrel Wheat 8.05/14/2014Rate 35082
Kentucky Pikeville Porter 5.510/28/2014Rate 3.034
Kentucky Pumpkin Barrel Ale 108/31/2013Rate 3.383154
Kentucky Race Day Session IPA 4.57/19/2015Rate 2.46132
Kentucky Rickhouse Series No. 3 Rye Barrel Ale 8.32/26/2017Rate 3.15
Kentucky Rickhouse Series No. 4 Break In The Law 1411/5/2017Rate 3.091
Kentucky Rickhouse Series No. 6 Tangerine Cream 5.510/5/2017Rate 2.964
Kentucky Rickhouse Series No. 7 Tequila Lime 5.512/19/2017Rate 2.972
Kentucky Rickhouse Series No. 8 Mole Stout 103/1/2018Rate 3.484
Kentucky Rickhouse Series: Kentucky Mule 8.29/11/2018Rate 3.111
Kentucky Rye Barrel IPA 102/19/2015Rate 3.14760
Kentucky Stallion Bourbon Barrel Maibock 8.15/14/2014Rate 3.088
Kentucky Vanilla Barrel Cream Ale 5.53/20/2017Rate 3.198360
Kentucky Weissbier -11/16/2007Rate 2.893
Kentucky White Ale 5.35/18/2015Rate 3.217915

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