Altitude 7200 Stout 7.03/30/2003Rate 3.313927
Altitude A New IPA 6.711/21/2012Rate 2.741
Altitude Aahhhh! Saison -1/15/2013Rate 0
Altitude Acres II Pumpkin Ale 6.7511/21/2012Rate 2.892
Altitude ACRES III 6.010/17/2013Rate 2.911
Altitude Altbier 5.57/28/2014Rate 3.044515
Altitude Alter Ego Black IPA -3/23/2013Rate 2.830
Altitude Amber Ale (alias) 5.09/16/2004
Altitude Backcountry Bitter 5.23/30/2003Rate 2.985
Altitude Batch M 10.51/6/2012Rate 0
Altitude Bearpaw Brown Ale 5.53/30/2003Rate 3.054117
Altitude Belgian Dubbel -2/11/2008Rate 2.661
Altitude Belgian Style Sour -8/5/2009Rate 0
Altitude Berry Weizen Bock -4/20/2011Rate 2.841
Altitude Beyonce Radler 3.26/21/2015Rate 3.142
Altitude Black IPA 6.752/19/2013Rate 2.831
Altitude Blitzen 7.51/15/2013Rate 0
Altitude B-rye 5.2510/16/2012Rate 2.871
Altitude Buffalo Jones Black IPA 6.43/23/2013Rate 2.981
Altitude Chairman Meow 8.010/17/2013Rate 2.881
Altitude Cistercian Order Abbey 7.81/10/2010Rate 2.81
Altitude Citrus Summer Ale -1/17/2010Rate 0
Altitude Coal Creek Coffee Ale 4.33/23/2013Rate 0
Altitude Colfax Black Ale 6.34/16/2015Rate 0
Altitude Cowgirl 4.911/21/2012Rate 2.492
Altitude Double Play Pilsner -1/17/2010Rate 0
Altitude Eagles Caw -3/23/2013Rate 0
Altitude Embarcadero IPA 6.46/8/2015Rate 0
Altitude Expedition Porter 6.53/30/2003Rate 3.154020
Altitude Extra Pale Ale 6.46/27/2013Rate 2.841
Altitude Fahrenheit Chili Ale (alias) 5.2510/17/2013
Altitude Farmhouse Ale 7.36/29/2006Rate 3.193
Altitude French Saison -8/3/2005Rate 2.841
Altitude Geary IPA 6.44/16/2015Rate 0
Altitude Gilmore Gulch Razzberry Wheat -9/8/2006Rate 2.782
Altitude Grandiose Crew 6.81/6/2012Rate 0
Altitude Gray Majic 8.754/20/2011Rate 2.871
Altitude Great Light Hope Kolsch -4/16/2015Rate 33
Altitude Grizzley Whisperer IPA 7.752/11/2008Rate 36
Altitude High Plains Pale Ale 6.08/3/2005Rate 3.428616
Altitude Highland Scottish Ale -11/1/2006Rate 2.961
Altitude Hop Fieney 7.33/23/2013Rate 0
Altitude I Pledge Allegiance IPA -2/18/2012Rate 2.931
Altitude I'm Burning for You Chili Ale 5.24/16/2015Rate 3.185
Altitude Imperial Pumpkin 8.01/6/2012Rate 0
Altitude Imperial Red Ale 7.611/21/2012Rate 2.831
Altitude Imperial Saison -2/1/2013Rate 3.062
Altitude Impossible Germany 5.26/18/2015Rate 3.153
Altitude Inner Circle Pilsner 5.24/16/2015Rate 0
Altitude It's Winter Somewhere Barrel Aged Baltic Porter 107/23/2017Rate 2.771
Altitude Keikoppen 8.33/23/2013Rate 0
Altitude Krampus Spiced Weizenbock 8.01/10/2010Rate 2.911
Altitude Lovesick Session IPA 4.96/21/2015Rate 3.363
Altitude Maibock -7/4/2006Rate 2.564
Altitude Maize Maxx 3.86/20/2015Rate 3.042
Altitude Mexican Chile Ale 5.55/22/2009Rate 3.03519
Altitude Microphone Czech 4.96/8/2015Rate 3.183
Altitude Mistletoe IPA -12/22/2003Rate 2.81
Altitude Not Another IPA 6.93/23/2013Rate 0
Altitude Octahop 6.13/23/2013Rate 0
Altitude Old Venerable Double Wheat -1/17/2010Rate 2.81
Altitude Party in my Palate 7.010/17/2013Rate 2.911
Altitude Pedal House Pils 5.16/21/2015Rate 3.193
Altitude Pilot Series 1 American Brown Lager 5.857/9/2013Rate 2.861
Altitude Pilot Series 2 American Style Red 8.17/9/2013Rate 2.881
Altitude Porter Wheat Chocolate Weizen -11/1/2006Rate 2.661
Altitude Prairie Gold Light Ale 4.73/3/2010Rate 0
Altitude Prancer 6.01/15/2013Rate 0
Altitude Pumpkin Love 5.111/1/2006Rate 3.075513
Altitude Rosebud Strong Ale 6.58/3/2005Rate 2.855
Altitude Saison 5.92/19/2013Rate 2.841
Altitude Sassy Saison -2/17/2012Rate 2.862
Altitude Shillelagh Irish Red 6.53/3/2010Rate 2.872
Altitude Smoked Chile -7/4/2006Rate 2.853
Altitude Solar Weizen 5.89/16/2004Rate 3.128211
Altitude Solar Wit -2/18/2012Rate 2.793
Altitude Sparkles - Sour Mash -1/15/2013Rate 0
Altitude The Haight IPA 6.56/18/2015Rate 3.273
Altitude The Reckoning 8.51/6/2012Rate 0
Altitude Tumblewheat 5.65/22/2009Rate 2.975612
Altitude Viggo Klein -4/16/2015Rate 0
Altitude Western Blonde -2/18/2012Rate 2.862
Altitude Whitewater Wheat 5.89/16/2004Rate 2.586
Altitude Winter Bock -12/22/2003Rate 2.841
Altitude Winter Wind 6.01/6/2012Rate 0
Altitude WY-P-A -3/23/2013Rate 0
Altitude X 7.751/10/2010Rate 2.831

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