Holts 1849 (Bottle) 4.53/12/2002Rate 2.9240103
Holts 1849 (Cask) 4.511/8/2006Rate 2.695
Holts Albert's Best Bitter (alias) 4.25/7/2015
Holts Bah Humbrew 4.212/12/2013Rate 3.022
Holts Bitter 4.08/19/2002Rate 2.923962
Holts Black 3.44/15/2009Rate 2.82129
Holts Brown Stout 3.68/19/2002Rate 2.833
Holts Crystal Gold Lager 4.58/31/2013Rate 2.693
Holts Crystal Lager 3.84/15/2009Rate 2.368111
Holts Diamond Premium Lager 5.08/19/2002Rate 2.599313
Holts Fifth Sense (Bottle 4.3% version) 4.34/30/2010Rate 2.913844
Holts Fifth Sense (Bottle 5.5% version) 5.54/1/2006Rate 3.054727
Holts Fifth Sense (Cask) 5.012/18/2006Rate 2.84
Holts Golden Boot 4.26/26/2006Rate 2.752
Holts Hat Trick 3.910/3/2015Rate 2.853
Holts Humdinger (Bottle 4.1%Version) 4.15/4/2014Rate 2.974
Holts Humdinger (Bottle) 3.59/11/2004Rate 2.681682
Holts Humdinger (Cask) 4.07/12/2005Rate 2.853726
Holts IPA 3.85/23/2011Rate 2.771928
Holts Joeys Bitter 3.510/28/2004Rate 2.647
Holts Lightning Holt 4.32/7/2009Rate 2.881
Holts Manchester Brown Ale 3.86/26/2008Rate 2.923624
Holts Maple Gold 4.33/8/2013Rate 2.852717
Holts Maplemoon (Bottle) 4.82/5/2007Rate 3.0138127
Holts Maplemoon (Cask) 4.31/4/2012Rate 3.03399
Holts Mild 3.28/19/2002Rate 33446
Holts Nuts and Holts 4.110/29/2004Rate 2.818
Holts Pioneer IPA 5.010/1/2007Rate 2.868
Holts Sixex Strong Ale 6.08/19/2002Rate 3.338175
Holts Smooth 3.84/15/2009Rate 2.777
Holts Summertime Shine 4.26/16/2009Rate 2.791
Holts The Dockyard Ale 3.81/7/2018Rate 2.92
Holts Thunder Holt (Bottle) 5.010/25/2004Rate 2.963537
Holts Thunder Holt (Cask) 4.56/5/2005Rate 2.731
Holts Touchwood 4.212/10/2005Rate 2.792221
Holts Two Hoots (Bottle) 4.29/8/2011Rate 2.752173
Holts Two Hoots (Cask) 4.23/15/2012Rate 2.954329
Holts Upright 4.41/18/2005Rate 2.673

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