Appalachian 666 7.712/21/2008Rate 3.378759
Appalachian Abbey Roade 6.43/6/2003Rate 3.194741
Appalachian ABC ESB 5.35/31/2005Rate 3.034520
Appalachian Adams Amber Ale -2/16/2009Rate 2.913
Appalachian Aero-Head Bock 7.03/12/2015Rate 3.279018
Appalachian Ahab's Revenge IPL 6.76/26/2014Rate 2.973
Appalachian Amarillo IPA 6.55/23/2013Rate 3.063
Appalachian Ancho Chile Stout 5.06/4/2017Rate 2.981
Appalachian Anniversary Maibock 7.25/15/2002Rate 3.17440
Appalachian Argyle Sweater 6.15/13/2018Rate 3.021
Appalachian Artie's Amber Ale 5.03/12/2015Rate 2.711
Appalachian Artie's Sour Raspberry Farmhouse Saison -8/22/2015Rate 0
Appalachian Aurora Stout 6.48/22/2015Rate 0
Appalachian Batch 1000 Wheat Wine 8.210/14/2013Rate 3.077
Appalachian Batch 666 Rye IPA -12/26/2013Rate 2.962
Appalachian Bee Sting Barleywine 11.87/2/2014Rate 32
Appalachian Belgian Pale Ale 5.07/16/2012Rate 2.953
Appalachian Black IPA 6.55/14/2011Rate 3.125
Appalachian Black Rye IPA 7.03/7/2013Rate 2.972
Appalachian Blank Stare IPA -5/15/2014Rate 2.822
Appalachian Bonfatto's Bellefonte Brew -10/8/2011Rate 2.841
Appalachian Bozick Black IPA 6.53/7/2013Rate 2.982
Appalachian Broad Street Barley Wine 12.87/19/2000Rate 3.6683106
Appalachian Burton Ale -3/5/2013Rate 2.842
Appalachian Busted Sole -1/9/2015Rate 2.841
Appalachian Celtic Knot Red 4.87/10/2005Rate 3.034923
Appalachian Celtic Knot Single-Malt Scotch French Oak 4.84/24/2011Rate 2.841
Appalachian Cervesa Limon 4.08/16/2011Rate 2.732
Appalachian Chocolate Avenue Stout 5.82/19/2013Rate 3.374828
Appalachian Chocolate Cherry Stout 4.52/11/2004Rate 3.27
Appalachian Coconut Porter -7/3/2007Rate 3.285615
Appalachian Cornerstone Espresso Stout -4/29/2009Rate 3.094
Appalachian Coyote Joes Coffee Stout -3/4/2006Rate 3.221
Appalachian Dom Blonde Kölsch 5.07/1/2007Rate 2.83922
Appalachian Doppelbock 6.98/31/2014Rate 2.912
Appalachian Dunkelweizen 5.57/1/2009Rate 2.974
Appalachian Egg Nog Ale 8.212/21/2012Rate 3.115
Appalachian Ember's Remain 12.51/8/2017Rate 3.213
Appalachian English Mild -7/16/2010Rate 2.94
Appalachian Espresso Susquehanna Stout (alias) 4.54/12/2010
Appalachian Farmhouse 5.61/9/2015Rate 2.881
Appalachian Fog of War Imperial Stout 9.01/15/2010Rate 2.922
Appalachian Fortune Cookie Ale 5.810/13/2017Rate 3.072
Appalachian Framboise -8/31/2007Rate 3.289421
Appalachian Give 'er Helles 6.310/13/2017Rate 3.053
Appalachian Glacier IPA -7/19/2014Rate 3.033
Appalachian Golden Toos 9.83/9/2010Rate 2.913
Appalachian Green Tea Pilsner 6.355/3/2011Rate 32
Appalachian Greenaway Farm Fresh Hop Pale Ale 5.04/23/2015Rate 0
Appalachian Grinnin' Grizzly Holiday Spiced Ale 5.77/19/2000Rate 2.913946
Appalachian Groke -8/22/2015Rate 0
Appalachian Herr Ridge 5.02/21/2010Rate 2.792
Appalachian Highland Amber Ale -12/18/2010Rate 2.771
Appalachian Hinterland Hefe Weizen 5.27/18/2000Rate 3.239241
Appalachian Hop 2XIPA Phoenix Hop Double IPA -5/15/2014Rate 2.962
Appalachian Hoppy Belgian IPA 6.910/22/2017Rate 31
Appalachian Hoppy Trails IPA 6.27/19/2000Rate 3.2638184
Appalachian Imperial Grapefruit Hefeweizen 8.36/4/2017Rate 3.041
Appalachian Imperial Pilsner 7.67/2/2012Rate 2.82
Appalachian Imperial Stout -1/12/2008Rate 2.833
Appalachian IPAone Nugget 7.578/27/2011Rate 3.063
Appalachian IPAthree Cascade 7.578/27/2011Rate 3.063
Appalachian IPAtwo Summit 7.578/27/2011Rate 3.053
Appalachian Jolly Scot (Molasses) -5/20/2011Rate 2.861
Appalachian Jolly Scot Scottish Ale 5.27/19/2000Rate 3.0944256
Appalachian Karma California Common 5.5512/7/2007Rate 3.195
Appalachian Keg Nog Ale 8.28/18/2014Rate 2.872
Appalachian Keller Pilsner 4.811/12/2011Rate 3.055
Appalachian Kipona Fest 5.28/13/2001Rate 3.087966
Appalachian Koning De Quad 11.412/25/2011Rate 3.348
Appalachian Kriek -10/7/2007Rate 2.593
Appalachian Mad Cameron Belgian White 5.27/19/2000Rate 2.974719
Appalachian Magnum IPA 6.55/23/2013Rate 2.811
Appalachian Major Hops Olde Ale 7.09/16/2005Rate 3.24312
Appalachian Montebello Farm Belgian Dubbel 7.510/29/2010Rate 3.056
Appalachian Morrow Farrar Belgian Wit 5.41/11/2014Rate 2.831
Appalachian Mountain Lager 5.37/19/2000Rate 2.6422191
Appalachian Oak Aged Broad Street Barley Wine 12.87/17/2006Rate 3.536223
Appalachian Oak Aged Susquehanna Stout -8/31/2007Rate 3.022
Appalachian Oatmeal Stout -2/3/2012Rate 2.944
Appalachian Oats IPA 7.58/16/2012Rate 2.993
Appalachian Obbies Grand Cru 7.28/22/2004Rate 3.034815
Appalachian Outta Focus 8.09/4/2010Rate 3.332354
Appalachian Outta Focus Double IPA (Molasses) 8.07/21/2014Rate 3.183
Appalachian Pale Mild Brown Ale 4.712/21/2012Rate 3.15
Appalachian Paxton Kriek -10/12/2006Rate 3.15
Appalachian Peche -8/31/2007Rate 2.581
Appalachian Pennypacker Porter 5.47/19/2000Rate 3.274543
Appalachian Peregrine Pilsner 4.87/19/2000Rate 2.935939
Appalachian Provision Lititz Saison -8/22/2015Rate 0
Appalachian Purist Pale Ale 4.97/19/2000Rate 3.0329170
Appalachian Ragged Edge Espresso Stout 4.64/17/2010Rate 3.458029
Appalachian Raspberry Brown Ale -1/5/2014Rate 2.82
Appalachian Raspberry Imperial Stout 105/4/2011Rate 2.792
Appalachian Raspberry Wheat -8/22/2015Rate 0
Appalachian Rauchbock -9/3/2008Rate 3.366513
Appalachian Rebel Yell Rye Pale Ale -11/20/2009Rate 2.71
Appalachian Riverside Red Ale 4.87/18/2000Rate 2.953311
Appalachian Rob's Wheat Ale -5/23/2013Rate 2.81
Appalachian Rockville Rye Ale 5.37/19/2000Rate 3.257022
Appalachian Rutty Buck Pumpkin Ale 6.210/12/2014Rate 3.012
Appalachian Rye IPA 7.58/16/2012Rate 2.963
Appalachian Rye Pumpkin Ale -1/5/2014Rate 2.92
Appalachian Schimmelfenning Smoked Ale 5.67/17/2006Rate 3.197
Appalachian Schwartz Bier -8/1/2010Rate 35
Appalachian Schwarzbier 5.33/7/2013Rate 2.922
Appalachian Simcoe Session Ale 4.27/25/2015Rate 3.111
Appalachian Smoked Imperial Pilsner -8/28/2010Rate 2.91
Appalachian Sophies Sparkling Ale/Mead 4.67/10/2005Rate 2.248
Appalachian Special Pale Ale -7/16/2013Rate 2.691
Appalachian Susquehanna Stout 4.67/18/2000Rate 3.439588
Appalachian Toasty's Revenge -8/22/2015Rate 3.022
Appalachian Trail Blaze Maple Brown Ale 6.96/15/2015Rate 3.317912
Appalachian Trail Blaze Organic Brown -5/18/2008Rate 3.074772
Appalachian Tripelocity 9.446/28/2007Rate 3.032211
Appalachian Vanilla Porter -7/1/2007Rate 2.955
Appalachian Vienna Lager -11/24/2010Rate 2.813
Appalachian Volks Weizenbock 7.212/10/2002Rate 3.264961
Appalachian War College Wheat 4.57/11/2012Rate 2.761
Appalachian Water Gap Wheat 4.57/19/2000Rate 2.5813172
Appalachian Wheat IPA 7.58/16/2012Rate 2.863
Appalachian Zeus IPA 6.57/18/2010Rate 2.91
Appalachian Zoigl Star Lager 5.911/29/2005Rate 3.148732
Appalachian Zythos Pale Ale 5.610/11/2012Rate 2.972
Appalachian/Pizza Boy/Troegs/Zeroday 717 Collaboration (2018) 7.175/16/2018Rate 3.021
Black and Gold Premium Lager 4.51/12/2012Rate 2.912
1947 Premium Lager
Brewed by/for New World Beverages
4.79/3/2010Rate 3.116

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