Art Brew

Brightwater Farm, Sutcombe, Devon, England EX22 7QE
First brewed in Summer 2008. Beers under the badge "Chideock Brewery", but coming from the same source were seen in May 2012. Brewery location North End Farm, Venn Lane, North Chideok. By 2014 the brewery had ceased brewing on its own equipment while seeking new premises. In the meantime it is believed that some beers are being brewed on an occasional basis at Sherfield Village brewery. In 2016 Brewing recommenced at a new location in Devon.
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Art Brew #1 6.05/31/2015Rate 3.328
Art Brew #4 6.01/7/2016Rate 3.192
Art Brew / Arbor Ales Double Trouble (alias) 1210/15/2011
Art Brew AB 6 DDH 4.69/26/2017Rate 3.023
Art Brew Anarchist Party Bitter 7.23/20/2013Rate 3.223912
Art Brew Art Brut 4.412/29/2008Rate 2.986
Art Brew Art Nouveau 3.91/14/2009Rate 3.098023
Art Brew Baby Anarchist 3.210/8/2013Rate 3.094319
Art Brew Blackcurrant Stout 4.610/29/2010Rate 3.042525
Art Brew Bongo Friendee 4.97/16/2009Rate 2.811
Art Brew Born In A Barn 6.02/21/2009Rate 3.14513
Art Brew Bouncy 5.27/2/2012Rate 3.061813
Art Brew Bristolbock 7.01/26/2014Rate 2.812
Art Brew CCCP 4.95/9/2017Rate 2.932
Art Brew Choc Vanilla Porter 4.75/20/2012Rate 2.87911
Art Brew Christmas Tree Beer 6.011/24/2012Rate 3.15111
Art Brew Damson Dunkle 5.411/24/2012Rate 2.775
Art Brew Dark Brut 5.22/21/2009Rate 2.95
Art Brew Doppelbock 7.46/18/2011Rate 3.137
Art Brew Earth Roots Resin 6.03/1/2014Rate 2.865
Art Brew GHB (Green Hopped Beer) 4.610/16/2009Rate 2.831
Art Brew Ginger & Chilli IPA 6.46/4/2015Rate 3.093
Art Brew Happy 4.98/7/2009Rate 2.692511
Art Brew Happy Fruit 4.98/8/2011Rate 2.822
Art Brew Hip Hop Bobek 4.37/16/2010Rate 3.037110
Art Brew Hip Hop Cascade 4.37/5/2010Rate 2.825
Art Brew Hip Hop Centennial 4.31/22/2011Rate 3.226
Art Brew Hip Hop Columbus 4.35/4/2012Rate 2.984
Art Brew Hip Hop Dr Rudi's Super Alpha 4.310/16/2012Rate 3.084
Art Brew Hip Hop Experimental 366 4.37/28/2013Rate 2.862
Art Brew Hip Hop Extra Citra 6.04/28/2013Rate 3.086
Art Brew Hip Hop Galaxy 4.42/27/2015Rate 3.033
Art Brew Hip Hop Galena 4.311/2/2011Rate 2.831
Art Brew Hip Hop Green Bullet 4.33/17/2010Rate 3.259412
Art Brew Hip Hop Lemon Chinook 4.33/20/2011Rate 2.812
Art Brew Hip Hop Mosaic 4.39/7/2013Rate 2.894310
Art Brew Hip Hop Motueka 4.310/16/2012Rate 3.014
Art Brew Hip Hop Nugget 4.33/11/2012Rate 2.853311
Art Brew Hip Hop NZ Hallertauer 4.39/11/2010Rate 2.922
Art Brew Hip Hop Pacific Gem 4.32/12/2013Rate 2.833
Art Brew Hip Hop Pacific Jade 4.37/3/2013Rate 2.871
Art Brew Hip Hop Riwaka 4.311/24/2012Rate 3.074
Art Brew Hip Hop Simcoe 4.311/29/2013Rate 2.932
Art Brew i Beer 4.01/14/2009Rate 2.944917
Art Brew Lemon 3.92/26/2011Rate 2.557
Art Brew Lemongrass And Bobek 3.23/3/2013Rate 2.812
Art Brew Love Or Nothing 6.010/16/2016Rate 3.17249
Art Brew Marmoset IPA 5.56/21/2011Rate 2.791
Art Brew Mild Peril 3.65/1/2009Rate 2.794
Art Brew Milk Stout 4.511/26/2014Rate 3.344610
Art Brew MMX 8.45/31/2010Rate 2.995
Art Brew Monkey IPA 6.46/14/2009Rate 3.284259
Art Brew Now Beer 6.59/25/2013Rate 3.27
Art Brew O'Kane's Wit 4.79/10/2010Rate 2.661410
Art Brew On the Road 5.56/8/2015Rate 2.941
Art Brew Orange IPA 6.54/27/2011Rate 3.334541
Art Brew Orange Monkey 6.45/10/2013Rate 2.911
Art Brew Outsider 5.24/26/2017Rate 3.063
Art Brew Pale 3.25/9/2017Rate 2.832
Art Brew Renaissance 4.52/6/2010Rate 3689
Art Brew Seville Rye 4.63/1/2014Rate 2.771
Art Brew Smokey Bastard 5.510/11/2011Rate 2.961410
Art Brew Snergi Bergesson 6.09/4/2013Rate 3.02379
Art Brew Sophie's Rustic Ale 4.79/29/2012Rate 2.883
Art Brew Spanked Monkey IPA 6.47/19/2009Rate 3.11829
Art Brew Tempest Stout 4.64/19/2009Rate 3.184420
Art Brew Winter Mild 3.21/5/2010Rate 2.884
Chideock Marshwood Pale 3.97/9/2012Rate 2.823
Chideock Martyr's Best 4.59/12/2012Rate 2.861

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