Bad Brewing Company

Brewer rating: 90/100 87 ratings
440 S. Jefferson Street, Mason, Michigan, USA 48854
Wed & Thurs: 3 to 10 pm
Fri & Sat: 12 noon to 12 midnight
Sun: 12 noon to 10 pm

Associated place: Bad Brewing Company

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Bad Brewing Amber Ale 5.51/7/2013Rate 3.092
Bad Brewing B.O. Knows Gose 5.13/5/2017Rate 2.941
Bad Brewing Barrel Aged Belgian Stout 9.24/15/2014Rate 3.182
Bad Brewing Barrel Aged Maple Porter 10.612/14/2014Rate 2.823
Bad Brewing Belgian Tripel 8.611/29/2014Rate 3.13
Bad Brewing Biere de BAD 8.83/5/2017Rate 3.041
Bad Brewing Blonde 5.19/16/2015Rate 2.791
Bad Brewing Bourbon Barrel Aged Apple Ginger Cider -2/23/2016Rate 3.131
Bad Brewing Bourbon Barrel Aged Barley Wine 1111/21/2014Rate 3.044
Bad Brewing Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Vanilla Stout 12.312/10/2015Rate 1
Bad Brewing Brandy Barrel Aged Zeelander 7.89/16/2015Rate 2.961
Bad Brewing Brothel Brown 6.09/29/2015Rate 3.162
Bad Brewing Cascade Bastard 8.812/18/2013Rate 2.841
Bad Brewing Chestnut Brown 6.21/4/2013Rate 3.294
Bad Brewing Chinook Harvest IPA 6.29/29/2015Rate 2.891
Bad Brewing Chocolate Covered Coffee Brown 6.511/21/2014Rate 3.234
Bad Brewing Chocolate Raspberry Imperial Stout 123/5/2017Rate 3.171
Bad Brewing Cider 9.59/16/2015Rate 31
Bad Brewing Cinnamon Apple Cider 9.51/14/2016Rate 2.981
Bad Brewing Closed Curtains 7.91/14/2016Rate 3.091
Bad Brewing Closed Curtains Black IPA 7.911/29/2014Rate 2.81
Bad Brewing Cyprus Pale Ale 6.21/7/2013Rate 0
Bad Brewing Ernest Gose to Bad 4.89/16/2015Rate 3.061
Bad Brewing Ho Ho Holy Crap Christmas Ale 8.112/26/2013Rate 2.911
Bad Brewing Hop Dancer 7.02/23/2016Rate 3.182
Bad Brewing Hop Resolution 10.42/23/2016Rate 2.92
Bad Brewing Hot Scotch 9.73/1/2015Rate 0
Bad Brewing Imperial Porter 8.62/23/2016Rate 2.891
Bad Brewing Imperial Pumpkin Rye Porter 8.39/29/2015Rate 3.091
Bad Brewing Imperial Stout 103/1/2015Rate 3.131
Bad Brewing King Nugget’s Double IPA 9.212/7/2013Rate 3.063
Bad Brewing Kracken IPA 7.012/18/2013Rate 3.364
Bad Brewing Kracken IPA (Chinook) 6.56/24/2016Rate 31
Bad Brewing Lemon Pepe French Saison 6.89/16/2015Rate 3.021
Bad Brewing Linus Pumpkin Patch Rye 7.011/29/2014Rate 2.871
Bad Brewing Lucy’s Pumpkin Spice 7.49/29/2015Rate 2.961
Bad Brewing Mint Chocolate Stout 6.73/1/2015Rate 0
Bad Brewing Moonburn 4.89/16/2015Rate 2.941
Bad Brewing Mud In Your Rye 7.68/26/2013Rate 3.254
Bad Brewing No Stout About It 6.21/4/2013Rate 3.045
Bad Brewing Old Balls - Bourbon Barrel 11.46/24/2016Rate 3.041
Bad Brewing Old Balls Olde Ale 111/14/2016Rate 3.021
Bad Brewing Pilsner 5.51/7/2013Rate 0
Bad Brewing Rymarillo DIPA 9.211/21/2014Rate 3.162
Bad Brewing Strawberry Rhubarb Belgian Tripel 8.56/29/2013Rate 2.912
Bad Brewing Sunrise Citra 5.09/16/2015Rate 3.162
Bad Brewing Super D’s IPA 6.611/25/2013Rate 3.116
Bad Brewing Wicked Wit 5.81/4/2013Rate 2.822
Bad Brewing Zeelander Rye Pale Ale 6.112/26/2013Rate 3.033
Bad Brewing Zeus Harvest IPA 6.29/29/2015Rate 3.061

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