Bad Seed Brewing

Landkærsvej 4, Storvorde, Denmark 9280
Micro brewery outside Aalborg, Denmark. Bold, flavorful and easy drinking beers is our mission.
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Bad Seed / Flying Couch Udder Punch 6.43/9/2019Rate 3.433315
Bad Seed Absolute Lazarus 7.54/13/2019Rate 3.253
Bad Seed Absolute Unit 8.54/13/2019Rate 3.4812
Bad Seed All Ablaze 6.21/16/2019Rate 3.422910
Bad Seed Cabin Fever 6.51/16/2019Rate 3.29739
Bad Seed Calamango Sour 4.56/18/2019Rate 3.287
Bad Seed CAN IPA 6.010/9/2019Rate 3.333
Bad Seed Cold Joe 5.55/16/2019Rate 3.217
Bad Seed Dead Sound 6.08/15/2019Rate 3.247
Bad Seed Debut Pilsner 5.511/29/2018Rate 3.248
Bad Seed Five Figure Middle Finger 5.811/29/2018Rate 3.377
Bad Seed Haze Oddity 5.010/9/2019Rate 3.061
Bad Seed In Rainbows 4.27/8/2018Rate 3.23110
Bad Seed Infinity Pool 5.27/10/2019Rate 3.214
Bad Seed Lazarus IPA 6.04/23/2019Rate 3.396
Bad Seed Little Creature 5.511/29/2018Rate 3.328910
Bad Seed Monster Movie 6.46/18/2019Rate 3.271210
Bad Seed Neu Pilsner 5.03/14/2019Rate 3.239010
Bad Seed Safe Space Invader 4.61/16/2019Rate 3.366310
Bad Seed Sort Snak 2.0 9.57/10/2019Rate 3.223
Bad Seed Statue of Bigetory 8.08/17/2018Rate 3.285
Bad Seed Taphouse Another One Bites The Hops 6.08/2/2019Rate 3.174
Bad Seed Technicolor Sunrise 5.43/14/2019Rate 3.468611
Bad Seed This Must Be The Haze 5.05/10/2019Rate 3.31509
Bad Seed Tupelo IPA 5.97/13/2018Rate 3.155
Bad Seed Vienna Lager 5.08/28/2019Rate 3.06839
Bad Seed Albino Gandhi 6.43/5/2013Rate 3.417319
Bad Seed / Alefarm Avalanche DIPA
Brewed at Ølkollektivet
8.011/23/2016Rate 3.78537
Bad Seed / Barr Turf
Brewed at Ølkollektivet
6.57/10/2017Rate 3.334513
Bad Seed Barrel Aged Vietnam
Brewed at Ølkollektivet
8.38/28/2018Rate 3.659515
Bad Seed Buzzwords IPA
Brewed at Ølkollektivet
6.53/15/2017Rate 3.528217
Bad Seed Double Lazarus
Brewed at Ølkollektivet
7.55/5/2017Rate 3.524724
Bad Seed Electric Hazyland IPA
Brewed at Ølkollektivet
6.09/5/2016Rate 3.548522
Bad Seed Electric Loral
Brewed at Ølkollektivet
5.89/28/2017Rate 3.278
Bad Seed Good Morning, Vietnam
Brewed at Ølkollektivet
8.36/2/2016Rate 3.829948
Bad Seed Lazarus Resurrection IPA
Brewed at Ølkollektivet
6.09/22/2015Rate 3.619133
Bad Seed Nocturnal
Brewed at Ølkollektivet
7.011/23/2016Rate 3.559121
Bad Seed Odessey & Oracle
Brewed at Ølkollektivet
5.85/11/2017Rate 3.34216
Bad Seed Prisoner of Hops
Brewed at Ølkollektivet
5.812/2/2015Rate 3.528417
Bad Seed Sax & Violins
Brewed at Ølkollektivet
4.05/5/2017Rate 3.478628
Bad Seed Sun King Pale Ale
Brewed at Ølkollektivet
5.04/1/2016Rate 3.316318
Bad Seed Tesla Coil
Brewed at Ølkollektivet
6.22/23/2018Rate 3.235
Bad Seed The Dank Knight
Brewed at Ølkollektivet
6.32/23/2016Rate 3.547219
Bad Seed Time Of The Saison
Brewed at Ølkollektivet
5.811/12/2015Rate 3.374933
Bad Seed Vielharmonic Saison
Brewed at Ølkollektivet
4.52/23/2017Rate 3.385320
Bad Seed Viet Congo Bajer
Brewed at Ølkollektivet
8.53/15/2017Rate 3.446
Bad Seed Wildebeest IPA
Brewed at Ølkollektivet
5.56/15/2017Rate 3.315
Bad Seed Boogie Juice
Brewed at Ølsnedkeren
5.04/10/2018Rate 3.278
Bad Seed Jungle Boogie
Brewed at Ølsnedkeren
5.04/10/2018Rate 3.388

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