Aldi Specially Selected I.P.A.
Brewed by/for Aldi (UK)
5.07/13/2008Rate 2.851013
Aldi Specially Selected Treble XB English Bitter
Brewed by/for Aldi (UK)
4.77/13/2008Rate 2.941911
Church's Alcoholic Ginger Beer
Brewed by/for Aldi (UK)
4.08/20/2011Rate 2.873214
Finchley's Golden Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Aldi (UK)
4.27/13/2008Rate 2.691318
Finchley's India Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Aldi (UK)
4.58/4/2008Rate 2.812619
Batemans / Brouwerij 't IJ IJbok 6.09/25/2012Rate 3.166727
Batemans / Cervecería Fort Barcelona Pale Ale 5.06/18/2015Rate 35022
Batemans / Fat Head's Sunshine Daydream Session IPA (UK Cask Version) 5.09/27/2013Rate 3.021336
Batemans / Good George Pacific Pearl 5.52/27/2013Rate 3.354035
Batemans / Nøgne Ø Bitter 4.53/16/2012Rate 3.189222
Batemans / Nøgne Ø Brown Ale 4.52/25/2014Rate 3.37837
Batemans / Shongweni Durban Pale 5.73/5/2015Rate 2.983529
Batemans / Wicked Weed Freak of Nature 7.510/1/2014Rate 3.343035
Batemans / Young Henrys Real Ale 4.09/10/2015Rate 2.974824
Batemans 617 Ale 3.78/17/2013Rate 2.62612
Batemans Alexanders 3.77/2/2006Rate 2.881
Batemans All Seasons 4.23/21/2011Rate 2.883526
Batemans Aquarius Ale 4.41/19/2008Rate 2.832
Batemans Aries Ale 4.14/2/2008Rate 2.983
Batemans Autumn Fall (Bottle) 4.29/21/2004Rate 3.088635
Batemans Autumn Fall (Cask) 4.29/20/2011Rate 2.924515
Batemans Autumn Fall (Cask) (-2010) 4.09/21/2004Rate 3.058315
Batemans Black & White 3.63/6/2014Rate 3.023939
Batemans Black Pepper Ale 5.19/8/2013Rate 2.963164
Batemans Blackbeerd 3.69/26/2002Rate 2.873711
Batemans Bloomin' Marvellous 4.14/29/2009Rate 2.831
Batemans Bourbon Biscuit Ale 4.211/15/2014Rate 2.811
Batemans Burlington Bertie 4.07/13/2004Rate 2.811
Batemans Cancer Pinch Perfect 4.36/30/2007Rate 3.082
Batemans Capricorn Billy Goats Gruff 4.512/22/2007Rate 2.691
Batemans Chadwick Pale Ale 4.812/29/2017Rate 31
Batemans Christmas Eve 4.411/11/2013Rate 2.863623
Batemans Colonel's Whiskers 4.310/6/2014Rate 3.288634
Batemans Combined Harvest (Bottle) 4.72/20/2002Rate 2.9121224
Batemans Combined Harvest (Cask) 4.47/18/2003Rate 2.892140
Batemans Dark Lord (4.4%) 4.42/23/2016Rate 3.158916
Batemans Dark Lord (Bottle) 5.010/12/2003Rate 3.2136268
Batemans Dark Lord (Cask) 5.06/1/2004Rate 3.112429
Batemans Dark Mild 3.010/7/2001Rate 3.155364
Batemans Dragons Den 4.14/15/2009Rate 2.884113
Batemans East Coast Screamer 4.03/13/2016Rate 3.014
Batemans Eastern Promise 4.010/29/2008Rate 2.832923
Batemans Eggs-B 4.23/23/2008Rate 2.822619
Batemans England Expects (aka We've Blown It) 4.03/7/2007Rate 2.77219
Batemans English B Bock 6.09/8/2013Rate 2.982894
Batemans Excalibur 4.44/20/2003Rate 2.824
Batemans Falling Leaves 4.21/1/2009Rate 2.972
Batemans Flower Power 3.75/30/2015Rate 2.92
Batemans G.H.A. 4.22/19/2009Rate 2.985429
Batemans Gemini Double Trouble 4.05/23/2007Rate 2.894
Batemans Godivas Gold 4.05/8/2003Rate 2.187
Batemans Gold (alias) 3.95/23/2015
Batemans Gold Medal 4.13/29/2012Rate 2.42222
Batemans Golden Swallow 4.01/8/2014Rate 3.014
Batemans Halloween Festival 4.211/1/2015Rate 31
Batemans Harvest Zest 4.87/16/2002Rate 2.975
Batemans Hazelnut Brownie 6.310/13/2013Rate 3.053890
Batemans Hooker 4.54/5/2002Rate 2.852739
Batemans Hop Bine Bitter (Bottle) 4.26/24/2006Rate 2.56621
Batemans Hop Bine Bitter (Cask) 3.61/26/2004Rate 2.615
Batemans Iron Lady 4.110/28/2009Rate 2.843119
Batemans Jesters IPA 3.51/14/2004Rate 2.986314
Batemans Jewel in the Crown 4.56/24/2002Rate 2.933
Batemans Kings White Crown 3.68/20/2015Rate 2.891
Batemans Last Post 4.010/19/2018Rate 2.912
Batemans Law Of The Land 5.55/23/2015Rate 3.027
Batemans Leo Golden Mane 4.67/20/2007Rate 2.873
Batemans Libra Ale 4.19/15/2007Rate 2.843
Batemans Lincolnshire Red 5.03/5/2015Rate 3.126325
Batemans Maidens Delight 4.26/9/2004Rate 2.811
Batemans Marie Celeste 4.67/18/2002Rate 2.745
Batemans Maypole Dancer 4.46/4/2008Rate 2.762
Batemans Middle Wicket 4.48/17/2005Rate 2.883512
Batemans Miss America 4.16/24/2011Rate 2.913817
Batemans Miss Australia 4.19/1/2009Rate 2.653
Batemans Miss Kazakhstan 4.19/22/2009Rate 2.833
Batemans Miss Lapland 4.111/30/2010Rate 2.768
Batemans Miss Luscious 4.32/22/2004Rate 3.04809
Batemans Miss Russia 4.15/19/2010Rate 2.81
Batemans Miss Saucy 4.35/22/2005Rate 2.93
Batemans Miss Scotland 4.11/15/2010Rate 2.937
Batemans Miss South Africa 4.16/5/2009Rate 2.884
Batemans Miss Whiplash 4.25/17/2006Rate 2.814
Batemans Mocha (Bottle & Keg) 6.02/14/2012Rate 3.3178183
Batemans Mocha Amaretto 6.52/7/2014Rate 3.014467
Batemans Mocha Beer (Cask) 6.04/5/2013Rate 3.277323
Batemans Mr George's Golden Ale 4.46/24/2016Rate 2.981
Batemans Mr. George’s Ruby Porter (alias) 5.04/2/2010
Batemans Orange Barley 6.22/25/2014Rate 2.944849
Batemans Owd Nessie 5.011/27/2002Rate 3.133
Batemans Pilgrim Fathers IPA 4.45/2/2016Rate 2.94
Batemans Pink Cadillac -4/25/2011Rate 2.83
Batemans Pink Wicket 4.27/17/2011Rate 2.765
Batemans Pisces Fishing Tackle 4.02/21/2008Rate 2.961
Batemans PortuGOAL 4.06/5/2004Rate 2.84
Batemans Prohibition Lager 4.02/17/2016Rate 2.851
Batemans QED 4.09/10/2015Rate 3.077413
Batemans Rosey Nosey (Bottle) 4.712/10/2001Rate 2.947302
Batemans Rosey Nosey (Bottle) 4.7% (alias) 4.71/24/2014
Batemans Rosey Nosey (Cask) 4.91/29/2002Rate 3.193074
Batemans Sagittarius Ale 4.012/2/2007Rate 2.853
Batemans Salem Brew Citrus Riot 4.311/29/2018Rate 0
Batemans Salem Brew Dark Fruits Porter 4.412/7/2018Rate 3.021
Batemans Salem Brew Fruit & Flame 4.77/21/2018Rate 2.831
Batemans Salem Brew Grass Snake 4.14/6/2018Rate 2.941
Batemans Salem Brew Tick Tock Orange 4.11/13/2018Rate 3.033
Batemans Salem Porter 4.712/16/2000Rate 3.284586
Batemans Santas Tipple 4.012/26/2008Rate 2.863
Batemans Scorpio Ruby Red 4.410/24/2007Rate 3.112
Batemans Silver Hare 3.83/4/2015Rate 2.912
Batemans Skull & Hammers 4.08/26/2017Rate 3.044
Batemans Skull and Spanners 4.16/27/2017Rate 2.982
Batemans Smokey Joe 4.83/12/2012Rate 3.052523
Batemans Spring Breeze (Bottle) 4.3% 4.32/26/2014Rate 2.763
Batemans Spring Breeze (Bottle) 5% 5.04/30/2003Rate 2.851473
Batemans Spring Goddess 4.22/22/2004Rate 2.893229
Batemans Springtime Oatmeal Biscuit 3.62/25/2014Rate 2.893527
Batemans St Georges Glory 4.16/24/2011Rate 2.691314
Batemans Strawberry Fields 4.210/23/2006Rate 2.65119
Batemans Summer Barley Biscuit Beer 3.79/2/2014Rate 2.641
Batemans Summer Swallow (Bottle) 4.29/1/2002Rate 2.691062
Batemans Summer Swallow (Cask) 3.97/18/2003Rate 2.964835
Batemans Taste of Heaven 4.18/1/2009Rate 2.711
Batemans Taurus Ale 4.55/7/2007Rate 3.031
Batemans Texan Triple Hop 4.29/23/2016Rate 2.692
Batemans Thirsty Work 4.06/4/2008Rate 2.798
Batemans Valiant (Cask) 4.29/17/2003Rate 2.883642
Batemans Valiant (Bottle) 4.21/22/2002Rate 2.883610
Batemans VAT Buster 3.61/18/2011Rate 2.632
Batemans VE Day 4.25/8/2005Rate 3.226
Batemans Veto Ale 4.31/6/2012Rate 2.751831
Batemans Victory Ale (Bottle) 6.011/19/2000Rate 3.1669269
Batemans Victory Ale (Cask) 5.910/8/2004Rate 3.115236
Batemans Vintage Ale 7.511/25/2012Rate 3.368396
Batemans Virgo Ale 4.08/29/2007Rate 3.144
Batemans Wayneflete Hedgerows 3.74/8/2010Rate 2.822819
Batemans Wheat Dreams 4.610/23/2010Rate 2.94918
Batemans Willy's Crown Jewels 4.25/1/2011Rate 2.614
Batemans Winter Cheer 4.22/22/2009Rate 2.621
Batemans Winter Chocolate Biscuit Beer 3.91/25/2014Rate 3.034
Batemans Winter Wellie 4.711/25/2012Rate 2.82
Batemans Winter Wonderland 4.512/27/2000Rate 2.961
Batemans XB (Bottle) 4.16/26/2011Rate 2.985912
Batemans XB (Cask) 3.75/10/2003Rate 2.893276
Batemans XB Valentines Tipple 3.81/26/2014Rate 2.751514
Batemans XXXB (Bottle) 4.811/19/2000Rate 3.1977317
Batemans XXXB (Cask) 4.58/15/2002Rate 3.0341107
Batemans XXXB 40th Anniversary 4.85/25/2018Rate 3.021
Batemans Yella Belly Gold 3.911/12/2012Rate 2.974540
Batemans Yella Belly Organic 4.212/10/2001Rate 2.59918
Booths Pour with Care
Brewed by/for Booth's Supermarket
4.55/28/2002Rate 2.938
Marks & Spencer Lincolnshire Best Bitter
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
4.910/18/2009Rate 2.892031
Marks & Spencer Lincolnshire Mocha Beer (alias)
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
Marks & Spencer Lincolnshire Orange Barley Beer
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
5.55/10/2014Rate 2.823035

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