Beer Ink / Ridgeside / Abbeydale Sahtisfaction 7.26/26/2019Rate 3.245
Beer Ink / Abbeydale / Lost Industry / Steel City Barrel of Crafts 8.612/5/2017Rate 3.131
Beer Ink / Lost Industry / Steel City Starbeer 8.56/4/2017Rate 3.563913
Beer Ink / Ridgeside / Wilde Child Barrel of Crafts v2 11.21/3/2019Rate 3.041
Beer Ink / Team Toxic Cinna-Mon 5.09/15/2019Rate 0
Beer Ink Avant Garde 4.05/14/2016Rate 2.812
Beer Ink Berry Superstitious 4.25/24/2018Rate 3.092
Beer Ink Blackberry Superstitious 4.29/26/2019Rate 0
Beer Ink Break Up Baklava 8.03/30/2018Rate 3.283
Beer Ink Brew Monday 5.29/15/2019Rate 0
Beer Ink C.R.E.A.M 6.03/19/2018Rate 3.192
Beer Ink Curd Your Enthusiasm 4.27/11/2019Rate 3.021
Beer Ink Flagship 5.06/6/2016Rate 3.023
Beer Ink Hit The Road 6.59/29/2016Rate 2.963
Beer Ink Imperial Coffee Stout 8.04/20/2017Rate 3.182
Beer Ink Leann Dubh 5.24/18/2019Rate 2.921
Beer Ink Leave Before The Light Comes On 6.08/19/2018Rate 3.111
Beer Ink Lemondrop Pale Ale 3.89/20/2018Rate 2.891
Beer Ink Maude the Merrier 8.812/31/2018Rate 2.961
Beer Ink Mehndi 5.210/17/2016Rate 2.981
Beer Ink Noire 5.05/14/2016Rate 3.05189
Beer Ink One Armed Bandit 9.69/30/2016Rate 3.131
Beer Ink Pin Up 4.05/14/2016Rate 2.765
Beer Ink Raspberry & Honey Milk Stout 6.09/25/2017Rate 3.021
Beer Ink Raspberry Superstitious 4.210/9/2018Rate 2.891
Beer Ink Red Weizen Blue 5.14/12/2017Rate 3.13
Beer Ink Rubus Lotus (alias) 4.511/1/2017
Beer Ink Single Hop Series Belma 3.811/17/2017Rate 2.871
Beer Ink Single Hop Series El Dorado Pale Ale 3.810/17/2017Rate 2.961
Beer Ink Single Hop Series Huell Melon 3.83/30/2018Rate 31
Beer Ink Single Hop Series Mosaic 3.84/11/2018Rate 3.021
Beer Ink Strawberry Superstitious 4.29/15/2019Rate 31
Beer Ink That Rug Really Tied The Room Together 6.07/27/2019Rate 3.072
Beer Ink There's No Steam Without Watermelon 5.29/20/2018Rate 2.941
Beer Ink Torrone 8.512/15/2017Rate 3.274
Beer Ink Two Faced 7.05/27/2016Rate 3.065
Beer Ink Violet...You're Turning Violet, Violet. 4.63/10/2019Rate 3.061

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