Bere a la Cluj

str. Godeanu 7, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Up until February 2018 used to brew at Kolumbusz Kft in Etyec, Hungary. Moved to their own plant in Cluj-Napoca after that.
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Artisan Dark Side of the Malt
Brewed by/for Artisan Brewing
4.54/19/2019Rate 2.532
Bere à la Cluj Bitter Weizen 5.04/30/2019Rate 3.021
Bere à la Cluj cu Vișine -8/20/2019Rate 0
Bere a la Cluj Gaura Neagră (Ediție de Iarnă) 6.03/13/2019Rate 2.891
Bere a la Cluj Man GO 4.06/13/2018Rate 2.945
Bere a la Cluj Spaisy 5.011/2/2018Rate 3.063
Cosmospolit Astrobaut 5.09/19/2018Rate 3.142
Cosmospolit Cosmobaut 5.03/14/2018Rate 3.134
Cosmospolit Fulg de Ea 6.012/18/2017Rate 3.174
Cosmospolit Gaura Neagră 5.07/22/2016Rate 3.294616
Cosmospolit Phaza Lunii 5.07/22/2016Rate 2.8710
Cosmospolit Phaza Lunii Ediție Limitată de Vară 5.09/14/2017Rate 2.921
Cosmospolit Pitica Roșie 6.06/11/2017Rate 3.287
Cosmospolit Ursa Amară 6.511/17/2016Rate 3.349310
Planetarium Session IPA -9/9/2019Rate 0
Roasters Hoppy Brew 5.08/23/2019Rate 0
Blackout Delicate Psycho
Brewed by/for Blackout Brewing
6.54/4/2019Rate 3.314
Blackout Quantum Suicide
Brewed by/for Blackout Brewing
10.54/4/2019Rate 3.535
Blackout Quantum Suicide Coffee Series (Costa Rica)
Brewed by/for Blackout Brewing
10.54/4/2019Rate 3.463
Neuron Mash Short Circuit
Brewed by/for Neuron Mash
6.65/4/2019Rate 3.162

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