Berging Brouwerij

Brewer rating: 76/100 284 ratings
Impuls 147, Purmerend, Netherlands 1446WE

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Berging a Bit of a Bite 7.49/14/2014Rate 3.125016
Berging AdmiraALE Magnum 6.99/14/2014Rate 3.024112
Berging B-01 Ale 5.58/8/2013Rate 2.831
Berging B-01 Blond 6.77/9/2013Rate 3.067410
Berging B-01 IPA 6.54/28/2013Rate 2.743
Berging B-01 R.I.S. 8.810/29/2014Rate 3.058
Berging B-01 Tri 8.57/9/2013Rate 2.91810
Berging B-02 I.P.A. 6.011/9/2014Rate 2.711
Berging B-02 Tripel 8.512/2/2014Rate 2.871
Berging B.O.C.K. Oloroso 7.39/13/2014Rate 3.188
Berging B1 Weizen 5.65/7/2017Rate 3.153
Berging B1 Witbier 5.17/31/2016Rate 3.024613
Berging B2 Blond 7.28/31/2016Rate 3.135012
Berging B3 Tripel 7.88/31/2016Rate 3.13339
Berging B4 Saison 5.68/10/2016Rate 2.948
Berging B5 Imperial IPA 7.510/13/2016Rate 3.271811
Berging B5 IPA 5.58/26/2016Rate 3.061517
Berging BB16 Oak_Aged_Bock 6.510/27/2016Rate 32
Berging Blond Lullo Bier 5.55/29/2017Rate 3.042
Berging Blondig 7.59/13/2015Rate 2.862
Berging Cereson 6.59/4/2015Rate 2.734
Berging De Toren van Goeree Weizen (alias) 5.65/5/2017
Berging Donker 9.11/19/2015Rate 3.171212
Berging Dubbele Ogen 6.05/17/2016Rate 2.954
Berging Dubbeltje 7.35/1/2014Rate 2.761
Berging Egte Eggert 7.511/20/2014Rate 2.971014
Berging Fat Russian Imperial Stout 9.512/12/2015Rate 3.12411
Berging Het Blauewe Huus IPA (alias) 5.55/5/2017
Berging Het Wapen van Ouddorp Blond (alias) 7.25/5/2017
Berging Honingin 7.77/11/2015Rate 2.941
Berging Hop Ale Pale 5.111/9/2014Rate 2.811
Berging I Pale You 6.09/12/2015Rate 2.92
Berging Joulupukki 9.51/17/2016Rate 3.27
Berging Kandij Tripel 7.93/19/2016Rate 34
Berging OAK1 8.56/12/2017Rate 0
Berging Oaki-Doki 118/19/2015Rate 2.961
Berging Orange White 5.26/13/2016Rate 2.964
Berging Proud to be Stout 5.711/20/2014Rate 3.092517
Berging Purmer Pale 5.79/4/2015Rate 2.961
Berging Raad en Polderhuis Tripel (alias) 7.85/5/2017
Berging S1 Russian Imperial_Stout 8.84/26/2017Rate 3.253
Berging Saazson 7.410/15/2014Rate 2.829
Berging Saison Plus Forte 10.310/15/2014Rate 2.86
Berging Splendid Blended 5.310/8/2014Rate 2.92615
Berging Uilskuiken 7.68/19/2016Rate 2.961
Berging Vanille Blond (alias) 7.26/13/2016
Berging Vuurtoren Westhoofd Saison (alias) 5.65/5/2017
Berging Walter White 5.16/8/2015Rate 2.87
Jubileumbier PINT Bière de Garde 7.511/28/2015Rate 2.675
Berging Koe Bok 6.510/25/2015Rate 2.643
Berging Kôôlbok 6.510/29/2015Rate 2.812
Stijl Amerikaanse IPA
Brewed by/for Brouwerij Stijl
6.53/27/2016Rate 2.972
Stijl Dennentoppen Blond
Brewed by/for Brouwerij Stijl
7.06/30/2016Rate 3.048
Stijl Dubbel
Brewed by/for Brouwerij Stijl
7.03/25/2016Rate 3.085
Stijl Russian Imperial Stout
Brewed by/for Brouwerij Stijl
103/27/2016Rate 3.295
Stijl Saison
Brewed by/for Brouwerij Stijl
6.03/27/2016Rate 2.891
Stijl Wheat Ale
Brewed by/for Brouwerij Stijl
5.53/24/2016Rate 2.882
Zeglis Eersteling
Brewed by/for Brouwerij Zeglis
6.27/22/2016Rate 3.385215
Zeglis Temeer
Brewed by/for Brouwerij Zeglis
8.511/27/2016Rate 3.483012
Zeglis Temeer 2 Vanillestout
Brewed by/for Brouwerij Zeglis
8.56/5/2017Rate 2.891
Zeglis Zinder
Brewed by/for Brouwerij Zeglis
6.511/27/2016Rate 3.335411
Crans Ciprianus
Brewed by/for Crans Craft Beer
7.05/3/2016Rate 3.364938

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