ABC Beers Haagse Harry Pogtah Bieah (Baltic Porter)
Brewed by/for ABC Beers
9.22/27/2015Rate 3.313830
Blond Weesje Blond (alias)
Brewed by/for ABC Beers
De Heks Deventer Pyromaan 6.52/12/2013Rate 3.268
Praght 'til the Bitter End 109/13/2013Rate 3.524917
Praght American IPA 6.04/24/2014Rate 3.274017
Praght Avondrood 8.011/13/2017Rate 2.961
Praght Back in Black 9.09/13/2013Rate 3.648930
Praght Bio Pio 6.29/15/2017Rate 2.792
Praght Bitter 6.37/28/2009Rate 2.913230
Praght Blackbox 8.010/28/2011Rate 3.478922
Praght Bock № 2 7.510/25/2015Rate 3.142
Praght Corpulente Bock 13.45/29/2010Rate 2.926
Praght Dubbel 7.05/20/2013Rate 3.184722
Praght Dubbelbock 8.011/1/2009Rate 2.951814
Praght Dunkelweizen 6.06/2/2016Rate 2.961
Praght Edelweiss 7.07/16/2013Rate 2.991016
Praght Extra Stout 8.07/16/2009Rate 3.417164
Praght Festina Lente 6.03/17/2015Rate 2.831
Praght Flevobock 6.510/12/2014Rate 3.167111
Praght Herfstbock 6.011/13/2010Rate 3.09439
Praght HipHop 6.311/6/2014Rate 0
Praght Imperial Maibock 10.14/22/2015Rate 31
Praght IPA USA 6.29/3/2015Rate 3.2309
Praght Kersenbier 6.06/3/2013Rate 2.713416
Praght Lentebock 7.07/28/2009Rate 3.034825
Praght Märzen 6.09/8/2013Rate 2.69159
Praght Meibok 7.25/9/2008Rate 2.85279
Praght Meibok K4 (alias) 6.53/22/2012
Praght Oerpilsener (alias) 5.61/4/2014
Praght P.I.P.A. 7.03/23/2018Rate 3.023
Praght Pilsener 5.611/8/2009Rate 2.986326
Praght Pionier 5.37/15/2009Rate 2.882629
Praght Pionier 2012- 6.010/27/2012Rate 3.013321
Praght Polderpionier 6.09/19/2015Rate 2.99359
Praght Red I.P.A. 6.04/3/2019Rate 2.891
Praght Roockbock 7.010/7/2010Rate 3.052410
Praght Rookbier 7.08/9/2013Rate 3.113235
Praght Saison Spéciale 7.04/2/2015Rate 2.873
Praght Scottish Ale 5.17/24/2015Rate 3.047
Praght Special Oaked 7.74/13/2010Rate 3.154020
Praght Stout Export 8.511/6/2014Rate 2.981311
Praght Super Zware Bock 114/19/2018Rate 2.921
Praght Tarwe Bock 7.010/28/2010Rate 2.89349
Praght the Blacklist 9.51/23/2015Rate 3.15
Praght Tripel 8.07/29/2009Rate 3.184235
Praght Tripel 50 jaar Dronten 8.03/26/2012Rate 2.944
Praght Tripel met Citra aromahop 8.312/19/2012Rate 2.831
Praght Triple X 8.011/6/2014Rate 2.982
Praght Triple-C 8.04/2/2015Rate 3.063
Praght Über Tripel 9.53/11/2011Rate 3.015
Praght Weißbier 5.73/27/2011Rate 2.94015
Praght Weissguy 5.68/8/2015Rate 2.876
Praght Weissneus 4.84/24/2014Rate 3.081
Praght Winterbier 8.01/26/2009Rate 3.264533
Praght Winter-Bock 8.01/10/2016Rate 3.093
Praght Witbier 5.35/9/2008Rate 2.893211
Praght Zomerblond 5.110/27/2012Rate 2.983815
Praght Zware Blonde 117/15/2009Rate 3.12536
Stout Weesje Extra Stout (alias) 8.03/31/2012
Wazig Weesje Tripel (alias) 8.03/31/2012
Diggelfjoer Suver Nuver
Brewed by/for Brouwerij Diggelfjoer
9.02/22/2017Rate 3.113115
Vat № 13 Dolle Tinus
Brewed by/for Brouwerij Vat № 13
8.45/27/2010Rate 3.133427
Vat № 13 Finsternis
Brewed by/for Brouwerij Vat № 13
7.21/23/2011Rate 3.282717
Bruut Gajes
Brewed by/for Bruut
8.05/16/2016Rate 3.478171
Bruut Lazarus
Brewed by/for Bruut
8.011/6/2014Rate 3.12916
Bruut Saison Brûût
Brewed by/for Bruut
5.55/2/2016Rate 3.426143
Bruut Soelaas
Brewed by/for Bruut
7.010/30/2015Rate 3.114823
Bruut Vogt
Brewed by/for Bruut
4.59/4/2016Rate 3.082032
Bruut Wazig
Brewed by/for Bruut
5.03/7/2018Rate 3.47721
Eem Amersfoort 750 Bitter (alias)
Brewed by/for Bruut
Eem Kerst 2010
Brewed by/for Eem Bier
7.52/16/2013Rate 2.831
Eem Kerst 2011
Brewed by/for Eem Bier
7.52/16/2013Rate 2.985
Eem Xtreem Tomahawk
Brewed by/for Eem Bier
7.09/1/2010Rate 3.314923
HollandsGoud Pils
Brewed by/for HollandsGoud
5.02/26/2011Rate 2.83
HollandsGoud Blond
Brewed by/for HollandsGoud
5.02/26/2013Rate 2.92615
HollandsGoud Modderwater
Brewed by/for HollandsGoud
8.02/26/2011Rate 2.981722
HollandsGoud Noorderblond
Brewed by/for HollandsGoud
112/26/2011Rate 3.183925
HollandsGoud WitGoud
Brewed by/for HollandsGoud
5.32/24/2013Rate 2.855
Waerdsepolderbier Blond
Brewed by/for HollandsGoud
5.31/31/2010Rate 2.761410
Waerdsepolderbier Tripel
Brewed by/for HollandsGoud
8.012/16/2009Rate 2.98
Nordman IPA
Brewed by/for Nordman Beers
6.05/17/2014Rate 3.324838
Phoenix Hooglands Dubbel Bock
Brewed by/for Phetradico Bieren
7.510/7/2012Rate 2.944
Phoenix Hooglands Herfstbock
Brewed by/for Phetradico Bieren
6.512/4/2013Rate 2.771
Phoenix Hooglands Lentebock
Brewed by/for Phetradico Bieren
7.54/18/2013Rate 3.014814
Phoenix Winter (2012-)
Brewed by/for Phetradico Bieren
7.012/26/2012Rate 3.27115
Phoenix Zomer Hooglands Hefeweizen
Brewed by/for Phetradico Bieren
7.08/22/2013Rate 2.93449

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