Bierfabrik Aethervox 4.95/28/2017Rate 2.896
Bierfabrik Belgisch Barrique 9.18/29/2016Rate 3.285
Bierfabrik Berlin #15-THLCCS 5.96/26/2015Rate 3.264
Bierfabrik Berlin / Spent Maple Walnut Stout 7.88/15/2014Rate 3.41943
Bierfabrik Berlin Cognac Porter 7.23/9/2018Rate 3.153
Bierfabrik Berlin Jasmine Tea Bock 6.89/20/2017Rate 2.981
Bierfabrik Berlin Malt Liquor 6.75/10/2018Rate 3.015
Bierfabrik Burgeramt Wartebier 5.13/8/2015Rate 3.115419
Bierfabrik Clear Alcohols Are For Rich Women On Diets 7.07/31/2017Rate 3.144
Bierfabrik Cold War 2.0 Sudden Break Thru at Checkpoint Charlie 8.65/26/2015Rate 3.181110
Bierfabrik Das ist kein Kölsch -7/31/2014Rate 2.763
Bierfabrik GlobAle 6.93/8/2015Rate 3.152610
Bierfabrik Gnaborretni 5.39/18/2016Rate 2.751
Bierfabrik Hell 5.05/17/2015Rate 2.998013
Bierfabrik Helles im Barrique 5.07/17/2017Rate 2.932
Bierfabrik Interrobang Helles 5.19/18/2016Rate 2.921
Bierfabrik Maple Walnut Stout Barrique 8.511/26/2016Rate 3.224
Bierfabrik Noir 6.59/18/2016Rate 0
Bierfabrik On the Spur of the Moment Bright Edition 5.011/5/2017Rate 3.415812
Bierfabrik On the Spur of the Moment Dark Edition 5.211/5/2017Rate 3.322615
Bierfabrik Oyster Stout 7.011/25/2017Rate 3.336
Bierfabrik Rummelsnuffs Kraftbock 105/1/2015Rate 3.294131
Bierfabrik Schluckspecht Pils 5.03/8/2015Rate 3.027321
Bierfabrik Secret Hops 6.06/12/2015Rate 3.046
Bierfabrik The Swanson Barrel Aged Smoked Bock 7.85/10/2017Rate 0
Bierfabrik The Swanson Rauchbock 6.65/17/2015Rate 3.589331
Bierfabrik/Jing-A Jasmintee-Bock 6.811/25/2015Rate 3.05479
Hopfenreich Braufest Bier 5.06/15/2015Rate 31
Rotbart Rotbier 5.410/9/2015Rate 2.74219
Bierfabrik Heimat
Brewed at Brauerei Karg
5.68/6/2014Rate 3.16841
Bierfabrik Pale Ale Schabrackentabier 6.17/21/2014Rate 3.254843
Bierfabrik Rotbier 5.52/12/2014Rate 2.846028
Bierfabrik Wedding Pale Ale
Brewed at Schoppe Bräu
5.211/9/2012Rate 3.051373
Ninkasi / Bierfabrik Berlin Black Witch 6.210/11/2014Rate 3.252

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