(Not In Production)
Client Brewer
Leopold Gattringer-Straße 55/4, Brunn am Gebirge, Austria 2345
Formerly a microbrewery, that after a move to bigger facilities proved to be unsuccessful due to technical problems as of December 2013 became temporarily a client brewer.
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Bierzauberei Aleysium 1852 (English Burton Ale) 10.212/9/2012Rate 3.539737
Bierzauberei Aleysium No. 1 5.410/5/2010Rate 2.992132
Bierzauberei Aleysium No. 2 6.110/6/2012Rate 3.112034
Bierzauberei Aleysium No. 3 (Red Alien Ale) 5.311/15/2012Rate 2.91379
Bierzauberei Aleysium No. 4 5.76/6/2014Rate 3.49015
Bierzauberei Aleysium No. 5 (Gose) 4.911/18/2012Rate 3.092142
Bierzauberei Aleysium No. 6 6.65/20/2014Rate 3.429323
Bierzauberei Austrian Pale Ale Lemondrop Edition -11/29/2015Rate 2.882
Bierzauberei Brunnsch 6.09/17/2010Rate 2.974615
Bierzauberei California IPA (alias) 6.410/6/2012
Bierzauberei Cascade Pils 5.99/11/2012Rate 3.228
Bierzauberei Chocolate Strawberry Oatmeal Imperial Stout 9.65/3/2013Rate 3.163
Bierzauberei Dunkles 5.79/16/2010Rate 2.831
Bierzauberei Espresso Amber Ale 6.011/11/2013Rate 2.831
Bierzauberei Helles - Austria Pale Ale (alias) 5.49/21/2010
Bierzauberei Helles Märzen 5.812/2/2014Rate 2.791
Bierzauberei Hexenritt 7.310/21/2015Rate 3.365140
Bierzauberei Hop-Burst IPA 6.811/23/2014Rate 2.994
Bierzauberei HopLA 2.84/24/2013Rate 2.724
Bierzauberei Houblon Plansch 5.311/29/2015Rate 2.972
Bierzauberei Letzter Sud 8.14/26/2015Rate 3.182
Bierzauberei Malz & More Weihnachtsbock 8.211/18/2012Rate 3.225
Bierzauberei Mango Ale -8/29/2013Rate 2.752
Bierzauberei Matador IPA 6.39/20/2010Rate 3.143
Bierzauberei Matador SBA (Sehr Bitteres Ale) 7.811/30/2012Rate 3.132013
Bierzauberei New Year Imperial Ale 2013 11.512/9/2012Rate 3.265
Bierzauberei New Year Imperial Ale 2014 10.512/6/2013Rate 3.65809
Bierzauberei Niklas Hefeweise 5.89/15/2010Rate 2.654
Bierzauberei Pacific Pale Ale 6.711/11/2013Rate 3.013
Bierzauberei Pale Ale mit Frischhopfen 6.611/24/2012Rate 2.81
Bierzauberei Perchtolsdorfer Turm Bier 5.94/2/2013Rate 2.761
Bierzauberei Powergose (alias) 6.511/29/2014
Bierzauberei Shadow Play 5.53/7/2015Rate 3.09259
Bierzauberei Sleep-Well Pale Ale 5.69/21/2010Rate 2.811
Bierzauberei Spekulatius Ale 6.911/18/2012Rate 2.755
Bierzauberei Triple Magnum Super Bitter Quassia Ale 6.54/24/2013Rate 2.572
Bierzauberei Zauberweisse 6.99/21/2010Rate 0
Wachauer Safranbier 5.01/8/2019Rate 2.851
Braumanufaktur Hertl / Bierzauberei Friede Freude Quittengose 5.53/1/2016Rate 3.398
Bierzauberei Herbst-Romanze -10/18/2015Rate 3.095

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