Big Elm 413 Farmhouse Ale 6.01/1/2013Rate 3.192716
Big Elm American Lager 5.09/3/2013Rate 3.225
Big Elm Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrel Aged IPA 7.03/2/2013Rate 2.941
Big Elm Dark Star 4.75/6/2014Rate 3.06669
Big Elm Dead of Winter 10.51/31/2014Rate 3.342012
Big Elm Fat Boy Double IPA 8.07/4/2014Rate 3.576125
Big Elm Gerry Dog Stout 6.51/5/2013Rate 3.345615
Big Elm God Save the Queen ESB 6.03/17/2014Rate 3.145
Big Elm Hop Pale Ale 5.02/22/2013Rate 2.893
Big Elm IPA 7.02/19/2013Rate 3.344824
Big Elm Lion’s Ale 5.39/3/2013Rate 3.273
Big Elm Oak Aged Gerry Dog Stout (Bourbon Barrels) 6.52/17/2013Rate 3.28
Big Elm Octobock 8.010/19/2013Rate 2.962
Big Elm Route 7 Rauchbier 4.72/17/2013Rate 3.023
Big Elm Saison Reve 5.02/5/2014Rate 2.94
Big Elm Sofa King Session Ipa 4.86/14/2015Rate 3.041
Big Elm Transformer IPL 5.52/15/2016Rate 3.286
Big Elm Wassaic Way 5.59/3/2013Rate 2.91
Big Elm XPA (Extra Pale Ale) 5.011/30/2013Rate 2.972

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