Big Horn Brewing Boise (The Ram)

Brew Pub
709 Park Blvd, Boise, Idaho, USA 83712-7715
Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

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Big Horn / Woodland Empire Mr. Turtlebee 9.58/13/2018Rate 3.213
Big Horn 71st Hazy Pale -1/30/2019Rate 3.022
Big Horn All Idaho S.M.A.S.H. 6.08/27/2015Rate 3.124
Big Horn Bannock Street Mai-Bock -6/5/2004Rate 3.075910
Big Horn Barefoot Wit (alias) 5.47/5/2008
Big Horn Black Widow Porter (Whiskey Barrel Aged) 5.256/23/2005Rate 2.911
Big Horn Boise ALS IPA -8/22/2019Rate 32
Big Horn Boise Brown 4.910/20/2019Rate 0
Big Horn Bottle Rocket Lager -7/28/2005Rate 2.726
Big Horn Bridge 6.84/3/2016Rate 2.932
Big Horn Bronco Berry Wheat 5.51/29/2017Rate 2.851
Big Horn Brujeria 7.010/11/2019Rate 31
Big Horn Burgdorf Witbier -8/4/2006Rate 2.772
Big Horn Cascadian Dark Lager 6.6511/10/2016Rate 3.13
Big Horn Cell Phone Slapper DIPA 7.254/5/2018Rate 3.153
Big Horn Chardonnay Barrel Aged Kolsch 4.57/20/2009Rate 3.082
Big Horn Cincopatas 5.55/14/2018Rate 3.063
Big Horn Citizen Steam -10/19/2008Rate 2.872
Big Horn CJ's Fresh Hop Pale 5.310/11/2016Rate 3.042
Big Horn Coconut Porter -6/24/2017Rate 3.041
Big Horn Dirty Blonde -7/2/2008Rate 2.741
Big Horn Dirty Euro 5.52/29/2004Rate 2.831
Big Horn Dubbel Barrel 7.752/5/2005Rate 2.837
Big Horn Exodus IPA (S.M.A.S.H.) 7.51/25/2015Rate 2.892
Big Horn Foothills Organic Pale Ale -11/7/2009Rate 2.81
Big Horn Full Curl 6.92/28/2019Rate 3.021
Big Horn Full Curl II 6.98/22/2019Rate 3.022
Big Horn Groundhog's Revenge 8.03/27/2015Rate 3.343
Big Horn Heard it Through The Hop Vine 5.69/30/2017Rate 3.162
Big Horn Idaho Blonde 4.511/10/2016Rate 3.063
Big Horn Imperial Winter Rye 7.512/27/2017Rate 3.142
Big Horn International Stout 8.02/22/2018Rate 3.223
Big Horn IPA 4 ALS 7.28/11/2017Rate 2.92
Big Horn Irish Mafia Stout 8.54/5/2018Rate 3.041
Big Horn Jeff Caves Pilsener -6/20/2007Rate 2.994
Big Horn King Vader ESB -6/5/2005Rate 2.841
Big Horn Kolsch -2/15/2003Rate 2.734
Big Horn Lochsa Lager 5.151/28/2008Rate 2.674
Big Horn Lost Reindeer -12/30/2003Rate 2.995
Big Horn Lost Reindeer Whiskey Winter Ale -4/6/2004Rate 2.872
Big Horn Meet Your Maker Bourbon Oak Old Ale 8.210/12/2017Rate 3.213
Big Horn Mellow Out Stout 6.511/10/2017Rate 3.052
Big Horn Mood Swing -5/17/2019Rate 3.061
Big Horn Mount Borah Belgian Ale -11/7/2009Rate 2.811
Big Horn Oak-Meal Stout 8.02/1/2018Rate 2.961
Big Horn Old Greenbelt Walker 8.06/12/2017Rate 3.122
Big Horn Orin's Oatmeal Stout 6.05/17/2017Rate 3.042
Big Horn Owyhee Oktoberfest 6.39/28/2017Rate 3.13
Big Horn Payette River Pils -1/14/2006Rate 2.413
Big Horn Pedal Power Pilsner 5.011/28/2018Rate 3.052
Big Horn Peregrine Pale Ale 4.73/29/2004Rate 2.893
Big Horn Prater Hater Hella Rockin Lager 5.011/10/2017Rate 2.981
Big Horn Put It On The List -6/30/2017Rate 2.961
Big Horn Raggedy Andy's Brown IPA 6.912/22/2015Rate 3.162
Big Horn Ram Ruckus Black IPA 6.751/29/2017Rate 3.061
Big Horn Ram"ing" Speed 8.05/27/2015Rate 31
Big Horn Rowdy Roddy's Strong Ale 8.03/26/2016Rate 3.061
Big Horn Rye Way 55 7.01/12/2017Rate 3.112
Big Horn S.O.U.L. IPA 6.88/22/2014Rate 2.791
Big Horn Sawtooth Stout -7/5/2008Rate 3.014
Big Horn Seven Devils Stout 6.510/29/2005Rate 2.933
Big Horn Snake Thumper Red Ale -5/22/2007Rate 2.842
Big Horn Solitary Heron -10/19/2008Rate 2.771
Big Horn Stibnite Brown Ale 4.2510/29/2005Rate 2.825
Big Horn Sweep Heavy Scotch Ale 7.53/26/2016Rate 3.243
Big Horn Taildragger IPA 6.28/28/2003Rate 3.446512
Big Horn The Bridge Is Down Brown 5.07/13/2016Rate 3.163
Big Horn Tres Amigos Tequila Aged Imperial IPA 128/22/2014Rate 3.678223
Big Horn West Coast IPA 7.010/11/2017Rate 2.961
Big Horn Whisky River Stout -1/14/2006Rate 3.113
Big Horn Zues Juice Fresh Hop 6.210/6/2014Rate 33

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