Big Shed Brewing Concern

Unit 13, 2 Brandwood Street, Royal Park, SA, Australia 5014
Open Wed 12-8pm
Thursday 12-9pm
Friday 12-10pm
Sat: 12-8pm
Sun 12-6pm

Associated place: Big Shed Brewing Concern
Ben Johnson & Dave Watts (Head Brewers) Todd Bettison, Luke Bain (Assistant Brewers)
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Big Shed / Doctor's Orders Dr Shedlove (2016) 9.09/11/2016Rate 3.565
Big Shed / Doctor's Orders Dr Shedlove (2017) 9.48/5/2017Rate 3.52349
Big Shed / Doctor's Orders Dr Shedlove (2018) 9.37/31/2018Rate 2.862
Big Shed Beery Ripe Porter 5.76/17/2016Rate 3.131
Big Shed Boozy Fruit 6.06/4/2018Rate 3.585011
Big Shed Brewing Concern / Hope Estate East Coast IPA 7.07/9/2017Rate 3.111
Big Shed Californicator West Coast IPA 7.54/18/2015Rate 3.538428
Big Shed Cherry Popper 8.54/10/2017Rate 2.941
Big Shed Cranberry Sour 4.03/5/2017Rate 0
Big Shed Dr Shedlove 2015 Vintage 10.57/25/2015Rate 3.193
Big Shed F* Yeah American Pale Ale 5.51/21/2015Rate 3.184317
Big Shed F* Yeah Fresh Hopped (2015) 5.86/25/2015Rate 3.061
Big Shed Frankenbrown 5.32/2/2015Rate 3.377319
Big Shed Golden Stout Time 5.45/30/2015Rate 3.769835
Big Shed Hefe's Robe Red Wheat 5.07/17/2018Rate 3.091
Big Shed Jetty Jumper 3.51/25/2016Rate 3.022
Big Shed Kol Schisel 4.24/27/2015Rate 2.82328
Big Shed Thai Green Curry 5.07/24/2017Rate 3.182
Big Shed The Hazing by Wattsy 6.51/28/2018Rate 3.13
Big Shed The Shirt Front 9.07/21/2018Rate 3.361
Birbeck's Beachy's Brew Oat Porter 4.81/28/2014Rate 3.164
Birbeck's Four Brothers Australian Pale Ale 5.010/7/2013Rate 3.015
Birbeck's Four Brothers IPA -11/7/2012Rate 3.294
Birbeck's Kooringa 6.05/28/2014Rate 2.831
Birbeck's Tart Shaped Box 6.95/28/2014Rate 2.971
Birbeck's The Captain Australian Mild Ale 2.94/4/2013Rate 3.047
Birbeck's The Merchant Colonial Pale Ale 7.26/24/2013Rate 2.6728
Mismatch Archie's Red Ale 5.010/10/2013Rate 3.177016
Mismatch Banoffee Pie Dessert Ale 7.05/23/2015Rate 3.463
Mismatch Cherry Sour Ale 5.28/18/2017Rate 3.041
Mismatch Chocolate Oatmeal Stout 5.68/4/2016Rate 3.524
Mismatch Chocolate Stout 5.67/11/2017Rate 3.086
Mismatch Dark Ale 5.55/21/2015Rate 0
Mismatch Evil Archie's Red Ale 6.664/17/2016Rate 3.539812
Mismatch Extra Pale Ale 5.83/25/2016Rate 3.36016
Mismatch Negroni IPA 7.06/18/2016Rate 3.15
Mismatch Rockmelon IPA 7.112/27/2016Rate 3.092
Mismatch Session Ale 4.09/11/2014Rate 3.142810
Mismatch Triple Chocolate Russian Imperial Stout 116/4/2016Rate 3.33
Mismatch Wattleseed Lager 4.511/28/2017Rate 2.961

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