Black Creek Historic Brewery

Brew Pub/Brewery
1000 Murray Ross Parkway, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3J 2P3
Associated place: Black Creek Historical Brewery
"NOTE: Ratings should be entered here only if the beer is the oak barrel version sampled at the Black Creek Brewery, or from a growler purchased at the Brewery. Black Creek beers purchased or sampled anywhere else, including those served on draught in the pub/restaurant next to the Black Creek Brewery, are brewed at Trafalgar and should be entered under the Trafalgar version of the beer."
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Black Creek American IPA -7/14/2010Rate 3.142
Black Creek Apricot Ale 5.06/4/2016Rate 2.88429
Black Creek Barrel Aged Spiced Pumpkin Ale 5.011/1/2009Rate 3.125711
Black Creek Benson's Strong Ale 6.011/26/2015Rate 2.9412
Black Creek Best Bitter 4.58/29/2015Rate 3.033
Black Creek Black IPA -6/29/2015Rate 3.021
Black Creek Bourbon Barrel Stout -11/2/2010Rate 3.056
Black Creek Brilliant 5.012/2/2014Rate 2.872
Black Creek Brown Ale (Barrel Fermented) 5.08/15/2017Rate 31
Black Creek Canadian Frontier 5.01/28/2018Rate 3.077323
Black Creek Dandelion Stout 5.56/1/2010Rate 2.875
Black Creek Dark Ale Barrel Aged 5.05/23/2009Rate 2.862
Black Creek Historic Pioneer Harvest Pumpkin Ale 5.09/30/2017Rate 34373
Black Creek India Pale Ale (Barrel Fermented) 5.07/24/2009Rate 3.124
Black Creek Marzen 5.05/2/2015Rate 3.063
Black Creek Pale Ale (Barrel Fermented) 5.08/17/2017Rate 2.961
Black Creek Porter Barrel Aged -8/26/2009Rate 2.941512
Black Creek Stout Barrel Aged -7/24/2009Rate 2.954
Black Creek Sweet Stout 4.511/8/2013Rate 2.811
Black Creek Canada 150 (alias) 5.05/25/2017
Black Creek Dark Ale 5.05/23/2009Rate 2.832010
Black Creek Dray Horse Ale 5.04/26/2012Rate 3.145745
Black Creek Irish Potato Stout 5.03/7/2014Rate 3.122737
Black Creek Lemon Balm 5.06/6/2014Rate 2.641821
Black Creek Montgomery's Courage 5.05/11/2013Rate 2.994036
Black Creek Pale Ale 5.07/24/2009Rate 3.399859
Black Creek Porter (Bottle) 5.010/22/2010Rate 3.194271
Black Creek Pumpkin Ale (alias) 5.09/1/2012
Black Creek Riel's Dream 5.011/23/2013Rate 2.956
Black Creek Rifleman's Ration 5.05/14/2012Rate 3.287258
Black Creek Stout 5.010/16/2011Rate 2.881048
Black Creek Victorias Empirical Ale 5.05/10/2014Rate 3.144123

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