Black Iris

Brewer rating: 90/100 340 ratings
1 Shipstone Street, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England NG7 6GJ
Commenced in 2012 at The Flowerpot, Derby. Moved to Nottingham in 2014.
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Black Iris / Brass Castle Precious Iced Tea 4.07/20/2016Rate 3.155
Black Iris / BrewDog Nottingham Perfect Storm 4.910/31/2015Rate 3.186814
Black Iris / BrewDog Nottingham Satanís Lollipop 5.510/19/2016Rate 3.59617
Black Iris / Hand Drawn Monkey Smoked Chilli Farmhouse IPA 5.47/18/2015Rate 2.941
Black Iris / Reubens Black Strap & Bourbon 10.57/16/2017Rate 0
Black Iris / True North Pink Fizz 4.57/17/2015Rate 0
Black Iris All Seeing IPA 5.06/19/2016Rate 3.25
Black Iris Amber Ale 3.81/21/2014Rate 2.81
Black Iris American Red 5.09/14/2013Rate 2.813
Black Iris American Stout 5.010/10/2014Rate 3.183
Black Iris Bajan Breakfast 4.04/2/2016Rate 3.35869
Black Iris Bellini Weisse 5.010/17/2015Rate 2.844
Black Iris Better the Devil You Know 5.52/28/2015Rate 3.314422
Black Iris Bitter 4.310/30/2011Rate 38
Black Iris Black Jack Mild 4.17/18/2012Rate 2.952
Black Iris Black Mountain 5.98/31/2013Rate 3.084
Black Iris Bleeding Heart 4.510/14/2014Rate 3.236516
Black Iris Buzz Kill 8.37/18/2016Rate 3.16
Black Iris Cascade 4.08/23/2014Rate 2.872
Black Iris Centennial 4.06/18/2014Rate 2.791
Black Iris Chai-pa 6.08/12/2013Rate 2.872
Black Iris Chinook Pale 3.68/31/2013Rate 2.822
Black Iris Cinnamon Dunkelweiss 4.92/3/2014Rate 2.831
Black Iris Citra 4.010/13/2014Rate 2.891
Black Iris Dark Angel 4.58/1/2016Rate 3.37
Black Iris Divine Elements 6.06/19/2017Rate 3.092
Black Iris Drop the Anchor 6.02/25/2015Rate 3.264
Black Iris Endless Summer 4.57/17/2015Rate 3.132611
Black Iris Great Eastern Transatlantic Porter 4.61/14/2012Rate 3.184111
Black Iris Homeward Bound 7.22/28/2015Rate 3.324513
Black Iris Intergalactic IPA 6.010/21/2011Rate 3.118
Black Iris IPA No. 4 5.56/4/2014Rate 2.92
Black Iris Iron Gate 5.510/30/2011Rate 3.418214
Black Iris Juniper Pale Ale 4.28/21/2015Rate 0
Black Iris Kilpin 3.81/6/2017Rate 3.092
Black Iris Krasny Red 5.36/10/2012Rate 3.068
Black Iris Lacerated Sky 9.08/23/2015Rate 3.337
Black Iris Lady Marmalade 4.92/12/2016Rate 3.14
Black Iris Lime Gentlemen Please 4.010/18/2015Rate 31
Black Iris Lost Art of Keeping Secrets 8.55/23/2017Rate 3.345
Black Iris Madagascan Porter 4.83/25/2016Rate 3.162
Black Iris Milk Stout 5.56/17/2014Rate 2.861
Black Iris Mogsís Pale 4.311/7/2016Rate 3.052
Black Iris Morning Glory 5.08/5/2016Rate 3.217
Black Iris Mothers Ruin 7.08/21/2015Rate 3.214
Black Iris Ngaru Nui 6.011/11/2016Rate 3.235
Black Iris NZ Lime Saison 4.012/13/2015Rate 3.041
Black Iris Oatmeal Pale 4.03/4/2017Rate 2.941
Black Iris Orange Saison 4.05/12/2015Rate 0
Black Iris Pale No.1 3.81/15/2014Rate 2.861
Black Iris Peregrine Pale 4.610/27/2011Rate 3.128512
Black Iris Pioneer 4.21/5/2017Rate 3.041
Black Iris Red Rooster 5.04/17/2016Rate 3.214
Black Iris Red Rye Ale 4.56/18/2014Rate 3.042
Black Iris Rise & Shine 5.27/2/2015Rate 3.344520
Black Iris Roots Radical 6.04/3/2017Rate 3.14
Black Iris Rye IPA 5.01/18/2014Rate 2.842
Black Iris Salford Arms Ale (alias) 4.34/26/2013
Black Iris Snake Eyes 3.82/2/2015Rate 3.289420
Black Iris Sorachi Saison 4.09/20/2015Rate 3.193
Black Iris Stab in the Dark 5.011/22/2015Rate 3.365910
Black Iris Stout No.3 5.08/31/2014Rate 2.791
Black Iris Strawbeery Milkshake 5.57/20/2016Rate 3.052
Black Iris Sunflower 4.02/14/2015Rate 3.021
Black Iris West Coast IPA 6.22/18/2013Rate 2.953
Black Iris White Fang 4.21/25/2013Rate 2.812
Black Iris Witbier 5.05/9/2013Rate 2.881

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