Blackrocks Brewery

Brewer rating: 98/100 362 ratings
424 N. Third Street, Marquette, Michigan, USA 49855
Mon-Wed: 4 to 11pm
Thu-Sun: 12 to 11 pm

Associated place: Blackrocks Brewery

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Blackrocks / Vierling Big DIPA 9.09/30/2013Rate 3.032
Blackrocks 16 Penny Pale Ale -7/24/2011Rate 3.041
Blackrocks 3 Speed IPA 7.810/20/2011Rate 2.861
Blackrocks 51K IPA 7.01/30/2011Rate 3.739767
Blackrocks 9 Hop Pale Ale -7/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks All Night IPA 6.710/20/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Althea Amber -8/6/2011Rate 3.041
Blackrocks Amazon Blonde 5.52/18/2011Rate 2.841
Blackrocks Artimisia Pale Ale -7/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Atomic Wheat -7/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Aughra Brown Porter 5.79/24/2011Rate 2.961
Blackrocks Autumn Ale 5.79/24/2011Rate 3.041
Blackrocks B3 Brown Ale 6.310/20/2011Rate 3.131
Blackrocks Bad Juju RyePA -9/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Bahadur English IPA -8/6/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Barbaric Yawp 8.55/8/2014Rate 3.558610
Blackrocks Barley Bear Brown 5.89/30/2013Rate 2.932
Blackrocks Barrel Aged Barbaric Yawp -8/31/2015Rate 3.061
Blackrocks Barrel Aged Gnomas 10.23/8/2017Rate 3.215
Blackrocks Battle Stag 8.85/14/2017Rate 3.182
Blackrocks Bean Juice Coffee Stout 6.38/13/2016Rate 3.231
Blackrocks Belgian Blonde 5.83/4/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Belgian IPA -7/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Ben’s Brown Ale -4/14/2011Rate 3.091
Blackrocks Best Plaid Shirt Scotch Ale 7.53/25/2011Rate 3.041
Blackrocks Big Red Ale -7/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Black Trout Stout 5.49/24/2011Rate 3.192
Blackrocks Blonje -7/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Blu’s Barrel Fest Whiskey Stout 9.29/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Bob-Omb Brown 5.710/20/2011Rate 3.091
Blackrocks Bramber -1/10/2011Rate 2.982
Blackrocks Breakfast Brown -3/25/2011Rate 3.261
Blackrocks Brittish Brown 5.17/24/2011Rate 3.171
Blackrocks Calypso Wheat -3/30/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Campfire Stout 5.710/20/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Cascadian Dark Ale -2/18/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Centennial Pale Ale -2/25/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks CentIPA -7/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Chipotle Stout -1/19/2011Rate 3.091
Blackrocks Chocolate Stout -7/24/2011Rate 31
Blackrocks Chubby Stout 5.510/20/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Chutte’s Cream Ale -1/30/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Cinnamon Ginger Amber -4/14/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Classic Pilsner 5.55/22/2015Rate 3.439815
Blackrocks Coconut Brown 6.01/10/2011Rate 3.439238
Blackrocks Corduroy Brown Ale 6.19/24/2011Rate 3.061
Blackrocks Creamsicle -7/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Cusp Session IPA 5.46/29/2016Rate 3.041
Blackrocks Dad’s Premium Lager 3.85/14/2017Rate 2.961
Blackrocks Dancy People Amber -7/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Deez Hops IPA -10/20/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Deja Vu Blonde 5.29/30/2013Rate 2.871
Blackrocks DHL (Dry-Hopped Lager) 6.08/13/2016Rate 3.171
Blackrocks Dirtfoot Brown Ale 5.59/24/2011Rate 3.131
Blackrocks Drunk Yoda Amber 5.01/19/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Dunkleweiss -7/24/2011Rate 2.831
Blackrocks Electric Squirrel Wheat -9/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Emery’s Option Gluten Free Ale -9/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks End of the Bar CDA -3/25/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks English Pale Ale 5.33/25/2011Rate 3.041
Blackrocks Equinoctial Ale -10/20/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Estilo 5.25/14/2017Rate 31
Blackrocks Farmer Honey Ale 4.510/20/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Fest Honey Lavender -9/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Fiddleisk Black Ale -7/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Fierce Invalids IPA -7/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Fly PA 5.09/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Flying Hippo 9.012/30/2013Rate 3.45479
Blackrocks Flying Sailor 7.24/10/2015Rate 3.518013
Blackrocks Fox Fire India Cream Ale 7.23/11/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Galactic Brain Slap IPA 7.69/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Gnomas 1011/8/2015Rate 3.454617
Blackrocks Golden Promise Saphir Smash -7/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Good Neighbor ESB 4.59/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Grand Rabbits 5.51/4/2014Rate 3.49730
Blackrocks GYR Douple IPA -3/30/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Hands On Blonde -10/20/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Hefeweisen -7/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Hefewit -2/4/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Hiawatha Wheat (2015) 5.08/3/2016Rate 0
Blackrocks Hiawatha Wheat (2016) 5.08/3/2016Rate 0
Blackrocks Honey Badger Double IPA -7/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Honey Lavender Wheat 5.22/11/2011Rate 3.359117
Blackrocks Human Powered IPA -7/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Imperial Ginger ESB -2/4/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Intense Owl Choco Stout -9/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks IP-Eh -7/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Irate Wood Chute Brown Ale 5.87/24/2011Rate 3.091
Blackrocks Irie Wheat -7/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Irish Red -3/15/2011Rate 3.091
Blackrocks Irish Stout -3/15/2011Rate 2.92
Blackrocks It’s All White -10/20/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks King Korn -9/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Koppenberg Wit -8/6/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Kruid Belgian Golden Ale -3/11/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks La Picante Amante -7/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Lager Rhythm 6.15/5/2017Rate 3.43
Blackrocks Late Night Pale Ale -9/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Lil’ Brown Ale 4.89/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Limey Surfer Amber 5.79/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Luck Dragon IPA 7.39/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Magic Nugget IPA -7/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Maillot Jaune Blonde -7/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Malta Porter -2/25/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Maple Porter -7/24/2011Rate 3.131
Blackrocks Masala Wheat 5.510/20/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Melko’s Musk 4.88/28/2015Rate 2.961
Blackrocks Michigan Pale Lager (MPL) 4.05/14/2017Rate 2.961
Blackrocks Mint Porter -1/30/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Mint Stout 6.01/5/2016Rate 3.496112
Blackrocks Misty Mountain Hop IPA -7/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Mondo Beardo 1010/25/2015Rate 3.041
Blackrocks MQT ESB 6.410/20/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Munich Fever -9/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Myeloka Pale Ale -8/6/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Nice Berries 9.610/20/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Nordskye Session IPA 4.88/28/2015Rate 3.468214
Blackrocks North Third Street Stout 6.02/3/2015Rate 3.284915
Blackrocks Northern English Brown -2/25/2011Rate 3.111
Blackrocks Northern Light -9/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks O2S Ale -9/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Oatmeal Stout -7/24/2011Rate 3.151
Blackrocks One Foot Hefeweizen 5.48/28/2015Rate 2.871
Blackrocks Pale Ale -1/19/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Peat Rock Scotch 7.08/13/2016Rate 3.021
Blackrocks Plaid Shirt Scotch Ale -7/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Plumbus Pale Ale 5.45/28/2017Rate 3.041
Blackrocks Potter’s Porter 6.01/30/2016Rate 3.367
Blackrocks Presque Ale 5.51/11/2011Rate 3.427
Blackrocks R-ESB 6.112/13/2016Rate 2.891
Blackrocks Raging Cellarman 9.18/8/2015Rate 3.151
Blackrocks Razzle Rabbits 5.56/29/2016Rate 2.981
Blackrocks Red Coat Ale -9/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Red IPA -7/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Red Light -1/10/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Reeve’s Tavern ESB -7/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Rising Sun Farmhouse Ale -10/20/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Rooibos Red Creme 6.05/28/2017Rate 31
Blackrocks Rooney’s Coffee Stout -4/14/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Royal Estate Ale -8/6/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Rye Stout -8/6/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Ryeness Ale -7/24/2011Rate 3.041
Blackrocks Saison Bruin 7.63/13/2013Rate 2.81
Blackrocks Sandbox Stout -7/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Santiam Wheat -9/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Saphir Wheat -3/4/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Scottish 80 Shilling -3/11/2011Rate 3.061
Blackrocks Seeds & Spores 6.09/30/2013Rate 2.841
Blackrocks Session IPA -4/14/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Silly Gizmo IPA 6.99/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Sissy Bar Ale -9/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Slick Stout -7/24/2011Rate 3.061
Blackrocks Something Blonde 5.98/13/2016Rate 2.891
Blackrocks Spiced Wheat -8/6/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Spring Ale -7/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Starman 5.611/24/2016Rate 3.56
Blackrocks Stash the Gumbo Rye -1/19/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Suffolk Pub Ale -2/25/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Sundown Blonde -9/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Sweet & Sour Ale -1/10/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Sweet Melissa Blonde -7/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks The Murray Project 9.26/29/2016Rate 3.78711
Blackrocks Thick Freakness Stout -9/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Three Wolf Moon IPA -9/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Topiac IPA 5.911/6/2015Rate 3.191
Blackrocks Two Good Fools Black IPA -8/6/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Unholy Cow Brown Ale 6.010/20/2011Rate 3.061
Blackrocks Upside Brown -7/24/2011Rate 3.111
Blackrocks Vanilla Cream -3/30/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Vanilla Stout -2/25/2011Rate 3.111
Blackrocks Warm Snow Milk Stout -10/20/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Wheat’s Up With That -9/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Wheepa Wheat IPA 6.49/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Wild Hop Harvest Ale -10/20/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Willie Got Smoked -2/18/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Willie O’Ree Black Ale 5.71/10/2011Rate 3.13
Blackrocks X-Hop Pale Ale -7/24/2011Rate 0
Blackrocks Yellow Dog Wit -8/6/2011Rate 2.981

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