Blacksmith Brewing Company

Brew Pub/Brewery
114 W Main Street, Stevensville, Montana, USA 59870
Sun through Thursday 2 pm to 8 pm
Fri & Sat 12 to 8 pm

Associated place: Blacksmith Brewing Company

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Blacksmith 4th Anniversary White Ale (alias) 8.03/21/2013
Blacksmith 606 V2.0 IPA 7.46/19/2014Rate 2.871
Blacksmith Backwoods Barley Wine 12.32/10/2009Rate 2.81
Blacksmith Baltic Porter 7.710/8/2014Rate 2.841
Blacksmith Belgian Brown 6.01/21/2013Rate 2.841
Blacksmith Belgian Golden Trippel 8.55/1/2011Rate 2.911
Blacksmith Bellows Coconut Brown 6.03/21/2013Rate 0
Blacksmith Biergarden Blonde 5.01/1/2016Rate 0
Blacksmith Black Friday Black IPA -1/6/2012Rate 0
Blacksmith Black Iron Malty IPA 6.06/4/2009Rate 0
Blacksmith Black Out Oatmeal Stout 8.03/3/2010Rate 3.064
Blacksmith Bohemian Bastard Pilsner 6.52/10/2014Rate 2.791
Blacksmith Bourbon Barrel Aged Porter 7.03/3/2010Rate 2.811
Blacksmith Bourbon Barrel Backwoods Barley Wine 12.39/17/2010Rate 0
Blacksmith Brass Knuckle Blonde 7.01/1/2016Rate 0
Blacksmith Brickhouse Blonde 5.02/10/2009Rate 2.817
Blacksmith Buddy Brau Pilsner 4.81/1/2016Rate 0
Blacksmith Caregivers Single Hop IPA 6.04/11/2011Rate 2.93
Blacksmith Cascade Single Hop IPA (alias) 6.21/29/2011
Blacksmith Chair 4 Single Hop IPA - Cascade 6.01/31/2011Rate 3.063
Blacksmith Chair 4 Single Hop IPA - Chinook 6.03/21/2013Rate 0
Blacksmith Chair 4 Single Hop IPA - Galaxy 6.01/6/2012Rate 2.841
Blacksmith Chair 4 Single Hop IPA - Mosaic 6.02/10/2014Rate 0
Blacksmith Chair 4 Single Hop IPA - Rakau 7.21/1/2016Rate 0
Blacksmith Chair 4 Single Hop IPA - Zythos 6.03/21/2013Rate 0
Blacksmith Chipotle Porter 7.012/10/2012Rate 2.932
Blacksmith Chocolate Porter 6.610/6/2015Rate 0
Blacksmith Coconut Porter -1/6/2012Rate 2.91
Blacksmith Coconut Stout 8.02/10/2014Rate 0
Blacksmith Crazy Train IPA 7.010/11/2013Rate 2.881
Blacksmith Creamery Ale 5.41/6/2012Rate 0
Blacksmith Creek Side 4.47/16/2018Rate 3.021
Blacksmith Custer's Pumpkin Ale -1/6/2012Rate 2.831
Blacksmith Cutthroat IPA 6.22/10/2009Rate 3.34111
Blacksmith Desmet Belgian Red 6.57/14/2017Rate 2.851
Blacksmith Drama Free Double IPA 8.02/10/2014Rate 2.91
Blacksmith Easy Company IPA 6.78/1/2013Rate 2.841
Blacksmith EKG IPA 7.010/6/2015Rate 2.961
Blacksmith El Blondé 5.02/10/2014Rate 0
Blacksmith Fresh Hop Ale -12/12/2011Rate 2.872
Blacksmith Gambrinus Lager 6.01/1/2016Rate 0
Blacksmith Golden Ale 5.58/1/2013Rate 2.811
Blacksmith Hangfire Winter Ale 8.51/20/2010Rate 2.931
Blacksmith Hop Bomber IPL 7.01/1/2016Rate 0
Blacksmith Hop Harvest IPA 7.19/23/2014Rate 2.922
Blacksmith Hop Logger IPL (alias) 7.110/11/2014
Blacksmith Hopper Hefeweizen 6.09/17/2010Rate 0
Blacksmith Imperial Red Ale 7.26/4/2009Rate 2.841
Blacksmith Kolsch 5.610/12/2014Rate 2.772
Blacksmith Local Fresh Hop Pale Ale 6.53/21/2013Rate 0
Blacksmith May Day Imperial IPA 9.08/4/2011Rate 2.861
Blacksmith Mike's White Ale 7.812/10/2012Rate 2.912
Blacksmith Montana Amber Ale 5.42/10/2009Rate 2.917
Blacksmith Oats Ma'Goats 5.12/10/2014Rate 0
Blacksmith Oktoberfest 5.89/23/2014Rate 2.82
Blacksmith Oktoberfest Dunkel Weisen 8.01/6/2012Rate 0
Blacksmith P.D. Pale Ale 6.06/30/2009Rate 2.986
Blacksmith Predator Doppelbock 7.31/1/2016Rate 0
Blacksmith Pulaski Porter 7.02/10/2009Rate 3.28
Blacksmith Russian Imperial Stout -1/6/2012Rate 0
Blacksmith Schwarzbier 5.63/5/2013Rate 2.831
Blacksmith Simcoe Pale Ale 6.29/17/2010Rate 0
Blacksmith Slow Spring IPA 6.03/21/2013Rate 0
Blacksmith Summer Fest Ale 5.03/21/2013Rate 0
Blacksmith Twisted Paddle Pale Ale 5.52/10/2009Rate 0
Blacksmith Vanilla Porter -5/10/2010Rate 0
Blacksmith White IPA 7.21/1/2016Rate 0

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