Blue Bee Brewery

Unit 29-30 Hoyland Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England S3 8AB
Founded in 2010. Beers initially brewed at Spire. Commenced brewing with own equipment in Spring 2011.
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Blue Bee / Abbeydale Getting Caught In The Rain 6.910/21/2016Rate 3.171
Blue Bee / Neepsend Brut IPA 7.46/6/2019Rate 2.921
Blue Bee / Neepsend Brut IPA Citra Enigma 7.43/22/2019Rate 3.091
Blue Bee / North Riding Little & Large 6.511/5/2015Rate 3.165
Blue Bee 5 O'Choc Shadow 5.011/6/2012Rate 3.013
Blue Bee Amarillo Gold 3.99/24/2015Rate 3.061
Blue Bee Amarillo IPA 5.01/31/2019Rate 3.041
Blue Bee American Five Hop Version 01 4.310/8/2014Rate 3.086
Blue Bee American Five Hop Version 06 4.39/10/2015Rate 3.072
Blue Bee American Five Hop Version 08 4.212/28/2015Rate 3.112
Blue Bee American Five Hop Version 12 4.37/20/2016Rate 3.061
Blue Bee American Five hop version 15 4.39/10/2016Rate 3.246
Blue Bee American Five Hop Version 16 4.311/10/2016Rate 2.941
Blue Bee American Five Hop Version 18 4.32/1/2017Rate 2.982
Blue Bee American Five Hop Version 19 4.34/9/2017Rate 2.982
Blue Bee American Five Hop Version 28 4.35/3/2018Rate 2.961
Blue Bee American Five Hop Version 29 4.36/7/2018Rate 3.041
Blue Bee American Five Hop Version 35 4.33/6/2019Rate 2.941
Blue Bee American Five Hop Version 36 4.33/28/2019Rate 3.022
Blue Bee American Five Hop Version 37 4.35/31/2019Rate 2.921
Blue Bee American Five Hop Version 39 4.310/4/2019Rate 3.092
Blue Bee American Five Hop Version 40 4.310/14/2019Rate 0
Blue Bee Attack of The Geek 6.010/2/2015Rate 3.073
Blue Bee Azacca Pale 3.93/21/2016Rate 3.022
Blue Bee Beat Too Much 5.59/5/2019Rate 2.981
Blue Bee Bees Knees Bitter 4.010/29/2011Rate 3.037516
Blue Bee Belma IPA 5.03/6/2015Rate 2.861
Blue Bee Blitzen 5.012/20/2014Rate 2.982
Blue Bee Born In The USA 6.09/29/2016Rate 3.092
Blue Bee Cascade IPA 5.34/11/2018Rate 2.891
Blue Bee Centennial 5.04/28/2017Rate 2.921
Blue Bee Chelan Blonde 3.912/16/2014Rate 0
Blue Bee Chimbo Hopping 4.01/18/2014Rate 2.741
Blue Bee Chinook IPA 5.07/6/2016Rate 3.122
Blue Bee Citra Fusion 4.410/10/2015Rate 3.041
Blue Bee Citra IPA 5.010/28/2017Rate 3.061
Blue Bee Citra Session 3.412/6/2018Rate 3.183
Blue Bee Cocoa Cabana 5.25/10/2018Rate 3.052
Blue Bee Coffee Milk Stout 5.410/29/2017Rate 3.112
Blue Bee Columbus IPA 5.04/2/2016Rate 3.092
Blue Bee Comet Pale 3.810/11/2015Rate 3.232
Blue Bee Complex 6.05/16/2015Rate 2.874
Blue Bee Cream Soda Pale 5.06/2/2019Rate 2.882
Blue Bee Dead Man's Town 6.212/14/2018Rate 31
Blue Bee Deutsch Blass 4.76/10/2017Rate 3.022
Blue Bee Devonshire Cat Stout (alias) 4.82/3/2014
Blue Bee Dinkus 5.211/12/2013Rate 2.791
Blue Bee Double Hop Comet Chinook 4.13/23/2017Rate 3.041
Blue Bee Ekuanot Pale 3.86/14/2018Rate 31
Blue Bee Ekuanot Red 4.710/26/2017Rate 3.041
Blue Bee Enigma Session 3.410/14/2018Rate 2.981
Blue Bee Equinox IPA 5.05/30/2016Rate 3.182
Blue Bee Eureka Pale Ale 4.72/1/2018Rate 3.162
Blue Bee For T' Thirst 4.110/15/2015Rate 3.091
Blue Bee Galaxy IPA 6.011/9/2014Rate 2.952
Blue Bee Galaxy Pale 4.15/14/2016Rate 0
Blue Bee Geek Frontier 4.47/7/2017Rate 3.041
Blue Bee Geek Strikes Back 5.44/26/2015Rate 2.961
Blue Bee Ginger Beer 4.88/15/2015Rate 3.22739
Blue Bee Golden Equinox 3.93/3/2016Rate 3.041
Blue Bee HBC 431 4.710/3/2017Rate 2.981
Blue Bee Hillfoot Best Bitter 4.03/23/2015Rate 2.994913
Blue Bee Huell Melon IPA 5.09/10/2016Rate 2.981
Blue Bee Inhov the Black 7.06/28/2014Rate 3.032
Blue Bee Integer Pale Ale 4.04/6/2015Rate 3.282
Blue Bee Into The Void 6.012/8/2014Rate 3.418
Blue Bee Jenkinson's Juice 5.06/19/2016Rate 3.131
Blue Bee Jester Pale 3.810/9/2018Rate 2.921
Blue Bee Kikorangi Red 4.510/17/2014Rate 0
Blue Bee Land of the Long White Cloud 3.63/23/2017Rate 3.042
Blue Bee Light Blue 3.68/31/2012Rate 2.841
Blue Bee Lustin' For Stout 4.810/28/2011Rate 3.34937
Blue Bee Mango Milkshake Pale 4.810/14/2018Rate 2.891
Blue Bee Mango Number Five 5.04/5/2016Rate 31
Blue Bee Moonbeams 4.06/4/2011Rate 2.81
Blue Bee Mosaic Brut IPA - Ekuanot Cryo Edition 7.49/5/2019Rate 3.041
Blue Bee Motueka Pale 3.91/28/2016Rate 31
Blue Bee Must be Magnetism 4.36/1/2013Rate 2.811
Blue Bee Natural 3.51/15/2015Rate 2.841
Blue Bee Nectar Pale 4.09/11/2011Rate 3.118315
Blue Bee Neepsend Lane 4.91/11/2013Rate 2.741
Blue Bee Nelson Sauvin Pale 3.67/7/2017Rate 3.072
Blue Bee NYCTO Black IPA 6.09/27/2014Rate 3.27269
Blue Bee Nytco Black 6.010/17/2014Rate 0
Blue Bee NZPA 4.79/18/2015Rate 2.982
Blue Bee Oceanic Red 4.73/17/2016Rate 3.142
Blue Bee Oh Good Pale 3.83/25/2016Rate 2.932
Blue Bee Peach Milkshake Pale 4.812/13/2018Rate 3.092
Blue Bee Pitt Street Red 4.312/20/2018Rate 2.891
Blue Bee pUnKtuation # 1: () Parentheses 4.21/18/2014Rate 0
Blue Bee pUnKtuation # 2: ! Shriek 4.41/18/2014Rate 0
Blue Bee pUnKtuation # 3: & Ampersand 4.61/18/2014Rate 0
Blue Bee pUnKtuation # 4: # Octothorpe 4.81/18/2014Rate 0
Blue Bee pUnKtuation # 5: ¶ Pilcrow 5.01/18/2014Rate 0
Blue Bee pUnKtuation # 6: *** Dinkus 5.21/18/2014Rate 0
Blue Bee pUnKtuation # 7: ⁄ Solidus 5.41/18/2014Rate 2.852
Blue Bee Quad Hop Comet, Jester, Mandarina, Blanc 4.04/1/2019Rate 31
Blue Bee Rakau IPA 5.03/20/2016Rate 2.961
Blue Bee Rakaueka 4.55/16/2019Rate 2.981
Blue Bee Real 4.75/16/2015Rate 0
Blue Bee Red Rye IPA Centennial 6.03/29/2015Rate 2.91
Blue Bee Red, White and Blue 5.06/4/2011Rate 2.973
Blue Bee Reet Aussie Pale 4.012/12/2014Rate 2.841
Blue Bee Reet Pale 4.09/25/2014Rate 3.16920
Blue Bee Revenge Of The Geek 4.512/10/2015Rate 2.921
Blue Bee Reyt Blonde 4.06/1/2019Rate 3.122
Blue Bee Rogue Geek 4.72/16/2017Rate 3.164
Blue Bee Rubee 5.010/21/2015Rate 0
Blue Bee Rugbee Rugbee Rugbee 4.810/28/2011Rate 2.81
Blue Bee Search For Geek 3.710/23/2016Rate 3.072
Blue Bee Shake Rattle and Roll 4.510/21/2012Rate 2.852
Blue Bee Sheffield Glitterati Mash Up 4.510/5/2012Rate 2.861
Blue Bee Simcoe IPA 5.010/9/2014Rate 3.063
Blue Bee So Craft It's Cask 9.011/26/2014Rate 0
Blue Bee Son of a Peach 5.25/5/2017Rate 3.061
Blue Bee Sorachi IPA 5.010/17/2014Rate 0
Blue Bee Space Invaders 4.79/19/2017Rate 3.041
Blue Bee Summit IPA 5.06/13/2018Rate 3.061
Blue Bee Tamagotchi 3.73/30/2017Rate 3.021
Blue Bee Tangled Up IPA 6.06/1/2011Rate 3.238
Blue Bee Techmophobeer 4.011/25/2011Rate 2.861
Blue Bee Tempest Stout 4.86/17/2015Rate 3.376220
Blue Bee The Last Geek 6.51/4/2018Rate 3.091
Blue Bee The Red Comet 4.85/10/2016Rate 3.164
Blue Bee Tia Maria Stout 5.711/3/2017Rate 3.041
Blue Bee Triple Hop Citra Mosaic Ekuanot 4.31/11/2018Rate 3.196
Blue Bee Turned Out Mild 3.76/17/2012Rate 2.881
Blue Bee Waimea IPA 5.012/2/2017Rate 2.981
Blue Bee Why Am I Here? 3.710/26/2018Rate 3.042
Blue Bee Worm Catcher 4.010/21/2012Rate 2.822
Regather Pale - Willamette
Brewed by/for Regather Brewery
3.910/26/2017Rate 2.941

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