Blue Cat A.K.A. Pilsner -7/8/2000Rate 0
Blue Cat Abbey... Something 8.59/25/2010Rate 2.741
Blue Cat Anniversary Ale 6.22/13/2004Rate 3.014
Blue Cat Arkham Stout 6.11/5/2004Rate 2.98129
Blue Cat Audit Ale, C.P.A. 5.13/21/2005Rate 3.023
Blue Cat Audreys Brown Ale -7/8/2000Rate 2.832
Blue Cat Befuddled Brewer's Middle-Aged English Ale 6.55/10/2018Rate 2.941
Blue Cat Belgian Blonde 7.58/19/2008Rate 2.982
Blue Cat Big Bad Dog Olde English Ale 6.53/23/2002Rate 3.192933
Blue Cat Black Zemon 6.08/9/2011Rate 3.354
Blue Cat Blue Bastard Baltic Porter 6.68/9/2014Rate 0
Blue Cat Blueberry Blonde -4/27/2005Rate 0
Blue Cat Bowfish Imperial Stout 7.59/29/2003Rate 3.584214
Blue Cat Broadway Honey Ale -3/21/2005Rate 0
Blue Cat Cannonball Replica Ale 6.14/19/2007Rate 2.892
Blue Cat Classic Cranberry Ale 5.111/24/2003Rate 2.824
Blue Cat Classic Czech Pilsner -9/29/2003Rate 2.961
Blue Cat Cocoa Porter -3/22/2006Rate 2.912
Blue Cat Coriander & Orange 5.67/8/2000Rate 2.97498
Blue Cat Count Magnus Belgian Dark Strong Ale 1012/6/2006Rate 3.23429
Blue Cat Crescent Moon ESB 5.77/8/2000Rate 2.753
Blue Cat Dr. Caligaries Weiss Dopplebock 8.55/8/2011Rate 2.81
Blue Cat Eleanor IPA 9.08/10/2016Rate 0
Blue Cat Extra Special Pale Ale -4/27/2005Rate 0
Blue Cat Finnegans Irish Stout 6.25/2/2004Rate 3.36518
Blue Cat Georges Cherry Ale 5.22/14/2007Rate 2.731
Blue Cat Guatemalan Coffee Stout -1/19/2003Rate 3.394
Blue Cat Gunther Bock -11/24/2003Rate 3.131
Blue Cat Hefeweizen 6.05/13/2006Rate 3.061
Blue Cat Honeybee Honey Ale -3/21/2005Rate 0
Blue Cat Howling Man Imperial Pale Ale 9.69/19/2005Rate 3.035
Blue Cat Ichabods Pumpkin Ale 5.012/16/2003Rate 2.736
Blue Cat Illinois Common Replicale -9/29/2003Rate 2.792
Blue Cat Mad Hungarian Chili Ale 5.04/27/2005Rate 2.953
Blue Cat Mallard Ale -7/8/2000Rate 0
Blue Cat Marley's Blackstrap Stout 5.61/17/2009Rate 2.662
Blue Cat Mississippi Mocha Coffee Stout 5.68/19/2008Rate 3.345412
Blue Cat Mocha Madness Coffee Stout -10/3/2006Rate 3.192
Blue Cat Munich Helles German Lager -1/19/2003Rate 0
Blue Cat Off the Rail Pale Ale 5.77/8/2000Rate 3.148019
Blue Cat Phil American Pale Ale 6.06/2/2012Rate 2.861
Blue Cat Porter 5.37/8/2000Rate 3.052
Blue Cat Quad City Blonde -9/3/2004Rate 2.621
Blue Cat R.I. Rye -5/8/2011Rate 2.712
Blue Cat Rambling Raspberry 5.17/8/2000Rate 2.792
Blue Cat Red Toad Amber Ale 5.77/8/2000Rate 2.896
Blue Cat ReplicAle Imperial IPA -7/31/2005Rate 3.083
Blue Cat River Back Jack -7/8/2000Rate 2.815
Blue Cat Rock Islander Export Lager -4/27/2005Rate 0
Blue Cat Root Of All Evil 8.38/3/2015Rate 0
Blue Cat Saison de Quatre Ville 8.310/3/2006Rate 3.245
Blue Cat Samurai Saison 8.312/29/2014Rate 0
Blue Cat Scottish Terrier 7.312/16/2003Rate 3.097
Blue Cat Shoggoths Old Peculiar -10/31/2004Rate 2.981
Blue Cat Summer Daze 5.58/3/2015Rate 0
Blue Cat Summerfest Maibock -4/27/2005Rate 0
Blue Cat Tucks Tenacious Trippel 109/3/2004Rate 3.224512
Blue Cat Wee Bit Scotch Ale -7/8/2000Rate 0
Blue Cat Weissen Bock -4/27/2005Rate 0
Blue Cat Whistlers Pils 5.09/6/2005Rate 2.973
Blue Cat Wigged Pig Wheat 5.07/8/2000Rate 2.813416
Blue Cat Winter Ale 7.61/25/2007Rate 2.941
Blue Cat Wood Aged Black Zemon -11/13/2011Rate 2.974

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