Blue Pants / Straight To Ale / Yellowhammer Liberation #1: Wee Heavy 1010/6/2012Rate 3.158
Blue Pants 5th Anniversary Wet Hop Triple IPA 1110/4/2015Rate 3.375
Blue Pants Alalambic Cantaloupe 5.51/14/2016Rate 3.052
Blue Pants Alalambic Grape 5.51/9/2016Rate 2.921
Blue Pants Alalambic Peche 5.511/1/2015Rate 3.243
Blue Pants Alalambic Plum 5.02/1/2017Rate 3.131
Blue Pants Ally's Juice Box 5.07/20/2018Rate 3.111
Blue Pants Aly's Apple Ale 4.810/9/2018Rate 2.831
Blue Pants Amber Ale 5.010/4/2015Rate 3.167010
Blue Pants Amber Waders of Grain 5.02/13/2013Rate 3.078822
Blue Pants American Strong Ale 9.02/6/2018Rate 3.061
Blue Pants American Wheat 5.07/11/2014Rate 2.881
Blue Pants Barley Wine - Cabernet 13.57/11/2014Rate 2.761
Blue Pants Barley Wine - Oak Barrel 13.57/11/2014Rate 2.761
Blue Pants Barrel Aged Belgian Dark Strong Ale 138/28/2018Rate 3.211
Blue Pants Belgian Dark Strong 9.07/11/2014Rate 3.033
Blue Pants Berliner Weisse 3.51/23/2015Rate 2.723
Blue Pants Big & Tall #1: Barrel Aged Wee Heavy Ale 132/11/2013Rate 3.446820
Blue Pants Big & Tall #2: Barrel Aged Belgian Red 9.09/22/2013Rate 3.167111
Blue Pants Big & Tall #3: Barrel Aged English Barleywine 138/8/2014Rate 3.274
Blue Pants Black Magic IPA 6.611/28/2018Rate 3.091
Blue Pants Black Saison 5.08/6/2014Rate 2.862
Blue Pants Blackberry Saison 6.08/25/2018Rate 3.041
Blue Pants Blackberry Strong Ale 9.04/24/2018Rate 3.061
Blue Pants Blonde Bretty 5.512/26/2017Rate 0
Blue Pants Bock 5.09/11/2018Rate 3.061
Blue Pants Bourbon Aged Coffee Stout 113/21/2013Rate 2.911
Blue Pants Bourbon Aged Tuxedo 8.53/21/2013Rate 2.811
Blue Pants Bourbon Barrel Pinstripe Stout 9.512/30/2013Rate 3.238
Blue Pants Bourbon Barrel Wee Heavy 132/19/2018Rate 3.041
Blue Pants Braggot 6.611/28/2018Rate 2.961
Blue Pants Breeches ESB 5.03/12/2012Rate 3.024210
Blue Pants Brettanomyces Fermented Blonde 6.51/2/2017Rate 3.262
Blue Pants Brettanomyces Fermented IPA 6.55/1/2016Rate 3.366
Blue Pants Brettanomyces Fermented Pinstripe 8.05/1/2016Rate 3.135
Blue Pants Brut Pale Ale 5.310/23/2018Rate 3.052
Blue Pants Cantaloupe Berliner Weisse 4.711/6/2018Rate 2.961
Blue Pants Cantalupulin 4.78/14/2018Rate 2.941
Blue Pants Caramel Apple Pinstripe 8.010/31/2017Rate 3.171
Blue Pants Carpenter Pale Ale 5.55/14/2011Rate 2.933
Blue Pants Chocolate Covered Cherry Pinstripe Stout 8.01/3/2017Rate 3.061
Blue Pants Chocolate Milk Stout 7.011/6/2018Rate 3.061
Blue Pants Chocolate Oatmeal Porter 6.011/16/2014Rate 3.498631
Blue Pants Coconut Porter 6.011/7/2017Rate 3.111
Blue Pants Coffee & Milk Pinstripe Stout 8.02/12/2016Rate 3.418
Blue Pants Corduroy Rye IPA 7.03/18/2011Rate 3.142910
Blue Pants Cranberry Sour 4.612/26/2017Rate 3.021
Blue Pants Cream Ale 5.19/29/2015Rate 3.065
Blue Pants Dortmunder Adambier 12.77/14/2015Rate 3.537
Blue Pants Double Cord Double IPA 11.55/14/2011Rate 0
Blue Pants Double Stuff Pinstripe Stout 8.06/5/2015Rate 3.357
Blue Pants Dreamweaver Cucumber Honey Wheat 4.55/23/2017Rate 2.961
Blue Pants Dry Hop Sour 5.56/26/2018Rate 32
Blue Pants Dry-Hopped Pale Ale 6.07/12/2015Rate 3.184312
Blue Pants Dry-Hopped Sour - Citra 5.510/2/2016Rate 3.266
Blue Pants Dry-Hopped Sour - Eureka 5.59/12/2017Rate 3.183
Blue Pants English Mild 4.910/24/2017Rate 3.021
Blue Pants English Pub Ale 5.07/20/2018Rate 3.131
Blue Pants Experimental Hop Wheat IPA 6.99/25/2018Rate 3.111
Blue Pants Fall Festbier 6.011/4/2015Rate 3.27
Blue Pants Fos-light 5.012/26/2017Rate 31
Blue Pants German Style Pilsener (alias) 6.02/18/2015
Blue Pants Gose 5.06/24/2016Rate 3.298
Blue Pants Gose - Pineapple and Jalapeño 5.56/9/2017Rate 3.021
Blue Pants Grapefruit IPA 7.612/26/2017Rate 3.111
Blue Pants Habanero Gose 5.56/26/2018Rate 2.981
Blue Pants Hazy Pale Ale 5.37/3/2018Rate 2.981
Blue Pants Hefeweizen 5.55/7/2016Rate 3.188310
Blue Pants Highwater Hoppy Tripel 105/14/2011Rate 3.133828
Blue Pants Hop Bursted IPA 6.93/24/2015Rate 3.45619
Blue Pants Hopfenweiss 4.011/21/2017Rate 3.021
Blue Pants Hopfeweizen 7.03/21/2013Rate 2.681
Blue Pants Hot Sauce Pinstripe 8.02/1/2017Rate 2.981
Blue Pants Imperial IPA 8.62/7/2017Rate 3.184
Blue Pants Imperial Pils 8.04/28/2016Rate 3.165
Blue Pants Imperial Stout 13.59/29/2015Rate 3.34
Blue Pants India Pale Lager 6.02/25/2016Rate 3.091
Blue Pants Kara's Apple Ale 5.01/22/2016Rate 3.061
Blue Pants Kettle Sour with Peaches 6.08/14/2018Rate 2.961
Blue Pants Knickerbocker Red 7.07/19/2010Rate 34531
Blue Pants Kölsch 5.010/29/2013Rate 2.887
Blue Pants Lederhosen Dunkelweizen 5.05/12/2011Rate 2.83
Blue Pants Lemon Ginger Weiss 4.44/24/2018Rate 31
Blue Pants Lil' Weedy 4.58/31/2016Rate 2.823
Blue Pants Local Harvest 6.02/4/2015Rate 2.81
Blue Pants Mango Gose 5.56/26/2018Rate 3.041
Blue Pants Mango Pinstripe Stout 8.011/16/2016Rate 3.111
Blue Pants Maple Lager 6.010/10/2017Rate 3.151
Blue Pants Margarita Gose 5.57/24/2018Rate 2.791
Blue Pants Midnight Gose 5.011/16/2016Rate 3.212
Blue Pants Nitro Nibs 6.04/24/2018Rate 3.091
Blue Pants Nothing But The Kilt 5.08/25/2015Rate 2.961
Blue Pants Nutella Pinstripe 8.01/2/2017Rate 3.021
Blue Pants Oak Aged Porter 6.03/6/2018Rate 3.091
Blue Pants Oaked Pinstripe Stout 8.05/19/2012Rate 3.122
Blue Pants Oktoberfest 6.09/22/2013Rate 3.035517
Blue Pants Patio Hopped Oktoberfest 6.010/2/2018Rate 3.061
Blue Pants Peach IPA 7.03/27/2015Rate 2.871
Blue Pants Pils 5.610/4/2015Rate 3.389726
Blue Pants Pineapple Mango NEIPA 6.02/27/2018Rate 3.061
Blue Pants Pinstripe Candy Bar Stout 8.06/29/2015Rate 3.526317
Blue Pants Pinstripe Lite 5.03/1/2016Rate 3.111
Blue Pants Pinstripe Peanut Butter 8.04/13/2015Rate 3.344018
Blue Pants Pinstripe Pecan Pie 8.01/22/2016Rate 3.061
Blue Pants Pinstripe Stout 8.012/4/2010Rate 3.434740
Blue Pants Piper & Leaf Pinstripe 8.05/23/2017Rate 3.212
Blue Pants Prickly Pear Berliner Weisse 4.69/18/2018Rate 3.021
Blue Pants Pumpkin Chai Pinstripe Stout 8.010/16/2018Rate 3.091
Blue Pants Pumpkin Spice Latte Pinstripe Stout 8.09/29/2015Rate 3.295
Blue Pants Purple Drank 4.510/9/2018Rate 31
Blue Pants Raspberry Sour 5.312/22/2017Rate 2.981
Blue Pants Rauchbier 5.09/5/2014Rate 3.032
Blue Pants Saison 6.02/7/2017Rate 31
Blue Pants Salted Chocolate Pinstripe 8.01/2/2017Rate 2.941
Blue Pants Sans-Culottes Saison 6.05/14/2011Rate 2.932
Blue Pants Session IPA 4.53/25/2015Rate 2.811
Blue Pants Shorts Schwarzbier 5.01/7/2014Rate 3.286
Blue Pants Simcoe Imperial IPA 8.710/23/2018Rate 31
Blue Pants Single Hop Pale Ale - Denali 5.68/15/2017Rate 3.111
Blue Pants Slip Rose Strawberry Saison 6.55/19/2012Rate 3.253539
Blue Pants Small Batch Hop Project #1 6.58/10/2013Rate 2.811
Blue Pants Small Batch Hop Project #2 6.010/29/2013Rate 2.791
Blue Pants Sour Cherry Berliner Weisse 4.47/24/2018Rate 3.021
Blue Pants Spare Pair Pale Ale 6.03/9/2013Rate 2.74625
Blue Pants Super Chili IPA 6.88/27/2018Rate 2.941
Blue Pants Super Hoppy Pinstripe 8.012/14/2016Rate 3.162
Blue Pants Super Sour 4.51/23/2018Rate 3.091
Blue Pants Supercool Double IPA 8.75/23/2017Rate 3.268
Blue Pants Tangorang! IPA 6.52/13/2018Rate 3.112
Blue Pants Triple Dry Hopped IPA 7.311/6/2018Rate 3.041
Blue Pants Tuxedo Black IPA 7.05/19/2012Rate 3.181329
Blue Pants Vanilla Pinstripe 8.02/1/2017Rate 3.061
Blue Pants Watermelon Berliner Weisse 4.79/4/2018Rate 31
Blue Pants Watermelon Gose 5.57/31/2018Rate 2.961
Blue Pants Weedy's Double IPA 8.75/4/2013Rate 3.555619
Blue Pants Wet Hopped Amber 5.510/12/2016Rate 3.153
Blue Pants Wheat with Peach 5.255/28/2015Rate 3.212917
Blue Pants Witbier 5.04/1/2015Rate 2.81
Blue Pants Workman 5.02/13/2013Rate 2.993631
Goldcrest 51 Beer 4.92/26/2017Rate 3.053
Goldcrest Premium Bock 5.32/26/2017Rate 0

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