Blue Point / Elysian Pearl of Weizdom 6.010/27/2018Rate 3.021
Blue Point 10th Anniversary IPA -6/27/2009Rate 3.437627
Blue Point American Pale Ale 5.511/15/2015Rate 3.346713
Blue Point Armchair Nitro Stout 4.44/15/2015Rate 3.33749
Blue Point Ashley's 30th Anniversary Imperial Red 9.01/19/2014Rate 34
Blue Point Barrel Aged Coconut Stout 10.14/27/2018Rate 3.151
Blue Point Beach Plum Gose 4.17/26/2017Rate 3.172615
Blue Point Belgian Style 8.06/25/2004Rate 2.585
Blue Point Blueberry Ale 4.66/23/2004Rate 3.0352374
Blue Point Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout with Sour Cherries 1211/17/2017Rate 3.162
Blue Point Bourbon Barrel-Aged Rasta Far Rye Ale 5.55/3/2009Rate 3.045
Blue Point Brown Beaver Pilsner 7.011/18/2010Rate 2.53499
Blue Point Bruin Bitter 4.83/29/2009Rate 3.024
Blue Point Citrus Plunge IPA 6.85/12/2017Rate 3.142222
Blue Point Coconator 7.511/12/2018Rate 3.042410
Blue Point Coconut Stout 9.54/27/2018Rate 3.262
Blue Point Croxley's 20th Anniversary Red Ale 7.09/19/2013Rate 2.81
Blue Point Delayed Pilsener 5.79/15/2017Rate 3.042
Blue Point Double Blonde Ale 7.45/18/2003Rate 3.171640
Blue Point Double Pilsner 6.55/16/2009Rate 3.047619
Blue Point Dunkelweizen -1/9/2009Rate 3.017
Blue Point Entitlement Porter 5.011/8/2012Rate 3.184210
Blue Point Extra Special Bitter 5.06/1/2003Rate 3.529941
Blue Point Five Old Bastards 111/28/2006Rate 3.354
Blue Point Golden Ale 4.3810/19/2006Rate 2.68
Blue Point Hazy Bastard 8.07/2/2017Rate 3.385315
Blue Point Heal the Harbors 5.612/13/2018Rate 3.111
Blue Point Hefeweizen 4.6412/22/2001Rate 3.218
Blue Point Honey Robber 5.52/10/2017Rate 2.934331
Blue Point Hop & Humid DIPA 8.07/1/2018Rate 3.021
Blue Point Hoptical Illusion 6.89/17/2004Rate 3.4264945
Blue Point Hoptical Illusion - Bourbon 6.210/29/2006Rate 3.192
Blue Point Imperial Stout 8.85/10/2005Rate 3.412417
Blue Point IPA (alias) -7/23/2004
Blue Point Lessing's Local Blonde -8/17/2010Rate 2.712
Blue Point Lessings Local -11/28/2009Rate 2.966
Blue Point Little Mo 5.212/16/2013Rate 2.881
Blue Point Macho Muchacho 5.55/29/2017Rate 3.159210
Blue Point Mad Sea'd 4.68/13/2018Rate 2.834
Blue Point Mocha Pumpkin -9/19/2013Rate 2.841
Blue Point Mosaic Session IPA 4.86/27/2013Rate 3.474132
Blue Point Mother Pumpkin Ale 5.59/15/2017Rate 2.993
Blue Point New York Oyster Stout 5.511/20/2015Rate 3.478210
Blue Point No Apologies Imperial IPA 7.81/28/2007Rate 3.5659191
Blue Point NY Pinstripe Pilsner 5.011/18/2018Rate 2.882
Blue Point Oak Barrel Aged ESB 8.02/11/2006Rate 3.495
Blue Point Oatmeal Stout 5.212/22/2001Rate 3.3747166
Blue Point Oh Limb Pick Beer 5.33/5/2018Rate 2.961
Blue Point Oktoberfest 5.510/13/2002Rate 3.0663204
Blue Point Old Howling Bastard 1012/22/2001Rate 3.4242241
Blue Point Organic Pale Ale -7/22/2004Rate 3.263
Blue Point Pale Ale 4.612/22/2001Rate 3.3262132
Blue Point Patchogue Colonial Ale 3.81/9/2017Rate 2.871
Blue Point Pilsner 4.512/22/2001Rate 2.881
Blue Point Porter -8/28/2003Rate 3.113417
Blue Point Prop Stopper Seaweed IPA 7.71/1/2017Rate 3.312016
Blue Point Pumpkin Ale 5.59/18/2010Rate 3.0446197
Blue Point Rastafa Rye Ale 7.52/19/2009Rate 3.3788318
Blue Point Rastafarye - Rye Whiskey 10.387/27/2017Rate 3.122
Blue Point Red Pale Ale -5/4/2007Rate 2.942
Blue Point Rocket Fool 7.512/21/2018Rate 3.133
Blue Point Rum Barrel-aged Oyster Stout 11.212/13/2017Rate 3.183
Blue Point Rye Hop Knot 5.52/2/2008Rate 3.052
Blue Point Samuel Fraunces Ale 5.05/15/2015Rate 3.092
Blue Point Shore Thing 4.54/4/2019Rate 3.046
Blue Point Sour Cherry Imperial Stout 9.04/29/2006Rate 3.4929237
Blue Point Spring Fling 5.23/31/2007Rate 3.0345177
Blue Point Springfest 5.22/25/2006Rate 3.17311
Blue Point Step Right Up 9.111/15/2015Rate 3.021
Blue Point Summer Ale 4.397/13/2002Rate 2.7116239
Blue Point Surge Protector Sandy Relief Ale 5.01/26/2013Rate 3.165
Blue Point The IPA 6.04/7/2019Rate 32
Blue Point Toasted Lager 5.512/22/2001Rate 3.1390859
Blue Point Toxic Sludge 7.08/3/2010Rate 3.4959231
Blue Point Tropical Hoptical IPA 6.73/16/2019Rate 3.151
Blue Point Wet Hops Experiment 5.311/13/2012Rate 3.387339
Blue Point Whaler Ale 5.34/28/2019Rate 2.851
Blue Point What the L? 5.26/21/2019Rate 31
Blue Point White IPA 6.010/14/2011Rate 3.2943107
Blue Point Winter Ale 7.712/22/2001Rate 3.1414268
Blue Point Winter Ale - Bourbon 4.51/14/2006Rate 3.44
Craft Cares Long Island Craft Beer Week 2017 Red Ale 5.09/14/2017Rate 2.981
Crop Circle Beer 6.96/24/2004Rate 3.219046
Old Blue Last 5.07/31/2017Rate 2.498618

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