Born In The Borders

Lanton Mill, Borders - Jedburgh, Scotland TD8 6ST
Commenced brewing in 2011 as Scottish Borders. Changed name to Born In The Borders in 2015.
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Born In The Borders Chocolate Drop 4.51/8/2016Rate 3.25
Born In The Borders Dark Horse 4.52/22/2011Rate 3.229435
Born In The Borders Flower of Scotland 4.12/6/2014Rate 3.087
Born In The Borders Foxy Blonde 3.82/22/2011Rate 3.17136
Born In The Borders Game Bird 4.02/18/2011Rate 3.148737
Born In The Borders Gold Dust 4.34/22/2013Rate 3.214614
Born In The Borders Rebel Yell 3.51/23/2017Rate 3.067310
Born In The Borders Star Of Scotland 4.112/21/2016Rate 3.072
Born In The Borders Summer Cloud 4.56/25/2016Rate 3.054
Scottish Borders Book Worm 3.96/28/2013Rate 3.035
Scottish Borders Ginger Bells 4.412/20/2014Rate 2.831
Scottish Borders Heavy Nettle 4.26/10/2012Rate 3.128511
Scottish Borders Holy Cow 4.22/22/2011Rate 2.983913
Scottish Borders Hop Scotch 3.810/17/2012Rate 2.923
Scottish Borders Pennine Pint 3.89/23/2014Rate 2.841
Scottish Borders Wee Beastie 3.61/23/2012Rate 2.888
Scottish Borders Wild Harvest Elderflower 4.412/7/2013Rate 3.278
Scottish Borders Wild Harvest Sea Buckthorn 3.812/7/2013Rate 2.93409
Brewhive Early Light
Brewed by/for Brewhive
3.412/2/2016Rate 31

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