Boulevard / AZ Wilderness / Creature Comforts Collaboration No. 7 Oak-Aged Lager 6.09/1/2017Rate 3.5710062
Boulevard / Cambridge Za'Tart Spiced Sour Ale 4.79/10/2014Rate 3.393711
Boulevard / Cigar City Collaboration No. 5 Tropical Pale Ale 7.39/25/2015Rate 3.6698191
Boulevard / Firestone Walker Collaboration No. 6 Barrel-Aged Blend 12.511/8/2016Rate 3.7996176
Boulevard / Odell Silver Anniversary Ale 7.311/11/2014Rate 3.414791
Boulevard / Ommegang Collaboration No. 4 Saison 7.39/22/2014Rate 3.6190145
Boulevard / Pretty Things Collaboration No. 3 Stingo 8.58/2/2012Rate 3.5597224
Boulevard / Side Project Show-Me Sour 4.36/22/2015Rate 3.332775
Boulevard / Sierra Nevada Terra Incognita (Batch 1 & 2) 8.56/10/2012Rate 3.5656324
Boulevard / Stockyards Boulfeather 7.56/19/2017Rate 3.021
Boulevard 21st Anniversary Fresh Hop Pale Ale 7.410/23/2010Rate 3.6798106
Boulevard 80-Acre Hoppy Wheat Beer 5.55/9/2011Rate 3.6299508
Boulevard Abbey Dubbel (alias) 8.54/15/2006
Boulevard Amber Ale 5.16/2/2010Rate 3.0245177
Boulevard American Kölsch 4.63/2/2017Rate 3.369788
Boulevard Barrel Aged Messenger Coffee Spiced Mocha Stout 15.61/28/2018Rate 3.262
Boulevard Barrel-Aged Sixth Glass Quadrupel (alias) 10.56/15/2007
Boulevard Barrel-Aged Sixth Glass Quadrupel with Cherries (alias) 10.512/9/2007
Boulevard Berliner Weisse 4.58/3/2017Rate 3.374826
Boulevard Bob's '47 Oktoberfest 5.89/17/2001Rate 3.3797463
Boulevard Boss Tom's Golden Bock 6.12/21/2008Rate 3.0144220
Boulevard Boulevardia 2016 Berliner Weisse 5.07/7/2016Rate 3.223
Boulevard Boulevardia Sparkling Ale 5.17/4/2017Rate 3.112
Boulevard Bully! Porter 6.05/2/2000Rate 3.6296927
Boulevard Bundle Up Barleywine 10.510/23/2017Rate 3.323014
Boulevard Cabernet Cask Imperial Stout 13.89/22/2017Rate 3.767419
Boulevard Celebration Sour 3.96/15/2014Rate 2.815
Boulevard Changeling 7.34/10/2017Rate 3.89339
Boulevard City Market Dry Apple Cider 6.212/10/2017Rate 3.243
Boulevard Collaboration No. 1 Imperial Pilsner (alias) 8.012/8/2009
Boulevard Collaboration No. 2 White I.P.A. (alias) 7.47/12/2011
Boulevard Cranberry Orange Radler 4.057/20/2016Rate 3.179951
Boulevard Crown Town Ale 6.212/16/2014Rate 3.339611
Boulevard Dark Kerrigan Stout (alias) 5.212/4/2011
Boulevard Deep Dive 8.510/5/2015Rate 3.54823
Boulevard Double Pale Ale 8.010/8/2011Rate 3.166
Boulevard Double Wide IPA with Brett 8.54/12/2008Rate 3.426
Boulevard Dry Stout 4.95/16/2001Rate 3.1539374
Boulevard Early Riser Coffee Porter 5.212/19/2015Rate 3.6196134
Boulevard Entwined Ale 4.14/27/2013Rate 3.035294
Boulevard Flora Obscura Dry-Hopped Porter 5.81/15/2018Rate 3.478316
Boulevard Foeder Project #2 7.06/19/2017Rate 3.78317
Boulevard Foeder Projekt #1 6.910/21/2013Rate 3.677937
Boulevard Frequent Flier Session IPA 4.34/8/2016Rate 3.294658
Boulevard Funky Pumpkin Spiced Sour Ale 5.88/27/2015Rate 3.3890177
Boulevard Ginger Session 4.08/14/2012Rate 2.964
Boulevard Hibiscus Gose 4.24/12/2013Rate 3.5993282
Boulevard Hoppy Wheat (alias) 5.05/9/2011
Boulevard Irish Ale 5.88/30/2001Rate 3.3698459
Boulevard Irish Fest Stout (alias) 4.912/5/2011
Boulevard KC Pils 4.85/3/2008Rate 3.0578196
Boulevard Last Splash Wet Hopped Pale Ale 7.011/19/2014Rate 3.428670
Boulevard Local Hop Pale Ale (alias) 5.48/15/2015
Boulevard Love Child No. 1 12.510/2/2011Rate 3.626724
Boulevard Love Child No. 2 9.65/8/2011Rate 3.8193131
Boulevard Love Child No. 3 9.54/23/2013Rate 3.997267
Boulevard Love Child No. 4 9.06/1/2014Rate 3.9398268
Boulevard Love Child No. 5 8.24/16/2015Rate 3.7891134
Boulevard Love Child No. 6 9.212/2/2015Rate 3.78388
Boulevard Love Child No. 7 8.24/18/2016Rate 3.849589
Boulevard Love Child No. 8 9.06/19/2017Rate 3.819342
Boulevard Lunar Ale 5.18/1/2006Rate 2.9535337
Boulevard Maibock (alias) 6.12/11/2010
Boulevard Manimal (alias) 10.512/12/2007
Boulevard Noble Prize Imperial Pilsner 7.53/10/2017Rate 3.489853
Boulevard Nutcracker Ale 7.87/18/2000Rate 3.489579
Boulevard Nutsack -10/6/2010Rate 3.316
Boulevard Old Clarence 7.01/15/2008Rate 2.921
Boulevard One Love 14.611/13/2017Rate 3.252
Boulevard Pale Ale 5.45/19/2000Rate 3.2448776
Boulevard Pilsner (alias) 4.84/27/2008
Boulevard Pop-Up Session IPA 4.24/27/2013Rate 3.4886298
Boulevard Requiem for a Pancake 13.33/1/2017Rate 3.43
Boulevard Saison Noir 8.755/7/2012Rate 3.165
Boulevard Sickie's Oil Slick Stout (alias) 4.96/16/2012
Boulevard Simcoe Harvest Wet Hop IPA 7.510/11/2016Rate 3.348
Boulevard Single Wide-Tank 7 Yeast-Sorachi Ace IPA -8/18/2010Rate 3.629313
Boulevard Single-Wide I.P.A. 5.710/30/2008Rate 3.53811127
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Bourbon Barrel Quad 11.84/6/2007Rate 3.8496836
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Chocolate Ale 9.12/8/2011Rate 3.5598399
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Chocolate Ale - Raspberry 9.11/20/2016Rate 3.569861
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Coffee Ale 9.33/19/2013Rate 3.6299241
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Dark Truth Stout 9.71/5/2010Rate 3.7978973
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Double Wide I.P.A. 8.54/30/2007Rate 3.78931128
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Funkier Pumpkin 8.58/15/2016Rate 3.54771
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Grainstorm Black Rye IPA 7.72/5/2013Rate 3.7295331
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Harvest Dance Wheat Wine 9.510/10/2009Rate 3.6886428
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Imperial Stout (alias) 1110/8/2017
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Imperial Stout X - Aztec Chocolate 116/2/2015Rate 3.7774108
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Imperial Stout X - Coconut 112/13/2016Rate 3.8485108
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Imperial Stout X - Coffee 111/26/2015Rate 3.8889139
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Imperial Stout X - Tart Cherry 1110/4/2015Rate 3.442572
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Jam Band 7.07/10/2017Rate 3.38714
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Long Strange Tripel 9.27/18/2006Rate 3.6998662
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Manhattan Cask Still Ale 13.62/17/2018Rate 3.262
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Nommo Dubbel 8.14/19/2006Rate 3.5496227
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Reboot White I.P.A. 7.47/12/2011Rate 3.7598267
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Reverb Imperial Pilsner 7.71/14/2010Rate 3.5997409
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Rye-on-Rye 121/5/2010Rate 3.8196589
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Rye-on-Rye X – Sazerac 11.87/12/2016Rate 3.749372
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Rye-on-Rye-on-Rye 142/28/2016Rate 3.7910068
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Saison 6.24/9/2006Rate 3.7296377
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Saison-Brett 8.57/18/2006Rate 3.94991049
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Scotch on Scotch 9.63/1/2017Rate 3.589057
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Seeyoulator Doppelbock 8.58/4/2009Rate 3.5391228
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale 8.55/4/2009Rate 3.79981760
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Tell-Tale Tart 6.26/9/2015Rate 3.2923253
Boulevard Smokestack Series: The Calling IPA 8.52/17/2015Rate 3.7793644
Boulevard Smokestack Series: The Sixth Glass Quadrupel 10.212/3/2006Rate 3.72881112
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Two Jokers Double-Wit 8.05/5/2009Rate 3.62100331
Boulevard Smokestack Series: Whiskey Barrel Imperial Stout 1112/25/2008Rate 3.9292605
Boulevard Snow & Tell 6.311/9/2015Rate 3.2437132
Boulevard Spiced Saison 7.25/12/2014Rate 3.055
Boulevard Sporting KC Championship Ale 6.26/17/2014Rate 3.568835
Boulevard Spring Belle 6.22/17/2015Rate 3.294174
Boulevard Tasting Room Series: Amerikan Kölsch (alias) 4.63/11/2016
Boulevard Tasting Room Series: Belgian-Style IPA 5.78/3/2015Rate 3.467029
Boulevard Tasting Room Series: Black Pale Ale 5.78/3/2015Rate 3.313033
Boulevard Tasting Room Series: Black Walnut Ale 5.08/15/2016Rate 3.287313
Boulevard Tasting Room Series: Blonde Ale 5.82/19/2015Rate 3.198842
Boulevard Tasting Room Series: ESB 4.93/6/2014Rate 3.399652
Boulevard Tasting Room Series: Extra Pale Ale 5.54/16/2017Rate 3.265018
Boulevard Tasting Room Series: Mid-Coast IPA 5.68/6/2013Rate 3.7397144
Boulevard Tasting Room Series: Milk Stout (alias) 5.59/8/2016
Boulevard Tasting Room Series: Oat Pale Ale 5.112/21/2016Rate 3.174111
Boulevard Tasting Room Series: Oatmeal Stout 5.54/17/2014Rate 3.466963
Boulevard Tasting Room Series: Red IPA 5.82/17/2015Rate 3.426838
Boulevard Tasting Room Series: Rosemary IPA 6.09/8/2016Rate 3.385134
Boulevard Tasting Room Series: Spicy Rye Ale 5.34/16/2017Rate 3.399014
Boulevard Tasting Room Series: Westside Rye Ale 5.28/6/2013Rate 3.1852104
Boulevard Tasting Room Series: White IPA 5.83/12/2016Rate 3.487522
Boulevard Tenpenny Ale 3.36/18/2001Rate 2.923618
Boulevard Tequila Barrel Lime Gose 5.94/25/2017Rate 3.294413
Boulevard Test Barleywine 11.58/15/2016Rate 3.133
Boulevard Test Belgian Blonde 7.810/22/2017Rate 3.111
Boulevard Test Berry Ale 5.99/1/2017Rate 3.091
Boulevard Test Dark Mild Ale 4.32/1/2018Rate 3.041
Boulevard Test Dry Cider 5.08/15/2016Rate 3.112
Boulevard Test Dry-Hopped Helles 5.68/15/2016Rate 3.182
Boulevard Test El Dorado IPA 7.22/1/2018Rate 3.061
Boulevard Test Extra Pale Ale (alias) 5.710/21/2016
Boulevard Test Milk Stout (alias) 5.58/15/2016
Boulevard Test Nelson Grape Ale (alias) 4.04/27/2013
Boulevard Test Oak-Aged Strong Ale 9.76/19/2017Rate 31
Boulevard Test Rye Ale (alias) 5.34/25/2017
Boulevard Test Schwarzbier 4.88/15/2016Rate 3.091
Boulevard Test Summer Saison 5.512/21/2016Rate 3.041
Boulevard Test Unfiltered IPA 6.79/1/2017Rate 3.252
Boulevard Tough Kitty Milk Stout 5.58/8/2017Rate 3.384963
Boulevard Tripel Julep 11.52/13/2012Rate 3.368947
Boulevard Tropical Pale Ale 5.94/11/2016Rate 3.4485148
Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat Beer 4.412/18/2000Rate 3.0754960
Boulevard Wheat (alias) 4.511/21/2001
Boulevard Zeus IPA -5/17/2006Rate 3.147
Boulevard Zôn 4.45/27/2001Rate 3.3291481
Boulevard Ginger Lemon Radler 4.13/6/2014Rate 3.34100217
Boulevard Heavy Lifting IPA 6.23/30/2015Rate 3.5584192

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