Boxing Cat / Great Leap Yunnan Amber 5.28/24/2012Rate 3.147
Boxing Cat / Harmon Brewery Split Decision Stout 7.31/24/2013Rate 0
Boxing Cat / Jing-A Emperor's Horses 5.310/1/2014Rate 2.811
Boxing Cat / Mikkeller Bruce ChiLee IPA 6.81/24/2013Rate 0
Boxing Cat / The Celt Experience Cat Scratched Celt 5.81/24/2013Rate 3.35
Boxing Cat / Young Master Buddha's Bold Gesture IPA 7.16/26/2015Rate 31
Boxing Cat Amarillo Single Hop 5.81/11/2012Rate 0
Boxing Cat Bare Knuckle Barleywine 10.21/24/2013Rate 3.474839
Boxing Cat Bare Knuckle Barleywine (Cognac Barrel Aged) 13.25/19/2016Rate 3.414223
Boxing Cat Belgian Ale 5.211/28/2010Rate 2.831
Boxing Cat Berliner Weisse 3.710/11/2015Rate 2.961
Boxing Cat Big Boy Double IPA 9.45/9/2011Rate 3.454324
Boxing Cat Black Magic Porter 5.68/2/2011Rate 2.91
Boxing Cat BlackEyePA 6.76/5/2011Rate 3.123
Boxing Cat Bourbon BA Donkey Punch 6.81/22/2017Rate 3.021
Boxing Cat Bourbon King Louie Imperial Stout 8.95/17/2012Rate 3.564047
Boxing Cat Bourbon Southpaw Winter Warmer 8.14/13/2012Rate 3.151
Boxing Cat Brawlin Belgian Wit 4.75/9/2011Rate 3.37
Boxing Cat Calypso Single Hop 5.810/11/2015Rate 2.941
Boxing Cat Cashmere Cranberry Porter 6.22/6/2014Rate 2.831
Boxing Cat Catcher Rye IPA 6.11/7/2012Rate 3.224
Boxing Cat Centennial Single Hop -11/1/2015Rate 2.961
Boxing Cat Chairman Meow Mango Ale 4.85/17/2012Rate 0
Boxing Cat Chocolate Stout 6.85/9/2011Rate 0
Boxing Cat Contender Extra Pale Ale 4.91/24/2013Rate 3.418111
Boxing Cat Cranberry Ale 4.17/8/2015Rate 3.112
Boxing Cat Dark Saison (alias) 5.27/9/2011
Boxing Cat Donkey Punch Dunkel 4.911/21/2009Rate 2.953
Boxing Cat Donkey Punch Porter 5.61/24/2013Rate 3.386648
Boxing Cat Dr. Rudi Single Hop 5.82/9/2016Rate 2.921
Boxing Cat Dragons Fire Doppelbock 8.05/17/2012Rate 0
Boxing Cat El Presidente 4.82/6/2017Rate 3.072
Boxing Cat Eliminator Doppelbock 8.42/9/2016Rate 3.041
Boxing Cat Equinox Single Hop Ale 5.810/1/2014Rate 2.871
Boxing Cat Farmhouse IPA 7.07/9/2015Rate 2.981
Boxing Cat Firecracker Imperial Red Ale 7.55/9/2011Rate 3.339140
Boxing Cat Full Nelson Saison 6.92/8/2016Rate 3.385521
Boxing Cat Funky Barrel Full Nelson Saison 7.62/2/2016Rate 3.34213
Boxing Cat Galaxy Single Hop 5.81/11/2012Rate 0
Boxing Cat Ginger Baker Beatdown 5.810/1/2014Rate 2.871
Boxing Cat Glasgow Kiss Scotch Ale 6.47/3/2011Rate 3.213
Boxing Cat Glasgow Kiss Wee Heavy (alias) 6.45/9/2011
Boxing Cat Golden Boy Saison 5.16/5/2011Rate 3.052
Boxing Cat Gu Mu Hua'r Summer Ale 5.18/2/2011Rate 0
Boxing Cat Honey Wheat 5.011/28/2010Rate 2.791
Boxing Cat Hopatron IPA 8.811/11/2014Rate 32
Boxing Cat Hoppy Bugger IPA 7.510/1/2014Rate 3.324527
Boxing Cat Hoppy Ending White IPA 5.68/24/2012Rate 3.286
Boxing Cat Imperial Pilsner 9.21/26/2017Rate 3.322
Boxing Cat Imperial Red Ale 7.54/13/2012Rate 3.043
Boxing Cat King Louie Imperial Stout 8.01/11/2012Rate 3.624761
Boxing Cat Knock Out Stout 6.911/21/2009Rate 2.93
Boxing Cat Lemon Drop Single Hop 5.85/24/2015Rate 3.021
Boxing Cat Light Mild 2.51/20/2010Rate 3.083
Boxing Cat Little Beat Wheat 4.82/9/2016Rate 3.041
Boxing Cat Low Blow Ale 3.911/8/2014Rate 2.81
Boxing Cat Lucky Leprechaun Lager 4.54/7/2015Rate 2.831
Boxing Cat Maibock 7.32/10/2017Rate 3.092
Boxing Cat Mandarina Single Hop 5.812/26/2014Rate 2.811
Boxing Cat Mao Mat Lemongrass Lager 4.611/11/2014Rate 3.073
Boxing Cat Nitro Punchout Stout 5.110/11/2015Rate 3.072
Boxing Cat Nose Breaking Red IPA 7.32/8/2016Rate 3.385417
Boxing Cat Ol' Smokey Porter 5.711/21/2009Rate 0
Boxing Cat Orangutang Saison 6.07/9/2015Rate 3.022
Boxing Cat Pacific Jade Single Hop 5.87/2/2016Rate 2.831
Boxing Cat Palisade Lager 4.611/8/2014Rate 2.811
Boxing Cat Phat Cat Limited-Oak Aged Chocolate Stout 7.56/5/2011Rate 0
Boxing Cat Phat Cat Limited-Oak Aged Glasgow Kiss Scotch Ale 7.21/11/2012Rate 2.911
Boxing Cat Purple Rain 3.75/13/2017Rate 3.354715
Boxing Cat Revolution Red 5.01/11/2012Rate 0
Boxing Cat Right Hook Helles 4.511/21/2009Rate 3.349914
Boxing Cat Ringside Red 5.01/24/2013Rate 3.29522
Boxing Cat Riwaka Single Hop Ale 5.810/1/2014Rate 2.811
Boxing Cat Roshambo Session IPA 4.810/2/2014Rate 2.932
Boxing Cat Rye IPA 6.112/26/2014Rate 2.811
Boxing Cat Smashed Pumpkin Ale -11/1/2015Rate 31
Boxing Cat Southpaw Winter Warmer 7.15/9/2011Rate 3.256
Boxing Cat Sparring Session 3.48/24/2012Rate 0
Boxing Cat Spiced Pumpkin Ale 6.01/11/2012Rate 2.841
Boxing Cat Standing 8 Pilsner 4.911/21/2009Rate 3.329613
Boxing Cat Suckerpunch Pale 5.511/21/2009Rate 3.468849
Boxing Cat Sugar Daddy 10.512/26/2014Rate 3.483834
Boxing Cat Sugar Daddy (Cognac Barrel Aged) 14.52/2/2016Rate 3.423019
Boxing Cat Sugar Momma 11.35/9/2016Rate 3.216
Boxing Cat Sugar Ray Saison 5.27/9/2011Rate 2.871
Boxing Cat Suzhou Stout 5.61/11/2012Rate 2.972
Boxing Cat Sweet Science Summer Ale 5.49/12/2014Rate 2.912
Boxing Cat THAIger Lager 5.25/14/2017Rate 2.998315
Boxing Cat THAIght Rope Wheat 5.05/17/2012Rate 0
Boxing Cat That Beer Doe 5.57/2/2016Rate 31
Boxing Cat Thrilla in Manila 3.75/17/2016Rate 3.142419
Boxing Cat Title Belt Alt 4.711/21/2009Rate 0
Boxing Cat TKO India Pale Ale 6.311/21/2009Rate 3.456776
Boxing Cat Tripel Threat 7.85/9/2011Rate 3.47822
Boxing Cat Undercard Imperial Brown Ale 6.64/27/2013Rate 3.338222
Boxing Cat Upper Cut India Pale Lager 7.22/8/2016Rate 3.021
Boxing Cat Vienna Lager 4.85/9/2011Rate 0
Boxing Cat White Shanko Goji Ale 4.64/5/2014Rate 2.932
Boxing Cat Wild Mild 3.53/19/2011Rate 0
Boxing Cat Wildcat Saison 5.910/1/2014Rate 2.811
Boxing Cat Winter Weight Stout 6.512/13/2014Rate 2.792
Boxing Cat Workday IPA 6.05/13/2017Rate 3.243419

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