Brasserie Licorne / Karlsbräu (Karlsberg)

Commercial Brewery
60, rue Dettwiller, Saverne, France 67700

EMB 67437
In 1989, the brewery was taken over by German brewing group KARLSBERG (BrewerID 688), one of Europe's biggest drinks manufacturers.
In 2007, the brewery, formerly known as the BRASSERIE DE SAVERNE now became the BRASSERIE LICORNE
The brewer temporarily opened a brewery in Quebec, Canada in 2011 (under the name BRASSERIE LICORNE QUÉBEC) to commercialize their BORIS brand but closed in 2014 and sold their rights to the BORIS brand to GROUPE GELOSO in Canada

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7.9 Sept Neuf 7.910/24/2009Rate 2.448
Abbaye de St. San 6.212/9/2011Rate 2.797
Ackel's Bière Blonde Sans Alcool -10/13/2009Rate 2.61
Ackels Forte 8.06/26/2009Rate 2.263010
Ackels Pur Malt 4.510/24/2009Rate 2.257118
Amos Brassin Spécial FC Metz 6.29/8/2007Rate 2.836
Amos Premium Biere Speciale 5.57/18/2014Rate 2.385
Aurum Shandy Sabor Limón 0.95/27/2016Rate 2.71
Blanche de St. San 4.56/2/2014Rate 2.691216
Blanche de St. San Rosée 3.07/27/2014Rate 2.484
Boris 5.59/19/2003Rate 1.983172
Boris Bold 8.85/25/2005Rate 1.97784
Boris Cherry 6.03/3/2008Rate 2.296
Boris Lime 5.46/22/2011Rate 2.2499
Boris Organic (Bio) 5.08/22/2009Rate 2.499055
Boris Slam 10.510/3/2010Rate 2.141816
Braubier 7.9 7.95/29/2009Rate 2.4419
Brauperle 10.5 Super Strong / Extra Forte 10.56/6/2012Rate 2.22520
Brauperle 8.0 Super Strong / Extra Forte (alias) 8.09/21/2003
Burgbräu Forte 7.09/1/2011Rate 2.096
Citadelle 8.0° 8.05/12/2011Rate 2.513
Companeros Red 5.97/27/2014Rate 2.483
Companeros Tequila 5.98/22/2010Rate 2.14414
Del Rio (alias) 5.98/22/2010
Ecu d'Or Blanche 4.59/18/2013Rate 2.384
Finkbräu De Luxe 4.510/3/2012Rate 1.996214
Hofadel Speciale Premium 5.56/18/2012Rate 2.354
Karlsbräu Bière de la Licorne 4.88/2/2003Rate 2.388113
Karlsbräu Kobus 5.211/25/2016Rate 2.722
Karlsbräu Radler (alias) 2.55/4/2015
Kellegen BIO Biere Blonde Sans Gluten 5.51/13/2019Rate 2.981
Kellegen Blanche 4.74/14/2010Rate 2.26114
Kellegen Extra Forte 8.0 8.07/23/2009Rate 2.243032
Kellegen Prestige 5.012/7/2010Rate 2.377916
Kellegen Pur Malt 4.29/8/2005Rate 2.074458
Kellegen Sans Alcool 0.57/13/2018Rate 2.551
Licorne Bio 5.08/20/2011Rate 2.311853
Licorne Black 6.06/10/2011Rate 2.352144
Licorne Blonde (alias) 5.66/22/2018
Licorne Elsass 5.510/29/2009Rate 2.382363
Licorne Elsass 's Wihnachtsbier 5.810/29/2011Rate 2.833116
Licorne Elsass de Mars 5.83/4/2011Rate 2.782310
Licorne Elsass Panache 1.05/19/2012Rate 2.278
Licorne Grand Cru 5.26/16/2012Rate 2.31225
Licorne La Savernoise 4.29/5/2018Rate 2.721
Licorne Légende 5.98/19/2007Rate 2.511018
Licorne Noel 5.85/17/2008Rate 2.791953
Licorne Primeur 5.52/19/2018Rate 2.754
Licorne Rebecq Blanche 4.510/26/2018Rate 2.851
Licorne Slash Origin 7.56/8/2018Rate 2.95
Licorne Slash Red 8.06/8/2018Rate 2.758
Licorne Unik Lab #1 7.27/6/2018Rate 32
Licorne Unik lab #2 5.911/10/2018Rate 31
Mac Barlay No 1 6.07/9/2010Rate 2.45219
Merida Red 5.91/22/2017Rate 2.532
O'nelley's 6.010/11/2017Rate 2.831
Pamp' mousse Rose 2.57/30/2014Rate 2.531
RyTernel 6.211/15/2012Rate 2.72817
Saverne 8,8 Premium 8.85/27/2002Rate 2.192432
Saverne Burgbier Biere D'Alsace 4.211/14/2009Rate 2.267219
Saverne Burgbräu Blonde 4.210/8/2002Rate 1.933212
Saverne El Grande 5.98/2/2003Rate 2.45910
Saverne Fink Bräu Bière Blonde de Luxe (4.5%) 4.57/23/2006Rate 2.368410
Saverne Fritz Bräu 4.71/8/2003Rate 2.286
Saverne Fritz Bräu Speciale 7.06/11/2006Rate 2.612
Saverne Kasteel Cru 5.23/18/2005Rate 2.392492
Saverne Kasteel Cru Rosé 5.05/18/2009Rate 2.343424
Saverne Kingsbräu 4.710/18/2001Rate 2.054338
Saverne Kingsbräu Bière forte 8.04/30/2014Rate 2.478
Saverne Kingsbräu La Blanche 4.56/25/2010Rate 2.497
Saverne Kingsbräu Lager 5.01/18/2016Rate 2.22619
Saverne Maaster's Kriek 3.57/16/2016Rate 3.021
Saverne Mosbrau -10/26/2001Rate 2.665
Saverne Mosel Bier 4.99/19/2006Rate 2.367716
Saverne Mosel Bier Biere de Noël 5.82/2/2011Rate 2.675310
Saverne Mosel Bier Sans Alcool 0.52/28/2009Rate 1.994712
Saverne O'Nelley's Brown Ale 6.07/29/2007Rate 2.644
Saverne Panaché (formerly De L'Ami Fritz) 1.04/17/2002Rate 1.81426
Saverne Schoenbrau 4.85/6/2009Rate 2.247016
Saverne Speciale Prestige Pur Malt 7.06/17/2006Rate 2.253031
Saverne Stamper Energy 5.48/2/2003Rate 2.241
Saverne Top Budget Beer 4.72/19/2007Rate 2.064413
Scottys Redgold 6.09/16/2017Rate 2.72
Tequila 1897 5.912/4/2018Rate 2.71
Tiguana 5.95/16/2017Rate 1.838
Vaquero 5.95/14/2008Rate 1.93230
Koenigsbier Extra Forte 8.010/13/2009Rate 2.293339
Carrefour Don Cervecero 5.511/7/2012Rate 2.327916
Estribos (Carrefour) 5.91/5/2009Rate 1.73940
Santana Tequila
Brewed by/for Cora
5.910/3/2014Rate 2.325
Saverne Volsberg Speciale
Brewed by/for Cora
4.510/26/2001Rate 2.31412
Volsberg 8° Forte (Strong)
Brewed by/for Cora
8.06/5/2015Rate 2.286
Volsberg Bière Blonde de Luxe (alias)
Brewed by/for Cora
Volsberg Blanche (alias)
Brewed by/for Cora
Argus Camaro
Brewed by/for Lidl
4.61/9/2015Rate 1.953445
El Tequito Beer
Brewed by/for Lidl
5.98/1/2008Rate 1.94272
Perlenbacher Bière Blanche (alias)
Brewed by/for Lidl
Lidl Argus Beer 2.6% (UK)
Brewed by/for Lidl UK
2.63/13/2016Rate 2.721
Lidl Argus Import Premium Lager
Brewed by/for Lidl UK
4.07/5/2018Rate 2.61
U Bière Blonde d'Alsace (alias)
Brewed by/for Lidl UK
Schutzenberger Bière sur Lie (2013+)
Brewed by/for Schutzenberger
6.88/11/2014Rate 2.765
Schutzenberger Brassin de Mars (2013+)
Brewed by/for Schutzenberger
6.03/14/2013Rate 2.671415
Schutzenberger Brassin de Noël
Brewed by/for Schutzenberger
5.211/25/2013Rate 2.947
Schutzenberger Jubilator (2013+)
Brewed by/for Schutzenberger
6.84/22/2013Rate 2.761418

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