Crimson Glory (TBT Jubilee Beer) 4.77/27/2017Rate 2.961
EZA Anpfiff 5.19/6/2010Rate 2.862
Frenkenberger Synergy Hanfbier 4.78/5/2009Rate 2.694
Gusswerk AAA Austrian Amber Ale 5.45/6/2012Rate 3.157106
Gusswerk Bio Rhabarber-Radler 2.511/19/2015Rate 2.684
Gusswerk Black Betty 5.410/27/2008Rate 2.863280
Gusswerk Black Sheep Smooth Stout 5.29/5/2010Rate 3.062097
Gusswerk Cerevinum 8.18/18/2012Rate 3.28231
Gusswerk Citra Beach 4.55/13/2015Rate 3.031228
Gusswerk Dark Weizenguss 5.44/8/2013Rate 2.91
Gusswerk Deodato Kaffeebier 6.21/6/2015Rate 3.318412
Gusswerk Die Schwarze Kuh 9.211/20/2014Rate 3.64484
Gusswerk Dies Iræ 10.911/15/2011Rate 3.576765
Gusswerk Edelguss 4.99/3/2007Rate 2.721554
Gusswerk Edelguss-Radler 2.92/12/2012Rate 2.749710
Gusswerk Eisbergbock 9.012/20/2015Rate 3.232
Gusswerk Hofbräu No. 1 5.610/20/2013Rate 2.888
Gusswerk Hom Mali Rice 5.19/8/2011Rate 2.32636
Gusswerk Horny Betty 9.210/24/2009Rate 3.1662125
Gusswerk Jakobsgold 4.99/8/2010Rate 2.781859
Gusswerk Jakobsgold Alkoholfrei -10/16/2012Rate 2.559114
Gusswerk Katharsis -9/17/2008Rate 2.864
Gusswerk Krinnawible Whiskybier 14.511/11/2013Rate 3.376422
Gusswerk Nicobar India Pale Ale 6.410/20/2012Rate 3.3245124
Gusswerk Oktoberguss Bavaria 1810 5.710/19/2013Rate 2.974951
Gusswerk Orange Pale Ale 4.412/30/2008Rate 2.893
Gusswerk Papagena 4.55/9/2015Rate 3.014610
Gusswerk Pils 4.76/12/2017Rate 3.345
Gusswerk Salzburger Hofbräu 5.26/27/2016Rate 2.822415
Gusswerk Sonderguss Lupulus Lupulinus 6.19/3/2007Rate 3.111
Gusswerk Theaterbier -4/13/2010Rate 2.752
Gusswerk Urban-Keller's Steinbier 5.610/24/2009Rate 2.863090
Gusswerk Urban-Keller's Winter-Steinbier 6.41/26/2014Rate 3.024626
Gusswerk Weisses Nicobar IPA 6.26/21/2013Rate 3.11840
Gusswerk Weizenguss 5.49/3/2007Rate 3.188485
Gusswerk Wiener Lager 5.411/11/2013Rate 2.734824
Gusswerk Zum Wohl 4.98/7/2015Rate 2.842322
Meinklang Ancient Grains Ale (Urkorn-Bier) 4.710/19/2008Rate 2.6814114
Meinklang Organic Dark Lager 4.79/7/2010Rate 2.651715
Ponos 2016 5.68/7/2016Rate 2.62
Shaolin Tempel Bräu 4.810/26/2010Rate 2.641
Brew Age / Auxburg City Brewery Stoned Imperial Scotch Ale
Brewed by/for Brew Age
7.35/20/2014Rate 2.923
Brew Age Affenkönig
Brewed by/for Brew Age
8.23/22/2015Rate 3.668119
Brew Age Chicxulub Oatmeal Stout
Brewed by/for Brew Age
5.411/13/2014Rate 3.426170
Brew Age Dunkle Materie
Brewed by/for Brew Age
6.95/16/2014Rate 3.794116
Brew Age Garten Eden
Brewed by/for Brew Age
4.66/25/2014Rate 2.964119
Brew Age Malzstrasse
Brewed by/for Brew Age
5.05/2/2014Rate 3.088746
Brew Age Relax Session IPA
Brewed by/for Brew Age
2.910/9/2015Rate 33
Gabler Bier Biokorn
Brewed by/for Gabler Bier
5.01/3/2017Rate 2.882
Gabler Bier Urkorn
Brewed by/for Gabler Bier
5.412/25/2016Rate 3.073
Hanfthaler Bio Hanfbier
Brewed by/for Hanfland KG
4.911/25/2013Rate 33
Core Bio
Brewed by/for KOR
4.97/5/2011Rate 2.692018
Core Dunkel
Brewed by/for KOR
4.99/14/2014Rate 2.967
Core Stout
Brewed by/for KOR
4.93/3/2012Rate 2.947
Me and Uwe Go Charlie, It's Your Birthday 4.74/2/2017Rate 3.052
Me and Uwe Reini the Roaster 4.89/21/2016Rate 3.041
Next Level Brewing Local Hero - Easy Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Next Level Brewing
5.310/14/2015Rate 3.629734
Stille Nacht - Salzburger Festbier 6.312/22/2011Rate 3.15823

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