Darwin Brewing Company

Brewer rating: 81/100 252 ratings
803 17th Avenue West, Bradenton, Florida, USA 34205
Closed Mondays and Tuesdays. Weds 4pm-10pm
Thurs/Fri 4pm-midnight
Sat 12pm-midnight
Sun 12pm-8pm

Associated place: Darwin Brewing Company and Taproom
Darwin Brewing Company brews artisan ales and lagers influenced by the flavors and spices of South America’s Andean and Amazonian Regions.
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Darwin Aji Limo Rojo Amber Ale -5/2/2016Rate 3.042
Darwin Aji Limo Rojo Amber Lager -5/2/2016Rate 3.041
Darwin Chocolate Cherry Big Deal Imperial Stout 10.31/4/2017Rate 3.093
Darwin Farmhouse Porter -5/2/2016Rate 31
Darwin Hidalgo Pale -5/2/2016Rate 3.021
Darwin’s / Cigar City Aguanile 8.06/14/2015Rate 3.134
Darwin’s Aguanile (alias) 8.012/29/2015
Darwin’s Aji Limo Spiced Brown Ale 7.011/1/2014Rate 2.852
Darwin’s American IPA -6/3/2013Rate 2.91
Darwin’s Argyll 6.58/4/2013Rate 2.831
Darwin’s Ayawasca 8.010/15/2012Rate 3.388514
Darwin’s Ayawasca - Bourbon Barrel Aged 8.07/22/2016Rate 0
Darwin’s Berlinerweisse 3.811/1/2014Rate 32
Darwin’s Betrayal on Vanilla Beans 102/8/2013Rate 2.951
Darwin’s Big Deal -12/29/2015Rate 3.375
Darwin’s Cala Pumpkin Lager 4.211/1/2014Rate 3.142
Darwin’s Catracha Pilsner 4.72/8/2013Rate 2.811
Darwin’s Chapo 6.73/6/2014Rate 2.854
Darwin’s Charapa 7.011/13/2012Rate 3.439327
Darwin’s Chicha 3.93/16/2012Rate 3.044118
Darwin’s Circa 1926 Tangerine Wheat 5.23/6/2014Rate 2.964625
Darwin’s Citrica 5.02/8/2013Rate 32
Darwin’s Cornelius Pilsner 4.52/8/2013Rate 2.841
Darwin’s Darwin’s Jade 5.912/29/2015Rate 0
Darwin’s Decimation 142/9/2013Rate 3.083
Darwin’s El Dorado Double IPA 112/8/2013Rate 3.35
Darwin’s Eloisa 6.011/1/2014Rate 2.811
Darwin’s Evolution 5.02/8/2013Rate 2.892
Darwin’s Florida Weisse 3.93/19/2015Rate 3.273
Darwin’s Fraulein 4.810/24/2015Rate 2.972
Darwin’s Hoppy Hefe 5.03/16/2012Rate 0
Darwin’s Inka Mocha Porter 5.83/6/2014Rate 2.841
Darwin’s It’s Toasted Saison 5.012/14/2014Rate 2.831
Darwin’s Kumquat Helles -2/1/2015Rate 2.841
Darwin’s Lazy Pirate Stout 5.23/16/2012Rate 2.952
Darwin’s Leche de Tigre 5.03/19/2015Rate 3.062
Darwin’s Lemongrass Saison 7.010/14/2012Rate 3.38
Darwin’s Llama Mama Milk Stout 5.73/6/2014Rate 3.446718
Darwin’s Lychee Madness 6.09/15/2015Rate 3.112
Darwin’s Marron Ale 5.52/8/2013Rate 3.084
Darwin’s Oak-aged Ayawasca 8.010/15/2012Rate 3.155
Darwin’s Orange City 6.010/24/2015Rate 3.021
Darwin’s Pirata Pils 4.911/1/2014Rate 3.178923
Darwin’s Quinoa Cerveza 3.82/9/2013Rate 2.811
Darwin’s Rye Saison 7.511/1/2014Rate 2.843
Darwin’s San Juan Helles 4.09/17/2014Rate 3.034
Darwin’s Sirwisa 4.93/6/2014Rate 2.791
Darwin’s Summadayze IPA 6.03/16/2012Rate 3.415937
Darwin’s Summadayze IPA - Coffee 6.012/14/2014Rate 2.91
Darwin’s Summadayze IPA - Guava Pineapple 6.012/29/2015Rate 0
Darwin’s Summadayze IPA - Mango 6.012/14/2014Rate 2.881
Darwin’s Summadayze IPA - Pineapple Mango 6.012/25/2015Rate 3.111
Darwin’s Theseus 9.012/21/2014Rate 2.881

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