Beerfoot / Cedar Creek Experimental IPA 5.810/16/2013Rate 2.881
Beerfoot / Karbach Double Decoction Hefe 5.21/19/2014Rate 0
Beerfoot / Saint Arnold BOI Blonde -7/25/2013Rate 3.162
Beerfoot Alternative Education -2/28/2013Rate 3.164
Beerfoot Amarillo by Morning -7/11/2013Rate 0
Beerfoot Amarillo Highway -6/1/2014Rate 0
Beerfoot Amber Lager -1/19/2014Rate 0
Beerfoot Amber Waves of Grain -7/11/2013Rate 0
Beerfoot Beachin' Blonde Ale 5.51/14/2014Rate 2.841
Beerfoot Bi-Polar Blonde -4/29/2013Rate 0
Beerfoot Blackberry Hefe -12/12/2014Rate 2.831
Beerfoot Blacktip Shark Pale Ale 6.59/30/2016Rate 2.882
Beerfoot Blonde on the Beach 6.08/4/2013Rate 0
Beerfoot Blue Bridge Amber -4/29/2013Rate 0
Beerfoot Brazos Valley Golden -5/2/2013Rate 2.941
Beerfoot British Dark Mild 4.01/9/2013Rate 1
Beerfoot Broadway Brown -9/30/2013Rate 2.841
Beerfoot Bronson IPA 7.010/11/2014Rate 0
Beerfoot Cross Eyed Pelican 5.012/23/2013Rate 0
Beerfoot Das Pale 5.512/23/2013Rate 0
Beerfoot Double Trouble -9/30/2013Rate 0
Beerfoot Driftwood Brown Ale 5.79/25/2017Rate 2.941
Beerfoot Dunkelweizen 5.79/25/2017Rate 2.941
Beerfoot Eagle Claw 9.56/25/2014Rate 0
Beerfoot Ello Govna -1/15/2013Rate 3.294
Beerfoot ESB - what does that mean? -1/19/2014Rate 0
Beerfoot Galveston Gold 5.69/30/2013Rate 0
Beerfoot Gift of the Magi 7.112/23/2013Rate 0
Beerfoot Government Shutdown Saison 5.112/23/2013Rate 0
Beerfoot Grand Tour IPA 6.611/5/2014Rate 2.831
Beerfoot G-Town Anchor -6/5/2013Rate 0
Beerfoot G-Town Brown (2014-) -11/2/2014Rate 2.831
Beerfoot G-Town Brown (American) -12/7/2012Rate 2.931
Beerfoot G-Town Brown (English) -12/7/2012Rate 2.881
Beerfoot Island Kolsch -6/25/2014Rate 0
Beerfoot Jean Laffite's Hop Cannon -12/23/2013Rate 0
Beerfoot King Gambrinus Bock 6.52/24/2017Rate 2.851
Beerfoot Kylie's Kolsch -4/29/2013Rate 0
Beerfoot Mandarina Wheat 5.211/5/2014Rate 2.841
Beerfoot Mark's a Jerk -8/4/2013Rate 0
Beerfoot Mother Fuggles -1/14/2013Rate 3.353
Beerfoot Mr. Bills Imperial Wheat 7.02/3/2013Rate 3.122
Beerfoot Oak Aged Bourbon Quad (1st Anniversary) 9.112/23/2013Rate 0
Beerfoot Oak Aged English Mild 4.01/21/2013Rate 2.951
Beerfoot Octoberfest -12/23/2013Rate 0
Beerfoot One Eyed Seagull -11/27/2012Rate 3.013
Beerfoot Past 61st Street 6.09/30/2013Rate 2.871
Beerfoot PinUp Pale Ale -5/2/2013Rate 0
Beerfoot Privateer Pale Ale -5/14/2013Rate 2.871
Beerfoot Rabe Rauchbier 5.873/25/2013Rate 3.213
Beerfoot Rye Side of the Moon -6/5/2013Rate 3.041
Beerfoot Salty Leprechaun -3/27/2013Rate 2.81
Beerfoot San Jacinto Red -6/25/2014Rate 0
Beerfoot Sandy Crotch Pale Ale -2/15/2013Rate 3.114112
Beerfoot Scottie's Stout 9.51/19/2014Rate 2.871
Beerfoot Sir Monks A Lot -9/30/2013Rate 0
Beerfoot Spring Break Wheat 5.53/27/2013Rate 0
Beerfoot Summer Squall IPA -5/2/2013Rate 0
Beerfoot Summer Wheat 5.29/25/2017Rate 2.791
Beerfoot Texas Wild Orange Wit -4/29/2013Rate 2.931
Beerfoot Tip your Porter -6/5/2013Rate 0
Beerfoot Wet Monster -12/23/2013Rate 0
Beerfoot White House Honey Blonde 5.02/22/2013Rate 3.085
Beerfoot Winter Weizen -1/21/2013Rate 2.881
Beerfoot Yaga Laga -8/4/2013Rate 0
Blacktip Pale Ale 6.59/30/2016Rate 0

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