Sky High Brewing & Pub

Brew Pub/Brewery
160 NW Jackson Ave., Corvallis, Oregon, USA 97330
Mon - Thur: 11am to 10 pm
Fri - Sat: 11am to 12am
Sun: 11am - 10am

Associated place: Sky High Brewing & Pub

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Sky High & Pub Big Air XX IPA 10.52/25/2017Rate 31
Sky High & Pub Bohemian Pils 5.32/25/2017Rate 2.921
Sky High & Pub Shiloh IPA 6.52/25/2017Rate 3.021
Sky High Base Jump Amber Ale 6.01/15/2013Rate 36
Sky High Beet Helles 4.811/3/2014Rate 2.742
Sky High Berry Invasive Blonde 4.511/3/2014Rate 3.014
Sky High Big Attitude Double IPA 9.51/15/2013Rate 0
Sky High Big Kahuna NW Red Ale 5.21/15/2013Rate 2.913
Sky High Bohemian Pils 5.31/15/2013Rate 3.14
Sky High Boundless Session Ale 4.611/10/2014Rate 2.791
Sky High Dream-On Pale Ale 5.41/15/2013Rate 3.123
Sky High Freewheel IPA 7.01/15/2013Rate 35
Sky High Jingle Balz Winter Ale 6.51/15/2013Rate 3.153
Sky High June Bug Wheat Ale 4.91/15/2013Rate 3.064
Sky High Linus Pauling Peace Ale (LPA) 5.09/6/2013Rate 2.791
Sky High Mountainous Stout 5.71/15/2013Rate 3.254
Sky High Panorama Porter 5.81/15/2013Rate 3.197
Sky High Russian Imperial Stout 8.51/15/2013Rate 2.847
Sky High Stratomarzen Festbier 5.51/15/2013Rate 2.892
Sky High Terra Fluvia Gose 3.511/2/2013Rate 2.51

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