Augusta 150th Pilsner -7/10/2005Rate 3.079213
Augusta 1856 IPA -5/20/2002Rate 3.294822
Augusta Alpen Brau Ale -7/19/2002Rate 2.691
Augusta Alpen Brau Pilsner -10/11/2004Rate 3.151
Augusta Augustiner Maibock -5/20/2002Rate 3.1669
Augusta Barleywine 9.52/28/2006Rate 3.063
Augusta Barrel Aged Barley Wine 134/5/2005Rate 3.313517
Augusta Belgian Saison (alias) -6/6/2009
Augusta Blonde Ale -4/5/2005Rate 2.813613
Augusta Bottoms Fest Ale -10/8/2017Rate 3.041
Augusta Celebration Lager (alias) -8/15/2005
Augusta Chili -10/1/2011Rate 2.966
Augusta Classic American Pilsner -6/17/2013Rate 2.791
Augusta Common Lager -5/26/2011Rate 2.972
Augusta Dark Harvest Wet-Hopped India Brown Ale 6.510/19/2011Rate 3.053
Augusta Dog Day IPA 6.59/4/2011Rate 2.963
Augusta Dopplebock -2/17/2013Rate 2.82
Augusta Double Pale Ale 7.59/20/2010Rate 2.941
Augusta Farmhouse Saison 6.58/11/2006Rate 3.142471
Augusta Farmhouse Tripel 9.06/21/2008Rate 3.24527
Augusta Farmhouse Witbier 5.06/1/2008Rate 2.94221
Augusta Gold Brickin' 8.211/1/2017Rate 3.061
Augusta Green Tree Ale -1/5/2002Rate 3.022
Augusta Hefeweizen -3/31/2003Rate 3.279421
Augusta Hellis Keller -2/7/2009Rate 2.811
Augusta Honey Wheat -9/2/2011Rate 2.913
Augusta Honeydew 5.57/12/2010Rate 2.922
Augusta Hop Harvest IPA 6.511/14/2005Rate 3.156
Augusta Hyde Park Stout -4/23/2002Rate 3.368527
Augusta Imperial Stout -3/18/2011Rate 3.072
Augusta Jaded Bitch Imperial Pumpkin Porter -1/24/2015Rate 3.072
Augusta Krystal American Wheat 5.02/28/2006Rate 2.661
Augusta Mad Max 8.09/2/2016Rate 3.091
Augusta Marzen Oktoberfest -10/11/2004Rate 3.235
Augusta Mokko Buzz 1010/27/2015Rate 3.182
Augusta Numbass Double IPA -2/17/2013Rate 3.022
Augusta Pumpkin 5.112/29/2011Rate 3.042
Augusta Roggen Rye -11/7/2015Rate 3.021
Augusta Rye Imperial Stout 9.610/1/2011Rate 2.981
Augusta Scotch Ale -4/16/2004Rate 33
Augusta Skinny Dippin' -2/17/2013Rate 2.812
Augusta St. Louis Dark Lager -5/11/2007Rate 2.892
Augusta Swamp Ass Double IPA 7.87/23/2012Rate 3.224
Augusta Swamp Donkey 8.711/28/2013Rate 2.881
Augusta Tannhauser Pale Ale -5/20/2002Rate 3.289530
Augusta Tripel IPA 9.01/22/2011Rate 3.333110
Augusta Weizenbock -12/7/2013Rate 2.81
Augusta Wine Barrel Wild Ale -6/23/2014Rate 3.35369
Augusta Winter Ale -12/26/2001Rate 2.914414
John G's Butch's Stout (alias) -7/23/2012
John G's Cecelia's Hefeweizen (alias) -7/23/2012
John G's Jack's Blonde (alias) -7/23/2012
John G's Swamp Ass Double IPA (alias) -7/23/2012
John G's Welcome to the Junga IPA -7/23/2012Rate 2.811

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