B.O.B. Afterglow Amber -2/6/2010Rate 2.793
B.O.B. Altbier 5.05/22/2017Rate 0
B.O.B. Barrel Aged Peanut Butter Porter 6.63/3/2015Rate 2.951
B.O.B. Barrel Aged Porter -9/26/2011Rate 2.91
B.O.B. Barrel Aged Tiramisu Stout -3/2/2015Rate 2.951
B.O.B. Belgian Apricot Ale -7/25/2009Rate 2.881
B.O.B. Belgian Triple -8/31/2010Rate 2.811
B.O.B. Black Steam Lager -9/7/2011Rate 2.841
B.O.B. Blond 5.010/14/2009Rate 2.584
B.O.B. Blueberry Pomegranate Ginger -7/12/2011Rate 2.771
B.O.B. Bobinator 8.510/30/2013Rate 2.861
B.O.B. Bourbon Barrel Beer -7/12/2011Rate 2.542
B.O.B. Bourbon Barrel-Aged Barleywine -3/3/2013Rate 2.932
B.O.B. Bourbon Brown 9.06/10/2012Rate 2.91
B.O.B. Celestial Stout -2/25/2008Rate 3.192
B.O.B. Cherry Hopsun -6/10/2012Rate 2.861
B.O.B. Crimson King 5.010/30/2013Rate 3.123
B.O.B. Das Dortmunder -8/28/2002Rate 2.392
B.O.B. Denali IPA 6.78/11/2017Rate 2.891
B.O.B. Festive Amber 5.58/28/2002Rate 2.566
B.O.B. Full On IPA -7/26/2009Rate 3.23010
B.O.B. Hazlenut Java Porter 6.01/23/2017Rate 3.041
B.O.B. Honey Pot Brown -8/9/2010Rate 2.831
B.O.B. Hop Zeppelin 5.64/4/2014Rate 2.922
B.O.B. Hoppy Holidaze 8.112/21/2002Rate 2.841
B.O.B. Hoptics 4.28/11/2017Rate 2.981
B.O.B. Hoptropolis -9/26/2011Rate 2.831
B.O.B. IPA 7.18/28/2002Rate 2.672
B.O.B. Mango Chipotle Ale -7/26/2009Rate 2.955
B.O.B. Nautical Dawn IPA -2/25/2008Rate 31
B.O.B. Oktoberfest -10/11/2009Rate 2.863
B.O.B. Orange Lotus Hopsun -8/9/2010Rate 2.92
B.O.B. Pale Ale 5.08/28/2002Rate 2.484
B.O.B. Peanut Butter Porter -8/31/2012Rate 3.6958
B.O.B. Peanut Butter Stout -4/23/2011Rate 3.012
B.O.B. Porter 6.28/28/2002Rate 2.83
B.O.B. Robert the Fourth Bourbon Barrel Beer -4/30/2011Rate 2.823
B.O.B. Rye Pale Ale 6.010/30/2013Rate 2.871
B.O.B. Saaz Pilsener 5.08/28/2002Rate 2.833
B.O.B. Saint John the Hoptist 6.28/11/2017Rate 2.921
B.O.B. Smoked Blackberry IPA -8/20/2011Rate 2.81
B.O.B. Smoky Scotch 8.68/28/2002Rate 2.754
B.O.B. Snowblind Warmer -12/21/2002Rate 2.811
B.O.B. Spaceboy Stout -11/4/2013Rate 2.862
B.O.B. Spooky Action 116/10/2012Rate 3.072
B.O.B. Stinger Rubus -8/9/2010Rate 2.952
B.O.B. Stout 7.52/15/2006Rate 31
B.O.B. Sugar Daddy Golden Ale -4/11/2009Rate 2.81
B.O.B. Summer Ale 3.36/16/2003Rate 2.871
B.O.B. Tangerine Cream Ale -7/12/2011Rate 3.192
B.O.B. Tiramisu Stout -4/11/2009Rate 3.476
B.O.B. Vanderbobs Wheat 5.58/28/2002Rate 2.532
B.O.B. Weather Vain -2/6/2010Rate 2.671
B.O.B. Winter Wheat -2/14/2012Rate 2.841
B.O.B. Wit Rabbit -11/4/2013Rate 2.92

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