Big Horse Brewing

Brew Pub
Brewer rating: 89/100 284 ratings
115 State Street, Hood River, Oregon, USA 97031-2315
Mon thru Thu: 11:30 am to 9:30 pm
Fri & Sat: 11:30 am to 10 pm
Sun: 11:30 am to 9 pm

Associated place: Big Horse Brewing

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Big Horse 10 Speed Espresso Porter 6.24/5/2009Rate 2.861
Big Horse 5 Mile Mild 4.510/13/2005Rate 2.961
Big Horse B.O.G.Inator 8.04/5/2009Rate 2.861
Big Horse Bitter Beginnings 7.81/9/2011Rate 2.91
Big Horse Branded Black Porter 5.010/30/2002Rate 3.096
Big Horse Brother Phils Dubbel 7.97/30/2006Rate 2.532
Big Horse Browncoats 7.24/8/2015Rate 2.841
Big Horse Buckskin ESB 6.06/5/2004Rate 2.83
Big Horse Burn Ban Blonde 5.47/17/2007Rate 3.162
Big Horse Chocodog 6.78/8/2009Rate 2.981
Big Horse Chompin Bitters -12/6/2002Rate 2.51
Big Horse Cuvee de Ferme 6.35/2/2010Rate 2.881
Big Horse Dark Horse Dunkelweizen -12/6/2002Rate 2.841
Big Horse Dirk Digger 5.04/8/2015Rate 2.771
Big Horse Discombobulator Dopplebock 8.66/23/2006Rate 3.111
Big Horse Dwed Piwate Wobberts Pale Ale 5.65/24/2012Rate 2.862
Big Horse Early Spring Oat 5.03/26/2010Rate 2.931
Big Horse Easy Blonde 5.02/27/2006Rate 2.671813
Big Horse Easy Tokin 4.94/8/2015Rate 2.81
Big Horse Espresso Stout 6.54/20/2011Rate 2.931
Big Horse Evil Eye Rye 6.06/22/2008Rate 3.094
Big Horse Farmer Brown 5.28/7/2005Rate 2.972
Big Horse Flora 6.56/17/2007Rate 3.254
Big Horse Fools Gold 4.86/2/2004Rate 2.953
Big Horse Foxfire Smoked Porter 7.210/10/2005Rate 2.881
Big Horse Gardener Choice 9.07/17/2007Rate 2.471
Big Horse Goesting 7.85/2/2016Rate 3.111
Big Horse Gorge Gold 5.44/5/2009Rate 2.841
Big Horse High Horse IIPA 9.08/1/2005Rate 3.323
Big Horse Home Grown Pale Ale 5.210/10/2005Rate 2.961
Big Horse Hoof-E-Weizen 5.010/30/2002Rate 2.915
Big Horse Hop Slop Series #1 5.010/10/2007Rate 3.294
Big Horse Hop Slop Series #2 5.77/19/2008Rate 3.222
Big Horse Horse Tail Pale Ale 5.510/30/2002Rate 2.771013
Big Horse Horse Thief ESB 6.010/30/2002Rate 3.04529
Big Horse Horse with No Name 7.76/5/2004Rate 3.193
Big Horse Humulus Stimulus 8.55/1/2009Rate 0
Big Horse Jedi Hop Trick 5.74/5/2009Rate 2.831
Big Horse L.C.D. 5.35/2/2016Rate 2.981
Big Horse La Houffe 7.911/11/2005Rate 3.031
Big Horse Lancelot Bock 7.46/5/2004Rate 2.281
Big Horse Lawnmower Lite 5.18/22/2005Rate 2.771
Big Horse Lazy River Wheat 4.510/31/2009Rate 2.761
Big Horse Little Red Rooster -7/30/2006Rate 3.153
Big Horse Lonely Mr. Blacksmith Beer 6.010/31/2009Rate 2.791
Big Horse MacStallion Scotch Ale 6.910/30/2002Rate 3.23345
Big Horse Mandrina IPA 6.312/31/2015Rate 3.091
Big Horse Moped Rider English IPA 6.79/16/2006Rate 3.031
Big Horse Motorcycle Mama 4.43/26/2010Rate 2.841
Big Horse Mountain Monk 8.01/9/2011Rate 2.862
Big Horse Nightmare Oatmeal Stout 6.58/28/2005Rate 3.528328
Big Horse Nightmare Russian Imperial Stout 7.510/30/2002Rate 3.0949
Big Horse Norcor Porter 8.28/21/2008Rate 2.881
Big Horse Old Daves Curse 9.52/27/2006Rate 3.082
Big Horse Orchardist E.S.B. -7/6/2009Rate 2.811
Big Horse Organic Bock 5.810/29/2002Rate 2.661
Big Horse Pale Rider IPA 6.710/30/2002Rate 3.324732
Big Horse Perfect Pils 5.55/2/2016Rate 3.041
Big Horse Phat Dog Barleywine 14.412/1/2005Rate 3.174
Big Horse Pocket Creek Porter 5.61/9/2011Rate 2.922
Big Horse Pocket Hottea 5.75/2/2016Rate 3.061
Big Horse Poltergeist Porter 6.86/23/2006Rate 3.031
Big Horse Psycho Billy Bock 6.87/19/2008Rate 2.961
Big Horse Ra 5.19/27/2013Rate 2.791
Big Horse Ripple -7/6/2009Rate 2.771
Big Horse Rooster Rock Red 5.62/27/2006Rate 2.841
Big Horse Russian Redneck 8.59/26/2006Rate 3.023
Big Horse Saint Stephen Saison 5.76/17/2007Rate 3.153
Big Horse Sly's Demise 5.312/27/2012Rate 2.841
Big Horse Smoke of Helles 5.27/30/2006Rate 3.266
Big Horse Soccer Riot Irish Stout 4.611/11/2005Rate 2.881
Big Horse Soul Rebel 5.69/19/2006Rate 2.961
Big Horse Stair Climber Wheat 5.28/22/2005Rate 2.612
Big Horse Strictly Rude #15 7.84/8/2015Rate 2.871
Big Horse The Peoples Porter 5.61/13/2007Rate 0
Big Horse Under the Table Biere 8.16/17/2007Rate 3.083
Big Horse Unlucky Lager 5.24/5/2009Rate 2.81
Big Horse Vernon The Rabbit Slayer 11.110/10/2007Rate 3.498
Big Horse WeizenBog 7.012/14/2007Rate 0
Big Horse Western Brewer 6.66/22/2008Rate 32
Big Horse Wisenheimer Wheat 5.06/17/2007Rate 2.933
Big Horse Woh Boy Wheat -12/6/2002Rate 2.621
Big Horse Wyeast Wheat 5.03/24/2006Rate 2.921

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