Engine House No. 9 Restaurant and Brewery

Brew Pub/Brewery
611 N. Pine Street, Tacoma, Washington, USA 98406
Sun-Thur 11am-12am
Fri-Sat 11am-2am

Associated place: Engine House No. 9 Pub and Brewery

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De Garde / E9 Deus Ex Machina
Brewed by/for De Garde Brewing
103/2/2015Rate 3.496
E9 / Holy Mountain House of the Holy 5.82/24/2014Rate 3.083
E9 15th Anniversary Bourbon Chocolate Stout 8.810/3/2010Rate 2.932
E9 4 Alarm Oatmeal Stout 7.21/27/2003Rate 3.015
E9 Abbey Dubbel 8.87/1/2008Rate 2.961
E9 All Eyes On Me IPA 6.65/25/2017Rate 2.981
E9 Amitie 6.76/19/2016Rate 3.324
E9 Amocat -2/17/2013Rate 2.831
E9 Anniversary Wild Blend -6/27/2014Rate 2.941
E9 Atma 5.57/8/2017Rate 3.385
E9 Barrel A Batch #3 4.72/17/2013Rate 2.881
E9 Belgian White 4.01/27/2003Rate 2.691225
E9 Belgian White Pale Ale 4.12/17/2013Rate 2.743
E9 Black IPA -1/23/2011Rate 2.841
E9 Blackberry Barrel Aged Wild Ale 6.08/3/2015Rate 3.232
E9 Bock -4/4/2006Rate 2.672
E9 Boisson Amusant 5.311/20/2015Rate 2.995
E9 Bonjour Bebe Aria 8.83/1/2016Rate 3.042
E9 Bourbon Saison 5.22/17/2013Rate 0
E9 Bramber Barrel Aged Ale 9.812/20/2013Rate 2.972
E9 Cabernet Barrel Dark Belgian Ale 8.82/17/2013Rate 3.063
E9 Cascara Mascara 7.08/18/2017Rate 3.151
E9 Catharsis 5.71/20/2018Rate 3.34
E9 Centennial Ale -5/27/2007Rate 3.234
E9 Cherry Plum Table Sour 4.911/6/2015Rate 3.112
E9 Chocolate Stout 8.52/17/2013Rate 0
E9 Claret Barrel Aged English Barley Wine 10.47/24/2015Rate 3.131
E9 Dark Lager -10/15/2007Rate 2.811
E9 Dark Passenger Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 11.56/20/2014Rate 3.063
E9 De Garde Voltron 105/30/2014Rate 3.256
E9 Dear God Double IPA 7.512/30/2016Rate 3.163
E9 Deux Cinq Trois 6.04/21/2014Rate 2.933
E9 Diablo Rouge 8.87/30/2015Rate 0
E9 Doin' It Again IIPA 7.73/7/2017Rate 0
E9 Don of Time 5.97/24/2015Rate 3.182
E9 Donna Of Time 6.98/18/2017Rate 3.091
E9 Du Vieux Monde 5.87/9/2016Rate 3.072
E9 Dudas Priest Imperial IPA 9.03/31/2013Rate 2.741
E9 Dudas Priest Stout 8.52/17/2013Rate 2.871
E9 English IPA -7/17/2011Rate 2.791
E9 Family Portrait 6.49/5/2016Rate 3.111
E9 Farmer Ralph Saison 5.52/17/2013Rate 3.252
E9 Farmhouse 1000 6.75/1/2017Rate 3.313
E9 Farmhouse Cinq 6.17/21/2014Rate 2.761
E9 Farmhouse Deux Barrel Aged Saison Ale 6.28/3/2015Rate 3.324
E9 Farmhouse Trois 5.44/28/2014Rate 2.871
E9 Femme Fatale 4.52/17/2013Rate 0
E9 Ferme Agrume No. 1 6.37/24/2015Rate 0
E9 Ferme Agrume No. 2 6.67/24/2015Rate 3.061
E9 Ferme Agrume No. 3 6.47/24/2015Rate 3.151
E9 Ferme Agrume No. 4 6.18/3/2015Rate 3.283
E9 Ferme Agrume No. 5 6.27/24/2016Rate 0
E9 Ferme Agrume No. 6 6.17/24/2016Rate 3.253
E9 Fire Engine Red 7.83/8/2005Rate 3.17112
E9 Frambuesa Moka Whiskey Barrel-Aged Sour Choco-Raspberry Stout 6.54/24/2015Rate 3.588
E9 From Pasadena with Love 4.55/10/2016Rate 3.212
E9 Fruit Cup 6.27/24/2015Rate 0
E9 Funky Farmer Ralph 6.92/17/2013Rate 3.398
E9 Funky Farmer Ralph on Plums 6.55/29/2017Rate 3.395
E9 Golden Berry Hefeweizen 4.57/7/2012Rate 2.861
E9 Golden Raspberry Tacoma Weisse 5.511/19/2014Rate 2.711
E9 Goldenberry Wild Ale 5.92/24/2014Rate 3.57
E9 Gose Rhymes with Rosa 5.02/17/2013Rate 0
E9 Hard Day's Work 5.22/17/2013Rate 0
E9 Hefeweizen 4.93/8/2005Rate 2.711712
E9 Holy Diver 9.71/19/2014Rate 2.811
E9 Holy Diver - Cabernet Barrel Aged 8.86/13/2014Rate 3.223
E9 Imperial Pale Ale -9/29/2003Rate 2.845
E9 Imperial Stout -12/5/2012Rate 2.811
E9 IPA 6.612/27/2002Rate 3.021120
E9 Irish Stout -2/17/2013Rate 0
E9 Kiwis Vs Quails 6.011/12/2017Rate 2.961
E9 Larry's Lager 4.711/20/2015Rate 2.952
E9 Le Pelerin Drupe Saison Ale 6.58/3/2015Rate 3.223
E9 Lesser of Two Evils -5/27/2013Rate 2.861
E9 Life of Pi(ker) Barrel Aged Trippel 9.83/22/2014Rate 2.932
E9 Love Child Kriek 5.92/17/2013Rate 0
E9 Meraki #1 6.110/2/2016Rate 3.364
E9 Meritage Barrel Aged Belgian Dark 10.42/17/2013Rate 0
E9 Merlot Barrel Aged Porter 6.55/27/2013Rate 2.933
E9 Michelle the Gamer 5.15/20/2016Rate 3.336
E9 Mocha Porter -5/23/2014Rate 2.861
E9 Nameless #17 -4/8/2014Rate 2.972
E9 Nameless #25 IPA 7.59/27/2014Rate 2.91
E9 Nameless #3 8.05/27/2013Rate 2.811
E9 Nameless #4 8.07/7/2013Rate 2.831
E9 Nameless #46 IPA on Brett 8.37/24/2015Rate 3.212
E9 Nameless #51 IPA 7.52/11/2016Rate 3.061
E9 Nameless #53 7.52/22/2016Rate 2.941
E9 Narquois Rouge 7.87/24/2015Rate 3.131
E9 Nectar Berry Saison Ale 6.411/18/2017Rate 3.352
E9 Nefelibata Barrel Aged Flanders Style Red Ale 6.712/6/2014Rate 3.54811
E9 Nickel Session IPA 5.52/17/2013Rate 0
E9 O'Leary's Coffee Milk Stout 7.012/30/2016Rate 0
E9 Obligation IPA 6.82/12/2016Rate 3.142
E9 Oktoberfest 5.410/8/2009Rate 2.842
E9 Old Dickens Barleywine 14.753/25/2005Rate 3.026
E9 Omega Man 6.19/27/2016Rate 3.232
E9 Pales In Comparison - Nelson 6.54/27/2016Rate 3.213
E9 Petite Belle Grisette 4.910/11/2016Rate 0
E9 Petite Sour 6.64/28/2012Rate 2.952
E9 Pilsner -2/23/2012Rate 3.092
E9 Pinot Aged Belgian Dark Ale 8.82/17/2013Rate 0
E9 Pint Defiance Strong Start Blend 1 -9/13/2012Rate 0
E9 Pogo Stick IPA 6.610/23/2016Rate 3.214
E9 Pogo Stick IPA - Ekuanot 6.47/24/2017Rate 3.091
E9 Poison No. 5 -7/17/2011Rate 2.71
E9 Puppies vs Kittens IPA 6.65/25/2017Rate 3.061
E9 Raspberry Barrel Aged Wild Ale 5.75/8/2015Rate 3.211
E9 Redamancy Dry Hop Saison 6.412/25/2016Rate 3.625
E9 Rhubarb Wild Ale 6.07/24/2015Rate 3.327
E9 Ricardos XXX Lager 5.03/25/2005Rate 2.642
E9 Roasted Porter 5.91/27/2003Rate 31715
E9 Rowdy Dick Amber Ale 5.33/25/2005Rate 2.63921
E9 Rye on Rye -5/23/2014Rate 2.861
E9 Saaz Farmhouse Ale 6.27/31/2016Rate 3.192
E9 Saison 6.29/29/2003Rate 2.854
E9 Saison - Barrel Aged with Boysenberries 6.47/24/2015Rate 0
E9 Scottish Ale -3/25/2005Rate 2.667
E9 Selcouth 7.07/8/2017Rate 3.022
E9 Sno Cru 2012 9.82/17/2013Rate 2.881
E9 Spikes Harvest Ale (2014) 5.611/8/2014Rate 3.022
E9 Spikes Harvest Ale (2015) 6.011/20/2015Rate 2.941
E9 Spring Bock 8.06/29/2007Rate 2.942
E9 Strong Start -2/17/2013Rate 0
E9 Summer Saison 6.77/7/2013Rate 0
E9 Tacoma Brew 5.19/29/2003Rate 2.764425
E9 Tacoma Wild on Apricots 5.29/15/2015Rate 3.183
E9 Tacoma Wild on Black Currants 5.212/23/2015Rate 3.131
E9 Tacoma Wild Table Sour Berry Manilow 4.01/13/2016Rate 3.616
E9 Tayberry Saison 6.412/30/2016Rate 3.465
E9 The Duel 5.81/17/2018Rate 0
E9 The Fifth (5th) Nail 5.53/21/2017Rate 3.171
E9 Thunder Buddies 9.812/7/2014Rate 0
E9 Thunder Buddies - Barrel Aged 9.812/7/2014Rate 2.872
E9 Todd the Bod Session IPA 5.37/9/2014Rate 2.91
E9 Todd the Lover IPA 6.53/12/2016Rate 3.182
E9 Tunney Session Ale 4.511/8/2014Rate 2.732
E9 Underachiever 4.42/17/2013Rate 2.963
E9 Verre Violet Barrel Aged Wild Ale 7.63/20/2014Rate 3.335
E9 Ville de Destin Sauvage Bourbon Barrel Aged Sour 6.46/19/2015Rate 0
E9 Viva la France 6.612/28/2014Rate 3.434
E9 Wild Cherry American Wild Ale 5.98/23/2017Rate 3.052
E9 Wild Child Sour Ale -2/17/2013Rate 0
E9 Wild Tacoma Cherry Table Sour 4.24/4/2017Rate 3.466
E9 Winter Warmer -12/28/2009Rate 2.791
E9 XPA -4/28/2012Rate 2.791

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