OGriffs Irish Pub, Grill and Brew House

Brew Pub/Brewery
Brewer rating: 56/100 59 ratings
415 Hampshire Street, Quincy, Illinois, USA 62301
Associated place: O’Griff’s Irish Pub and Brew House

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OGriffs American Lager -11/18/2003Rate 0
OGriffs Canadian Golden Ale -4/28/2004Rate 0
OGriffs Dark Wheat -7/24/2004Rate 2.873
OGriffs District Hefe Weizen 5.05/16/2006Rate 2.924
OGriffs Gems IPA 6.55/16/2006Rate 2.975
OGriffs Gentle Ben 4.36/8/2008Rate 2.841
OGriffs German Pilsener 5.05/10/2007Rate 3.031
OGriffs Golden Ale -12/15/2003Rate 0
OGriffs Haleigh’s Honey Brown 6.07/24/2004Rate 36
OGriffs India Pale Ale 6.011/18/2003Rate 2.883
OGriffs Irish Pub, Grill and Brew House Imperial Porter 8.23/11/2015Rate 2.881
OGriffs Irish Red (alias) -7/24/2004
OGriffs Ivy’s Blueberry Ale 5.211/18/2003Rate 2.852
OGriffs Lyte 4.212/9/2011Rate 2.792
OGriffs Muddy Mississippi Oatmeal Stout 5.911/18/2003Rate 3.135
OGriffs Old Brick Irish Amber 5.67/24/2004Rate 3.087
OGriffs Papa Bear Pale Ale 5.46/8/2008Rate 3.082
OGriffs Pilsner 3.911/18/2003Rate 2.833
OGriffs Red Ale -12/15/2003Rate 0
OGriffs Riverboat Porter 4.411/18/2003Rate 2.946
OGriffs Steambock 5.05/10/2007Rate 2.881
OGriffs Washington Park Wheat 4.83/15/2012Rate 2.791
OGriffs Washington Park Wit 4.06/8/2008Rate 2.71
OGriffs Winter Street Strawberry Ale 5.211/18/2003Rate 2.755

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