Bob’s Brewing Co

(Not In Production)
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Brewers Pride, Low Mill Road , Ossett, West Yorkshire, England WF5 8ND
Formerly Red Lion Ales, brewing commenced at The Red Lion, 73 Dewsbury Road, Ossett WF5 9NQ in 2002. The brewery moved to current address in 2008 using the name Healey Brewery. Subsequently changed name to Bob’s Brewing Co. Although located in outbuildings to the rear of the Brewers Pride pub, the businesses are unconnected. Ceased brewing in 2016 when the business was taken over by Partners Brewery. A number of the beers have been retained and are still sold under the Bob’s branding, presumably produced at Partners’ brewing facility.

Note: All remaining beers are now listed under Partners (qv). Please do NOT add any further beers under this listing.

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